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The Top 7 Muscle Building Mistakes Men Make

gupEvery man attempts at least ONCE in his lifetime to build some muscle. But most men fail miserably at achieving this goal.

Look around you… most men walking around are either fatsos or skinny dweebs. They have crappy diets and they do not lift weights or work out.

The men who do try to work out and build some muscle, go about it entirely the wrong way. They either read some false information on the internet that is inaccurate OR they take fitness advice from their friends and family members (who most of the time are out of shape themselves).

So let’s end this madness. Today I will discuss and share with you the top 7 muscle building mistakes that men make and then…

I will reveal what you can do to STOP making these common muscle building mistakes and start building some REAL actual muscle.

Muscle Building Mistake #1: Training Each Body Part Only ONCE Per Week

So many guys read these useless bodybuilding magazines written BY guys who are currently on steroids written FOR guys who are currently taking steroids.

And one of the most common and prevalent myths said among the fitness community is that you should only train each body part only ONCE per week. The theory is that by only training each body part once per week you avoid over training and you allow your body to get the adequate rest that it needs to grow.

Listen, you have the body of a man, not a little boy. The truth is that if you are a NATURAL who is training to build muscle and get bigger, then your body needs MORE stimulation not less.

Deciding to train each body part only once per week will keep you looking like crap and will prevent you from achieving your fitness goals in a good timely manner.

The whole myth of over training is a LIE. A normal healthy man training his body 4 to 5 times per week will NEVER over train. What he WILL do is develop massive muscles, 6 pack abs, and be in great physical shape.

Muscle Building Mistake #2: Overloading On Protein Shakes

Listen, consuming protein IS very important if your goal is to build muscle in the shortest amount of time possible.

Protein contains the amino acids that act as the building blocks for muscle, so I do want to diminish the importance of protein and how it relates to muscle growth.

That being said, the current scientific recommendation for maximum daily protein intake for strength athletes is about 0.8 grams per pound (1.75 g/kg) of bodyweight (1).

In other words, chugging down protein shake after protein shake is not only a waste of your time but MONEY. There is a reason why protein powder is considered a supplement, because it should only supplement your diet, not actually BE your entire diet.

Not to mention that for most individuals, you can achieve your recommended protein intake by eating simple things like chicken, beef, steak, eggs, milk. And if you eat a healthy 3 to 4 nutritious meals per day, you will very easily reach your recommended daily protein intake.

Muscle Building Mistake #3: Not Staying Consistent and Continuously Going to the Gym

The #1 biggest cause of men never getting into shape and achieving their fitness goals is due to most men not being consistent and continuously going to the gym.

Lifting weights and working out needs to become a HABIT if it is your goal to really build the ideal body that YOU want. Working out has to be something that you just DO in the same way that you brush your teeth in the morning, take a shower, eat breakfast, etc.

To see RESULTS and really transform your body from a dork to an alpha male, working out and lifting weights must become apart of your lifestyle.

Most men don’t do this and they either stay overweight looking like Santa Clause or they stay skinny looking like Justin Bieber.

Muscle Building Mistake #4: You Don’t Eat Enough Food.

Here is the truth: There is NO SUCH THING as a hard gainer.

In reality, a guy who is a hard gainer is a guy does not eat enough food in order to grow. He thinks that he eats a lot of food but in reality if he were to ever actually write down and pay attention to everything that he eats, he would soon realize that “Yeah I seriously AM under eating and THIS is the reason why I am so small”.

Listen to me, to get BIG you have to eat BIG. It is as simple as that.

In order to build muscle and get bigger, you have to consume an excess amount of calories which will allow your body to grow. To build lean muscle, a good idea is to try consuming 500 calories above your maintenance level of calories.

But trust me, if you are a guy who is small or trying to gain weight and build some muscle, then you HAVE to eat a LOT of food. On a daily consistent basis.

If you fail eat enough food, then I don’t care how much you work out, how often you work out, how good you work out, if you fail to eat enough food, you will NEVER get bigger and reach your bodybuilding goals. 

Muscle Building Mistake #5: You Collect Too Much Information and Suffer From Analysis Paralysis

Listen, reading bodybuilding magazines is great, learning about new diet techniques and workout routines from a fitness website is wonderful BUT…

Are you actually DOING what all of those books and websites suggest?

