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The ONE KEY to Attracting Women: Take Action

tyI love hearing (and reading) about the success of others. It’s just in my nature. 

Whenever I learn of someone who has overcome adversity, defied the odds, achieved success in spite of disadvantages and was able, through their actions, to give a big “fuck you” to those who told them they could not and would not be able to do something, it fires me up. 

Not only am I genuinely happy for the courageous one’s who find the inner strength to turn their life around but I’m also happy for myself. 


Because the people who manage to accomplish great things, even when they start from less than ideal beginnings, are the living, breathing, walking, talking proof that *I* can do it too.

Those of you who have checked out our forum may have read one of my post’s titled “Gentlemen… It Works!” 

In that post I shared a little bit of what recently took place between me and a beautiful girl. Now, allow me to go into some detail about the amazing changes that have taken place in my life since I found Women Attracted.

I’ve been reading the articles posted by such greats as Malcolm, Playboi and Just Dave, along with a few others, for the past few months. To be exact, I’ve read every one of the articles on the site, some of them over and over again until I felt like I truly understood the concepts they explain. 

Now, honestly, I’ve never really been a man who just flat out could not get women. I’ve had my share of pickups in bars that lead to one night stands. 

I’ve had a pretty solid flow of pussy since I was a freshman in high school. However, I was NOT, by any means, a man who was comfortable walking up to a beautiful woman, a complete stranger, and attempting to initiate a romantic encounter. I just didn’t do it. 

Therefore, my results with women were NO WHERE near what they could have been. The pickups and one night stands that did happen for me were either

  1. Because I happened to meet the woman through my social circle and I had already been “built up” in her mind, to a certain extent….. OR
  2. The woman was outgoing, aggressive, horny as hell and down to fuck!

You put me in either of those situations and I was a BEAST. If I had to do the shit on my own, mmmm… not so much.

Of course, I’ve had girlfriends that have come and gone and all of that, mostly because once they got to know me they found I am indeed a REAL man, but I definitely was not what I would consider to be suave and confident enough to walk up to ANY woman at any time.

So, I kept right on reading and learning but quickly realized I could read for the rest of my life, memorize every word and NONE of it would mean a damn thing if I didn’t put it into ACTION!

At first the approach anxiety set in deep. I mean there were TOO MANY occasions where I let beautiful, sexy ass women who I would have loved to get to know better walk right by me. 

Let me assure you, the feeling you keep with you when you let that happen is FAR worse than the feeling of a woman rejecting you. You flat out feel like a little bitch. Like less of a man.

Screw that!

I decided I would not experience that feeling EVER again. So, I started approaching women.  LOT’S of women! 

Guess what happened?

I got rejected. But, I knew I was on the right track because, as Malcolm says, “if you’re not getting rejected then you are NOT getting laid”.

 I don’t know about you but I fucking like getting laid. So I kept right on approaching beautiful women while I continued to read, learn, work on my fundamentals and do everything I could to step up my game.

After a couple of MONTHS of rejection, something changed just last Saturday night. Some buddies and I decided to go to a local sports bar and have some wings and beers.

Because I had been to this place many times before, I knew there would be many sexy women there, drinking, laughing, having a good time and most likely open to meeting a new man. 

I knew this was an opportunity for me to approach those women. So, I went to the gym and got a nice pump, got a fresh haircut and bought a new outfit. 

I set a goal for myself, before I ever stepped foot out the door, that I was going to approach at least 3 beautiful women. Armed with a goal in mind, looking, feeling and smelling (don’t forget the cologne gentlemen) great, I jumped in my buddies Tahoe and we headed to the sports bar.

We chilled for a while, “shot the shit” as us men tend to do and drank a few beers. At this point the bar was pretty dead and I was starting to feel a little bit disappointed. Then, SHE walked in… 

I noticed a beautiful brunette with a dark complexion; sexy eyes and an ass that would make you smack your momma walk past our table. We locked eyes, only for a second, when she quickly glanced in our direction then immediately diverted her eyes back forward as she confidently strolled past us. 

A little smirk crossed her sexy lips as if she were thinking to herself, “they ALL want me”. I reminded my friends to close their mouths as their jaws were left wide open merely by her presence. All Johnny could manage to say was, “DAMN” as he shook his head back and forth.

I decided then and there that she was going to be the next woman I would approach whether she rejected me or not. At that point the outcome did not matter to me. I HAD to approach this beauty. Thoughts began racing through my mind of, “what did Malcolm write in that post about approaching women?” and “what the hell am I supposed to say to her?”

Then I remembered the REAL lessons I had learned from Women Attracted.  A calm feeling washed over me as I recalled Malcolm stating that, “It does not matter what you say to a woman.” 

I remembered him and the other writers stating repeatedly that you just need to be “in the moment”, be genuine and real and above all else, be CONFIDENT. I decided all I needed to do was hold my head up high, walk with confidence like the REAL MAN I am and approach this woman. So I did just that.

My opportunity came when I noticed her leave her group of friends and walk to the bar, alone, to get a drink. I walked right up to her, looked her square in her beautiful green eyes and introduced myself.

Me: Hey there, how’s your night going so far?

Her: Not too bad. How about yours?

Me: It’s going really good, thanks. So, listen, I noticed you walk past my table and I just had to come meet you. You are the most beautiful girl I’ve seen in here all night. (Still holding strong eye contact, looking confident but nervous as fuck on the inside.) I’m Michael. What’s your name? (Reaching my hand out to shake hers.)

Her: (BIG smile) That’s so sweet. I’m Heather. (Reaching her hand out to meet mine).

Me: (Holding on to her soft hand, waiting until she lets go…which, she doesn’t for a good 3-5 seconds) It is a pleasure to meet you, Heather.

I notice Heather is wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers t-shirt. I see an opening. I think to myself, “time to test the water”.

Me: Heather, I think you’re pretty cool but I gotta tell you, my Dallas Cowboys would kick the shit out of your Steelers!

Her: (A cross between her jaw dropping and a smile coming over her face) Oh, really!? Is that right? (As she laughs). I don’t think so buddy. The Cowboys suck!

A long, playful and genuinely FUN conversation ensued. We ended up pulling tables together and her along with her friends and myself and my buddies talked, laughed, ate and drank for a while. 

I remembered that I needed to get her alone to really get a true reading on her interest in me. I invited her to go back to the bar with me to get another drink. She happily accepted my invitation.

I’d love to be able to tell you guys that I was able to seal the deal and get her home that night but that would be a lie. I did invite her to hang out afterwards but she told me that her friend was in from out of town and she wouldn’t feel right ditching her.

I didn’t fully believe her excuse but I acted as if it were no sweat and played it cool. I think that was the right move.

Before it was time to leave I handed her my cell phone and instructed (not asked) her to put her number in my contacts. She took the phone, without hesitation, and put her number in. Then she called me immediately so I would have her number.

Sunday morning, around 11:30, I received a text from Heather asking me if I wanted to get together later that day. We got together, had a GREAT time and have seen each other a few times since then.

The point of this story is the process DOES work fellas! Just keep at it! Being CONFIDENT is more important than ANYTHING else. 

Not only do you have to handle your fundamentals but you must also work on your inner game. Put some time and effort into building up your mind and confidence like you would in building your body.

What do you have to lose by approaching beautiful women? Nothing! But, you have EVERYTHING to gain. 

Read, learn and understand the advice given on this site and then take ACTION. YOUR hot ass brunette is out there….waiting.

– Michael Wheeler

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