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The Only Reason Why Men Want to Achieve Anything in Life

mmmDo you want to become successful?

Do you want to be a person who achieves something?

In case your answer is “no” and you don’t have the desire to achieve anything in life, you are on the wrong website and should click away now.

If you, however, want to become successful and want to achieve extraordinary things in your life, you are on the right site. This is a website for winners and for guys who want to leave their “average” life behind them in order to become successful.

Even though I strongly believe that the desire and the urge to become successful are extremely important in every man’s life, I have to ask you one important question:

WHY do you want to become successful?

This is a very simple question. No, the answer “because I want to have success in life” doesn’t count. Come on, be a little bit more creative. What do you really hope to get by being successful?

Why do you want to build up muscle?

Why do you want to start your own business and earn a lot of money?

Why do you want to become more self-confident?

All those goals make you a successful person once you have achieved them but what do you hope to GAIN by having a great body, more money and self-confidence?

Look, we human beings are pretty simple life forms and one extremely simple rule is that we don’t do anything without expecting a certain result. What is the ultimate result that you hope to have in your life, once you became successful?

I can tell you exactly what it is but before I do that I want to tell you what you have been conditioned to believe.

Why You Think You Want to Achieve Things

The word success is one of the most popular words in our society and yet nearly nobody knows what it really means. The advertisement industry wants us to believe that all we need in life in order to feel successful is a nice car and a suit from a certain brand.

Whenever someone is talking about success you can bet on it that he is talking about material possessions and status. We are conditioned to believe that prestige and expensive toys are what we really want out of life.

If you are really honest to yourself you don’t need an expensive car to feel successful. You also don’t need an Armani Suit to feel like you have made it. All those things that you think you want have only ONE purpose.

Why You REALLY Want to Achieve Things

The only thing that men hope to get by having a sports car, an expensive house and a lot of brand products is…

…sex with amazing women!

Deep down the only reason why you want to become successful is because you hope that success in life will bring you success with women. If you are really honest with yourself you will admit that I am saying the truth right now.

The ONLY motivation that we men have in life to achieve anything is the naked body of a gorgeous woman. We hope that women will chase us, once we are successful and that’s exactly why we want to become successful.

Even though there are a lot of married men who become immensely successful, the underlying motivation is ALWAYS the same. They might even be faithful but deep down they wish that attractive women desire them for what they have accomplished.

Unfortunately, most men don’t have the balls to admit that their only motivation in life is to have sex with amazingly beautiful women, because they think that this is something bad. You have to believe me when I say that there is no better motivation than sex, in order to achieve amazing things.

How to Make Use of This Desire

Don’t make the mistake and think that it is bad to have “only sex” as your number one motivation to achieve anything in life. I always ask myself why so many people have feelings of guilt and negativity when it comes to their sexuality.

Instead of worrying about the reason behind your will to achieve things, you should start to embrace the fact that sex is your number one motivation. Use your sexual energy to your own benefit and create amazing things by being motivated through it.

Work out, start your own business and invest your time in self-improvement.

In the end it doesn’t really matter if you become a great man because you want material status or because you want SEX. All that counts is that you become a great man.

– Sebastian

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