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The REAL Reason Why Women Lose Respect For Men

respect I am going to tell you the REAL reason why women lose respect for men.

This is the biggest cause of women losing attraction for the men they have once loved, dated, and cherished.

This is THE biggest thing holding you back from succeeding with women on YOUR terms.

Once I reveal this reason to you, you are going to think back to ALL of your past interactions with women, ALL of your past relationships with women, and realize that this was THE thing that held you back.

The Biggest Reason Why Women LOSE Respect For Men

Here is the biggest reason why women lose respect for men: Most men do not have any balls, are afraid to command women and do what they want, and most men are way too afraid of making a move and getting “rejected”.

I am serious, the biggest cause of your failure with women doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with your bad action, rather your biggest cause of failure with women has EVERYTHIING to do with your lack of action.

When it comes to women, respect, and dating: You don’t lose points for trying, you lose points for NOT trying

  • Your fear of making the wrong move and saying the wrong thing.
  • Your fear of kissing a girl and getting rejected because she does not feel the same way about you.
  • Your fear of sexually escalating with a woman and scaring her off.

All of this FEAR is inside your head and it is preventing you from attracting the women you really want to attract.

This fear is keeping you stagnant in your dating life and it is preventing you from taking action and actually attracting girls.

And it is THIS fear that causes women to lose respect for men.

Women and Respect: You MUST Be Willing to Walk

If you read my article “Women Like Men Who Cheat” then you already know that women are drawn and attracted to men with “options”.

A man who is able to cheat on a woman and sleep with OTHER attractive women is by definition ATTRACTIVE because other women view him as such. This makes the girl who he is cheating on, value him much more highly and thus he becomes a much more high value and powerful man.

And this is how getting respect with women works.

In order to get a woman to respect you, you MUST be willing to walk.

Walk away from the interaction, walk away from the relationship, or even walk away from your marriage.

A man who is willing to walk is a man who has “options” and thus is a man who deserves the utmost amounts of respect.

The opposite of a man who is willing to walk, is a man who is needy and shows signs of desperation. Women do NOT respect this man and for very good reason. He is not valuable, he is not rare, and there is NO fear of the girl losing him.

The first step to getting a woman to respect you is communicating to her on a subtle level that you are willing to walk and have “options”. Doing THIS will make her gain some respect for you.

Women and Respect: You Never Lose Points For Trying, You Only Lose Points For NOT Trying

Here’s the thing: Women already know that you want to have sex with them. Women already KNOW this. As a man they already expect you to try to physically escalate and have sex.

I repeat, Women already know that men want to have sex with them.

But what do most men do?

They try to pretend as if they don’t want to have sex with a woman.

They will ask a woman out on a date, try to make some polite conversation, and then act as if their only goal and intention is to get to know this woman.

So instead of trying to actually have sex with women, most men try and pretend as if they don’t want sex and women see right through this. They already know all of your intentions so what’s the point in trying to keep it hidden?

What’s the point in lying and pretending to be a “Nice Guy”?

Here’s the truth: When you don’t try to have sex with a woman when you are on a first date with her she actually LOSES respect for you. That’s right, not trying to have sex with a woman on a first date is what causes women to not respect you and lose attraction for you.

In other words, NOT having any balls, NOT being a real man, and NOT being authentic and REAL is what causes women to lose respect for you.

How to Make Women Respect You As a Man

Here is the KEY to getting women to respect you from here on out: Do What You Want To Do, When You Want To Do It, and How You Want To Do It.

Women respect men who do what they want and go after what they want without any fear or conviction.

This means that:

  • If you want to kiss a girl on a first date, simply kiss her
  • If you want to touch a girl when you are on a first date with her, then simply touch her
  • If your goal is to simply get a one night stand with a woman, then simply communicate this to her with your actions

This is how you make women respect you as a man and this is how you build their attraction for you at the same time.

Women respect the men who move fast and take action. You learn to do whatever you want, in whatever manner that you want to do it, without any fear or worry about backlash. 

How do you gain a woman’s respect?

By showing her that you have “options”, letting her know that you are willing to walk, and doing WHATEVER it is that YOU want to do.

– Malcolm Thomas

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