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The Most Important Post You Will Ever Read About Success

oprSuccess… Success… Success

I talk about success a LOT on this site. Approximately 75% of all the articles on this site specifically deals with helping you achieve more success in your life.

Getting success with women. Achieving financial success. Becoming a much more successful man in general… and leading a very successful and fulfilling lifestyle.

As men, all we care about is SUCCESS. If you’re not a success, then you’re a failure. There simply is no in-between.

But… how do you ensure that you actually achieve success in all of your endeavors?

How do you guarantee that you reach your goals and accomplish your dreams?

Well, that’s what this post is written for. To teach you the unadulterated truth about achieving success in your life and really accomplishing all of your goals.

Make no mistake about it… this will be the most important post you will ever read about success.

Success: How YOU Can Achieve It

I believe that entrepreneurs are made, not born.

My only tool when starting out was the desire to live a better life, everything else was picked up along the way

When I started my first online internet business I had no idea what to do, no money, nor any mentors to help guide me along the way.

All that I had was a burning desire to live a much better life. I spent HOURS and HOURS every day visualizing what my life would be like once I achieved true financial freedom. Leaving the rat race and making lot’s of money was all that I thought about in my spare time.

Because if I did not achieve success in life then what was my alternative?

I couldn’t justify getting up at 5:00 in the morning every day, busting my ass all day at a soul sucking job, coming home every night after 7:00, eating dinner, and going to bed, only just to repeat do the exact same day the next day in the morning.

All for what?

Just to continue to struggle?

Nah, I thought to myself. That was not the life for me. I realized that I needed to do something drastic, something substantial, to live a better life.

And that was all the motivation I ever needed. Not living up to my full potential as a man gave me all the inspiration and desire to succeed that I ever needed.

And this is the most important trait for achieving success in life. What is your personal “Why?”

Why do you want to make a lot of money?

Why do you want to quit your job?

Why do you want to achieve more success with women?

There has to be a very specific reason that is deeply personal to you. And you must ask yourself this question if you want to achieve true success in life. And you MUST be very honest with yourself too.

Want to know what my motivation for making a lot of money was?

FREEDOM. I wanted freedom to live my life as I wanted.

I wanted to do the things that I wanted to do without having to ask for permission. I wanted to be able to help out those who I loved around me if they ever needed help.

I wanted to go on a vacation when I wanted to.

I wanted to travel the world when I wanted, where I wanted.

I wanted to take my lunch break when I wanted to take my lunch break WITHOUT having to ask for permission or seek approval.

My motivation for wanting to become better with women?

I wanted to be a man with an abundance mentality who had “options”.

I wanted to have sex with beautiful, desirable women whenever I wanted.

I wanted to be a man whom women found ATTRACTIVE.

I wanted to be a consistently happy man who created my own “luck”.

I would argue that your reasoning (your Why) for wanting to achieve success is MORE important than your goal itself.

If you do not have a strong enough Why, then you WILL quit and give up before you achieve your goal.

If you have a very strong reason for exactly WHY you want to achieve a certain goal, then no matter what obstacles life may throw your way, no matter how much struggle and sacrifice you must endure, you will NOT quit.

You will stay motivated, you will remain persistent, and you will continue to Take Action because the thought of you NOT achieving your goal is much worst than the work that is required for you to get there.

How to Achieve Success (and Why Talent is Overrated)

The amount of talent that you possess has NO correlation to the amount of success that you will achieve.

You see, success is more about hard work and perseverance than it is about “natural talent”.

I have plenty of friends of mine who are all way more talented than I am, way more smarter than I am, much better looking than I am, and yet… NONE of them achieve the same amount of success that I do.

I was NEVER the smartest kid in school, I never got perfect A’s or got any scholarships to attend good colleges, and yet… I make much more money than all of my former high school friends COMBINED.

Back in high school, I used to absolutely suck with women.

I was definitely NOT the most attractive man around in school. I did not receive a lot of kisses or make outs from girls either, but today… I have more success with women than most guys walking the earth.

How did I become ultra successful with women and learn how to make money online?

Hard Work, Smart Work, and a little bit of pigheaded perseverance.

I worked extremely hard and I broke my back learning how to become good with women.

Early on in my life, I failed with women, a LOT. I got rejected by women more times than I can even remember. I have been stood up on dates, placed in the friend zone, and had girl’s never respond back to my text messages.

And yet despite all of these failures and struggles, I persisted on.

I continued to approach women day after day, night after night, because I wanted to improve my skills with women.

I would continue to talk to women, and try to analyze all of my interactions.

I tried figuring out why some approaches FAILED with women or did not go the way I wanted it to, and why some other approaches succeeded.

What led to girls wanting to have sex with me quickly. What exactly was I doing. And could what I was doing be repeated consistently.

Eventually, I found out that in order to have success with women, you have to follow a certain formula. Not a script. This does not have anything to do with using any sort of pick up lines.


There were certain traits that some men possessed that made them great with women.

Certain things that every guy who was successful with women did.

And these were all little simple things that any average guy could do that would allow him to replicate this other man’s success.

Eventually, i realized that success with women was more about your MINDSET than anything else. Your “inner game” was just as important as your “outer game”.

Your belief system and how you saw the outside world played an immense role in how well women would respond to your interactions. Your vibe and the thoughts running through your head was what made the difference between a man who was successful with women and a man who wasn’t.

My journey towards learning how to make money was very similar. Earlier on in my life, I was always broke and financially strapped. I was always living paycheck to paycheck.

