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The REAL Reason Why Most Men FAIL With Women

failureMany guys struggle to get a girlfriend, get a date, or even (if they choose) get a wife. These guys flat out struggle to get girls.

They don’t understand what actually makes a girl tick, makes a girl wet, and makes a girl chase and pursue a guy. They straight up don’t know what a girl NEEDS.

Why Are You Failing With Women?

I have my own personal theory for why the majority of men out there fail to get and date the women that they truly want. Not only that, but this is also the reason why most men (in general) fail to create and achieve the life that they want.

They FAIL to REALLY take action.

That’s the true #1 reason most men fail to create the dating life that they truly desire. They don’t take the action to bring the women who they actually want into their lives. They don’t know how to overcome their fear of rejection, fear of getting turned down, or their fear of women flaking on them.

They have fear of what others think about them (especially women). They try to kiss up and capitulate to women. They try to measure up and be the man they think she wants them to be. They don’t know how to be (their most attractive selves).

But it gets worse, most men end up talking them selves out of approaching whenever they spot a cute chick who they would like to talk to. Most men believe that they do not measure up to a woman’s perfect ideal man.

These are the core reasons why most men fail with women.

They are afraid to take consistent action.

What Does It REALLY Take To Be Successful With Women…

Success with women is about NONE of these things. 

It isn’t about trying to pretend to be the guy you think she wants you to be. It isn’t about knowing the perfect thing to say all of the time. And it isn’t about trying to be “nice” and “friendly” with women.

Success with women is about you doing what YOU want to do. Success with women is about taking action and leading women down the path that YOU want. Success with women is about not waiting for a woman to show you signs of interest, but to create that interest yourself.

Success with women is REALLY about NOT TRYING to attract women!

The Reason NOT TRYING To Attract Women Actually Attracts Women…

Here’s the truth: Women value men who have options (or who appear to have options)

And here’s another truth: Men who have options don’t care what a woman or girl thinks about them. They just DO whatever they want to say or do.

Men who have options don’t TRY to attract women, they just spot a cute girl who they would like to meet, they approach her, and begin talking to her.

There’s no trying to become her prince charming, trying to wine and dine her, or trying to be “nice”.

Their thought process is a simple: You seem cute, I like you, let’s trade numbers, meet up for a cup of coffee, and go back to my place to hook up.

It’s that simple.

This is why I say that Attracting Women Is Easy.

That’s the REAL secret to hooking up with hot women.

It’s about NOT TRYING (or even really caring).

When you begin doing this, women will begin to take notice.

The BIGGEST reason most men fail with women is not due to bad action, it’s due to inaction or no action.

So begin taking action and NOT trying (or caring) and ironically you will begin bringing more (hotter women) into your life.

– Malcolm Thomas

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