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The Truth About Picking Up Women

pickjingMost men have no idea what it takes to become successful with women because what these men lack is the actual truth about picking up women and what it takes to really succeed.

Here’s the truth about picking up women: You have to FORCE yourself to face reality. That’s the key to picking up women and ultimately improving your dating and sex life.

You have to choose to live in reality instead of fantasy. You have to be willing to give up the word “hope” and begin taking action to bring the things that you want into your life.

The real reason most men continue to fail with women is because they don’t understand this simple truth and fact of life.

“Hope” Is Preventing You From Succeeding With Women

The word hope is what is stopping you from getting success with women. The word hope is what is preventing you from taking action whenever you spot a cute girl who you would like to go meet and talk to. And the word hope is what will KEEP you single, lonely, and living a very miserable and mediocre life.

What’s So Bad About The Word “Hope”?

In America we try to convey the message that the word “hope” is something positive and good when in reality the word “hope” is very dangerous and is what stops people from getting success in life.

I mean, really think about the sentences that most people use the word hope in:

  • I “hope” to get or find a better job 
  • I “hope” that I will one day meet my dream girl  
  • I “hope” that I can one day make a million dollars and retire.

The word “hope” is what causes you to get approach anxiety whenever you come across an attractive girl, it stops you from talking to beautiful women because you don’t believe that you are ready yet and haven’t read enough pickup material yet, and it keeps you paralyzed from ever taking action on the knowledge that you DO know.

Give Up Hope And Begin Taking Action To Transform Your Life

I want you to give up “hope” because it prevents you from accomplishing your goals in life.

When you stop “hoping” and “wishing” that you had a better life and instead go out into the REAL WORLD and build yourself a better life, you enable yourself to achieve much more success and control your own destiny.

When you use the word hope, you make the assumption that your life is out of your hands and out of your control and that you have NO CHOICE in the decisions that you make and how your life shapes up to be.

  • You don’t cling to the word “hope” and hope to find a pretty girl, you TAKE ACTION and go wherever the pretty women are.
  • You don’t “hope” to one day start your own business and make a million dollars. You take action and find something SO valuable that you can offer people that they’d WANT to hand you their money in order to get.

DROP the word “hope” from your vocabulary because it is KEEPING you from attracting and succeeding with women.

The Truth About Succeeding And Picking Up Women

The truth to succeeding with women is that you are going to have to be willing to confront and face your fears, overcome your approach anxiety, and begin talking to women. That is the ONLY way that you are ever going to improve your dating and sex life.

They say that confidence is something that you are simply born with but this is NOT true. Confidence comes from experience and experiencing success in the past. 

Getting success with women is just like this. The only way that you will get used to talking to women is ironically by talking to women. There is simply no way around it.

And that’s the real truth about picking up women: In order to pick up women you have to be willing to give up hope, begin taking massive action and talking to REAL girls, and once you do that…

You will know and understand how to pick up women.

– Malcolm Thomas

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