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The Top 3 Characteristics Your Dream Woman Should Have

Genevieve-Morton-hot-women-23109244-354-500Do you want to find your dream girl?

To be honest, I have never met a guy who didn’t want to find the woman of his dreams.

It doesn’t matter if you are interested in one night stands, if you want to end up in a relationship or if you even dream about getting married and starting a family.

Every man has the desire to spend his time in and outside of the bedroom with women who fascinate him, who arouse him and who make him wonder if he could possibly find a better woman on this planet.

I understand that every man has a different taste and that every man appreciates different personal qualities in women. However, I also believe that there are some features that every woman has to have, in order to deserve to be labeled as a dream woman.

From countless conversations with men I learned that no man who has the choice would date a girl who doesn’t fulfill the three following criteria.

Tits and Ass

I am sorry if I offend all those girls who believe that men should love them for their inner beauty, but the truth is that men are extremely superficial. If you look at dating from a biological perspective this is completely understandable.

Women are looking for confident and strong men who protect them and men are looking for women who look as if they could pass amazing genes to their kids. You can’t deny the fact that the physical appearance is the first sign that shows whether you can imagine having a child with a woman or not.

From all the conversations I had with men about this topic, all of them said that the women they dream about at night are all insanely HOT. The truth is that if a girl has tits and an ass to die for, her chances to be labeled as a dream woman rise significantly.

Caring Nature 

Even though we men are quite superficial we are not superficial enough to not care about anything else but the face and the body of the woman we are with. There are indeed other things that are extremely important for us.

One of the most important features that a woman has to have if she wants to have guys who chase after her is a caring nature. I don’t know about you but when a woman takes care of me and shows me that pleasing me makes me happy, I am in seventh heaven.

Of course you don’t only want to have a girl who pleases you in bed, even though this is also important. What you really want is a woman who pleases you inside and outside of the bedroom and who has nothing against a blowjob after she cooked your favorite dish for you.


In today’s world it gets more and more difficult to find a woman who respects men. We are laughing stocks in movies, in songs and it also seems as if the advertising industry would do nothing else than making fun of us.

Finding a woman who isn’t conditioned by all this bullshit isn’t easy but it is definitely worth it. In case you are in a relationship with a girl who obviously doesn’t respect you, I can promise you that you will end up miserable. It is impossible for a man to be happy, if the girl he is together with doesn’t respect him.

If you want to find your dream woman you have to be willing to search for girls who respect men, even if that means to search all around the globe.

– Sebastian Harris

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