Are you actually GOING to the gym 3 to 4 times PER WEEK and pushing yourself?

Are you actually consuming the adequate amount of protein that your body needs in order to grow?

Are you getting an adequate amount of sleep every night OR are you spending every weekend chasing women and hoping to get “lucky”?

The truth is that knowing what you need to do and actually DOING it are 2 completely different things?

Fat people know that they should not eat food every 2 to 3 hours but they continue to do it anyway.

Skinny people know that they have to eat MORE food in order to grow but most of them fail to do that.

KNOWING what you should do and actually DOING it is the difference people a person who succeeds and a person who FAILS.

Here is the truth, you probably already know enough of the basics to make your time in the gym (and outside of the gym) worthwhile.

The more bigger challenge is you actually DOING it.

You actually making it a habit to go to the gym, consistently.

You actually making it a habit to get at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep every single night.

You actually making it a habit to eat healthy and SKIP going to McDonald’s.

You already know WHAT to do. The important question, are you actually DOING it?

Muscle Building Mistake #6: You Don’t Measure Progress.

One thing that way too many guys focus on when they lift weights and go to the gym is seeing quick-results.

As a matter of fact, this is perhaps the most BIGGEST reason for most men QUITTING.

Guy joins the gym and wants to immediately gain 25 pounds of muscle. So he begins working out and 1 week later as he is looking in the mirror, he notices that he STILL looks the exact same way, so he says to himself that he has very bad genetics and gives up on working out and lifting weights.

The reason why this man has QUIT is due to the fact that he was chasing after quick results. He wanted to join a gym and then immediately 1 week later be 20 pounds more heavier and muscular.

Rome was not built in a day and neither will your body be.

To stay consistent in the gym and really see results, you have to learn how to enjoy the PROCESS.

You must learn how to actually ENJOY lifting weights and getting healthy.

You must learn how to ENJOY seeing the amount of weight that you lift INCREASE week after week.

You have to learn how to ENJOY eating healthy and sleeping as you are supposed to.

When you learn how to enjoy the process of lifting weights, working out, and staying fit, only THEN will you begin to see miraculous RESULTS.

The fruits of your labor. Your arms growing more bigger and bigger. Your fat beginning to shed day by day. And the amount of compliments that you receive INCREASE.

Also, when it comes to measuring your progress, what you want to do is weigh yourself every week so that you can visually SEE that you ARE actually making improvement.

Also, write a journal and keep track of how much weight you have lifted on each exercise. And then focus on either increasing the amount of weight that you lift OR focus on increasing the amount of reps that you perform.

Doing all of this helps to keep you motivated and far away from quitting. It also helps to prevent you from only focusing on quick-results.

Muscle Building Mistake #7: Procrastinating and Not Taking Enough Action

I listed this muscle building mistake last because there are a few guys out there who are guilty of this habit… and it does not only apply to fitness.

Some guys constantly say to themselves “I need to get into shape” or “I have to start eating more healthier” or “I need to start dieting and losing some weight”.

Some men constantly say stuff like this to themselves BUT… They never actually DO anything.

They never get out of their house and join a gym. They never stop going to McDonald’s and ordering Big Macs. They never toss out the video game controller and go outside for a jog.

What these men are guilty of is procrastinating. Constantly telling themselves that they need to do something but NEVER actually doing it.

The process for building muscle has never been easier: You simply go to the gym to lift some weights, eat healthy, get enough sleep, and watch your muscles grow.

The process for building muscle and getting into shape is really that simple. The more difficult step is actually DOING it.

Avoid These Common Muscle Building Mistakes and Start Getting Results

So there you have it. 7 of the most common muscle building mistakes that most men are guilty of making.

Building muscle and transforming your body from OUT-OF-SHAPE to IN-SHAPE really comes down to focusing on the BASICS.

Lift weights multiple times throughout the week…

Eat high-quality, nutritious, healthy food on a daily basis…

Get enough sleep and proper rest…

Be consistent…

Refuse to quit…

And you will undoubtedly build the body of your dreams.

– Malcolm Thomas

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