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The Truth about Women Over 30

30 yeatsEven though I haven’t had sex with a lot of girls over 30, I have to say that seducing a woman who is slightly older than me, is quite exciting.

I am in my early twenties and the first time I had sex with a woman who was over 30, I simply couldn’t believe that this really happened.

Because of my young looks I always had the limiting belief that no woman who is even over 20 would be interested in me.

Well, in the same way as some men who believe in the bullshit that a woman can be “out of her league”, I believed that older women are harder to seducer.

I was so wrong.

If you are a man who is in his early twenties or even if you are only 18 or 19, the odds are in your favor if you want to seduce women who are over 30. There are basically two BIG benefits that hitting on those ladies have.

Unfortunately, there is also ONE thing that you have to be extremely careful about but first we start with the GOOD news.

Women Over 30 are Easier

Maybe it is because women over 30 know exactly what they want in bed

Maybe it is because those women are worried that they have to compete with all the young and sexy girls out there…

Maybe it is because women over 30 have FINALLY overcome the sexual guilt and fears that so many young girls suffer from.

There are plenty of reasons for the amazing fact that seducing women over 30 is a cakewalk.

Just imagine a woman who is still amazingly good looking but who worries about her slow decline because of all the hot young models that she has to look at when she switches on the TV for a second.

Don’t you think that those women are more than happy when an interesting man in his early twenties approaches them and tells them that they are beautiful, even though he could have approached thousands of girls who are way younger?

Of course they are happy. That’s like Christmas and Easter COMBINED.

The age of 30 is a magical line that no woman wants to cross. In our society she is officially old now and therefore she is more than happy if a young and attractive guy shows her how to have a good time.

Women Over 30 are Better in Bed

A lot of men live with the misbelief that sex with young women is the best and that those girls are the ones who are horny all the time.

Well, sex with young women is amazing and it is also true that young girls love sex more than their own life, but the truth is that women over 30 are way better in bed than the young chicks.

I honestly have to say that the best and naughtiest sexual experience that I ever had, was with a 36 year old woman. I think the reason why those women are better in bed is a combination of both experience and desperation.

On the one hand, they have enough sexual experience to know exactly what they want and to do what they want, whereas young girls often don’t know exactly what they like and what they don’t like.

In addition to that, they have lived a long enough time to leave all the stupid fears about sex behind and to concentrate on living out their fantasies. They know that they won’t always be young.

On the other hand, women over 30 are willing to fuck the shit out of you and to please you. If a woman over 30 has a man in his early twenties in her bed and he fucks her good, she will do everything to KEEP him.

Women Over 30 Want Babies

Everything could be so amazing and you could have so much fun fucking every woman over 30 that you meet, if there wasn’t this ONE negative thing that you have to be aware of.

The only problem with women over 30 is that they always have the wish of having children in the back of their mind.

This can be a conscious desire or an unconscious one that she isn’t even aware of, but it is definitely there.

Mother Nature was so mean to provide the women who are the easiest and the best in bed with this terrible thing called biological clock. Guess what; as soon as a woman turns 30 this thing is ticking so loud that she can’t hear anything else.

All I want to say is that it might be not the worst idea to wear a condom if you have sex with a woman over 30. Yes, even if she says that she takes the pill.

You never know when she surprisingly “forgets” to take it, because her biological clock tells her that having a baby with you is actually a pretty good idea.

Just wrap it up and you have nothing to worry about, at least when the condoms are yours and there is no chance that there are little holes in them.

– Sebastian

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