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There is No Hope for You

tyuYes, it’s true. There is no hope for you.


Because “hope” is for dreamers. Hope is for people who wish to achieve SUCCESS but never actually will. Hope is for the lazy and wishful thinkers.

If you want something, you go and get it. That is what a REAL man does. He does not “hope”, he simply does.

A man who gets what he wants does NOT “hope” to get good with women.

He goes out into the real world and he approaches lot’s and lot’s of women.

He makes it his mission to learn from his mistakes, he analyzes why certain approaches work better than others, he studies the most successful ladies men and reverse engineers all of their success.

A man who will become successful in life does not “hope” to get rich or make a lot of money.

He quits his day job and starts his own business. He looks at the successful companies and businesses in the world and he finds out WHY these businesses make a lot of money.

He asks himself the following questions:

What NEED are these profitable and successful businesses solving?

What value proposition are these businesses offering in exchange for these customers money?

Can their success be replicated? NOT copied but replicated?

Do you see the difference between how a real man approaches success and how a wannabe loser does?

A man who is determined to be successful in life does not rely on things out of his control like hope, luck, or chance.

He focuses his attention on ONLY those things in which he has CONTROL. Like how much ACTION that he takes, how hard and much that he works, how much time that he spends learning.

Hope is for those men who are lazy and afraid of success. Men who are about something, men who are going places in life replace the word HOPE with PROCESS.

Are they taking the necessary action and steps in order to reach their goals?

Are they learning from their past failures and mistakes?

Are they working SMART and HARD?

Forget about hope. Drop it from your vocabulary because as a powerful, successful man, you DO NOT need it.

Hope is for the folks who play the lottery, hope is for all of the losers on welfare, hope is for all those lame and regular people working boring 9 – 5’s and hoping to get that promotion. 

There is NO hope for you. Focus on taking action and doing the necessary work and you WILL achieve success.

– Malcolm Thomas

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