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The Secret to Setting Goals and Accomplishing Them

setting a goalAn aspect that many men struggle with in their lives no matter whether it’s related to dating or starting a business is knowing how to set goals and accomplish them.

A man without a goal is aimless and lost. A man without a goal has no purpose in life and really no REAL reason to wake up in the morning.

But a man WITH a goal, a man with a mission in life, that man has a very wonderful day to look forward to. A man with a goal, a man with a mission walks with a pep in his step, he hates wasting time, and he enjoys planning for his future.

In this article I am going to show you the secret to setting goals, accomplishing them, and finding out what your mission in life is.

The Truth About Setting Goals and Accomplishing Them

Most men experience failure in life due to them being unable to set goals and accomplish them.

The truth is that most men wander through life not planning strategically ahead of time for their future, not learning or reading any new information, and never really leaving their comfort zone.

When it comes to goal setting, most men have the very bad habit of setting TOO MANY goals for themselves to accomplish. They use the scattershot approach and “hope” that if they just sling enough mud at the walls, something will hopefully eventually stick.

This is why so many men absolutely SUCK at setting goals and accomplishing them.

Here is the secret to setting goals and accomplishing them: Only focus on accomplishing ONE goal with 100% of your energy and efforts and THEN you can focus on accomplishing all of your other goals but only AFTER you accomplish your primary goal first.

When you try to accomplish too many different goals at once, you are not giving any individual goal 100% of your effort which will inevitably lead to you failing to ever accomplish that one particular goal.

I’m sure you have heard the old saying “He is a Jack of all trades, but a master of none”

Well this is exactly how most men approach both their dating lives as well as their business lives. They set too many goals that eventually they end up accomplishing NONE of them.

Having only ONE goal and placing ALL of your efforts and mental energy on only accomplishing that ONE particular goal is the KEY to setting goals and accomplishing them.

How to Stay Motivated and Focused On Accomplishing Your Goals

When you have set a goal for yourself and it is CRYSTAL CLEAR, you need to remind yourself of it DAILY both in the morning when you first wake up and also at night before you go to bed.

Doing this causes you to wake up and immediately TAKE ACTION on it. Doing it again at night allows your subconscious to ‘work’ on achieving the goal while you’re asleep.

This two-pronged ‘attack’ on the goal combines to make a lethal system to help you achieve your goal, while keeping yourself in check in the pursuit of it.

I am now at the point in my life where I am constantly reminding myself of my goals daily throughout my day so that I am ALWAYS staying super-productive towards achieving them.

When you continuously take daily action steps towards pursuing and achieving your goal, you become Super Human.


Because most people are unable to do this. Most people give up and QUIT at the first sign of difficulty and struggle. They are unable to visualize their success and think about their future long-term.

The secret to setting goals and accomplishing them is to do a little bit of building EVERY SINGLE DAY. Eventually, you will have built a skyscraper. You will find success after you have been tested. Success will not come without temptation to quit. Give in to temptation and you deserve what you get.

When you are able to stay motivated, you enable yourself to immediately UP your productivity and the results that you end up achieving will be ENORMOUS.

How to Set Goals and Accomplish Them: Wrap-Up

Knowing how to set goals and accomplish them is what separates the successful men from the unsuccessful men.

Knowing how to set goals and accomplish them is what separates the winners in life from the losers. It is what separates the men who constantly get lucky and always seem consistently happy from the men who are always sad and depressed aimlessly wandering through life.

Being able to stay motivated and remain FOCUSED on accomplishing only ONE particular goal is the KEY to increasing your productivity, mental clarity, and success instantly.

A man without a clearly defined goal is a man who is lost. A man with a crystal clear goal in his head is a man who is on his way to extraordinary success.

Success or Failure? Which do you want because it isn’t possible to choose both.

– Malcolm Thomas

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