I spent YEARS in the workforce trying to do all of the right things. Showing up to work early and on time. Working extra hours in order to help the company. Trying to slowly work my way up the corporate ladder, and yet NONE of that made a difference.

I was STILL living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to pay my rent, and losing hope. Life just did not seem to go my way no matter what I did or tried.

This led to me trying to figure why some guys seemed to make a LOT of money and why some other guys failed miserably at trying to make money. I began to study and analyze guys who went from rags to riches when it came to making money. Guys who became SOMETHING from NOTHING.

Guys who made a lot of money without relying on the stock market or a “regular job”, guys who made a lot of money without growing up with a silver spoon in their mouths or having rich parents, guys who were not super athletic or naturally talented.

This led to me discovering the internet and how there was guys who made a killing online by building websites and writing blogs. Guys who worked hard AND smart and helped thousands of people solve their most pressing problems. Guys who added immense VALUE to other people and helped them improve their lives.

And what I ended up finding out was that ANYBODY could do this.

And if you can help people solve their most frustrating, agonizing problems, they will look up to you as a HERO and they will not mind paying you some money along the way.

All that you must do is focus on HELPING people. Answering their questions. Offering them solutions. And once you do that, people will literally be desperate to hand you all of their money. Buy all of your products and your services.

So, I ended up asking myself the very important question… 

“How can *I* help other people?”

“How can *I* help to improve other people lives?”

Eventually, the answer dawned upon me. I ended up realizing that I had improved my skills with women through nothing but hard work and sheer perseverance. I had to fail a LOT but eventually I did become good with women.

“Why don’t I help OTHER guys improve their dating and sex lives just like I did?” I thought to myself.

I can help guys avoid all of the pitfalls when it comes to dating and relationships, I can help guys develop better confidence and self-esteem when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex. I can help guys overcome their fear about approaching women and help them beat approach anxiety.

Well, as you can see today, that is exactly what I did. I have managed to build (at least in my humble opinion) a very valuable, resourceful website that is geared towards helping men become much better men. A site that is all about transforming “average” men into powerful men. Helping guys transform themselves from a wimp to an ultra successful pimp.

And this is what achieving SUCCESS is ultimately all about. It is not about only trying to get what YOU want in life, it is ALSO about helping other people get what they want in life too.

How YOU Can Achieve Success and Transform Your Life Starting TODAY

Success is about believing in yourself and NEVER giving up under any circumstances.

Success is about refusing to quit or settle for anything less than what YOU want.

Success is all about refusing to live a very mediocre and unhappy life.

Success is about repeating to yourself that you are a WINNER and a man who deserves to have “luck” go his way.

Success is all about getting rid of the negative thoughts that clouds your mind and replacing those thoughts with positive, motivating, self-affirmations.

Success is all about working hard AND smart.

Success is about having a goal and STICKING TO IT (and letting all of your actions and your thoughts help you to achieve it).

Success is about letting go of your past and focusing on living a much better and brighter future.

Success is all about having the will-power, the desire, and the hunger to WANT to improve your life.

Success Will Not Come Without Temptation to Want to Quit

I know I talk a lot about refusing to quit and never giving up but I only do so because adhering to this advice is SO very important.

I can honestly say that I have never NOT succeeded at something that I did not quit on. It has NEVER happened to me.

wanted to become good with women so I did absolutely everything in my power to BECOME good with women.

I modeled my approach after the successful guys who I saw around me. I asked other successful men questions and I listened to ALL of their advice. But more than anything else, I approached women and I learned from my OWN mistakes.

And believe me, there were MANY times that I wanted to simply quit and give up. There were MANY times that I thought about giving up and just settling for a mediocre average woman. But I never did…

I never did quit because I knew that once I threw in the towel my life would be much more worse off. I knew that if I gave up, I was only taking the easy way out and quitting on myself.

So I persisted. I kept on going and approaching and talking to women day after day. I kept on getting rejected by girls except soon it began to affect me less and less.

My skin grew more thicker and thicker. I soon became insensitive to rejection and harsh criticism. If a girl did not want to sleep with me, well who cares?

Because I knew that there were a HUNDRED more girls right around the corner from her who would be dying to sleep with a sexy man like me.

And my refusal to quit or give up is what led to me having immense success with women and creating this website (in order to help YOU become ultra successful with women too).

I am telling you right now, the KEY ingredient to succeeding in ALL areas of your life is to NEVER giving up. If you just keep pursuing your goal (whatever that goal may be) then you WILL achieve success and transform your life.

You CAN change your entire life starting TODAY right now and all that it requires is changing your MINDSET. Your thought patterns. Your belief system.

If you can change your mindset, then you can change your thought patterns, and if you can change your thought patterns then you can change your life.

Your dating life, your financial life, your personal life, it can ALL be improved and changed starting RIGHT NOW.

The question is, how BADLY do you want success and ultimately want to change?

How badly do you want to go from being broke to making over six figures per year?

How badly do you want to go from being unattractive, and unsuccessful with women to being able to date ANY girl that YOU want?

The question you must ask yourself is, how badly do you want it?

Bad enough to keep on failing at it before you finally succeed?

Bad enough to lose 4 hours of sleep every night in the pursuit of your goal?

Bad enough that you will do WHATEVER it takes to achieve your goal?

THIS is the most important question that you must ask yourself if you want to achieve success and accomplish your goals.

How badly do you want it?

Well… how badly do you want success?

– Malcolm Thomas

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