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The Importance of Hanging Out With Like-Minded Individuals

Kate-upton-hot-women-29545411-393-500Have you ever hung out with people who just complain, gossip and talk behind others’ backs?

How did you feel after hanging out with them?

If you contributed in the gossiping and complaining, you definitely need to change your mindset and start hanging around those who do the opposite of what your current social circle is doing.

I have hung out with these type of negative people for most of my life because I went to middle school with these people which led to me hanging out with them in high school and in University.

Imagine how I had felt hanging around with negative people for more than seven years?

Imagine how hanging out with these people for many years have shaped my beliefs and my mindset?

Do you think that I became a more positive person?

Most of the time I did not contribute in their complaining and just let them gossip and talk behind our other friends’ back, but this had a negative effect on me subconsciously.

I never felt good hanging out with these type of people, I just felt down and I started to view the world with a scarcity mindset. This had the most impact on me during my University years.

When I started to get better marks on them on exams, they started to kick me out of their social circle subtly and started to talk behind my back. These type of negative people love others who are below them both in terms of success and financially.

Before, they had viewed me as lower than them because I used to say that I got bad grades even though I did better than them. When I started to realize how much I was getting affected by their negativity, I started to tell them my REAL grades whenever they asked me.

Slowly by slowly, they stopped talking to me and started talking about me. I am thankful that they stopped talking to me because I did not need that negativity in my life.

If you realize you are hanging around these type of negative people, cut them out of your life or reduce contact with them. I did not do this for the longest time and I just felt AWFUL afterwards.

I know that some people say that you can let other people’s negativity rub off on you, you just have to ignore it. I tried this, but I felt subconsciously that it had rubbed off on me personally. I don’t know, it may not affect others but it definitely affected ME.

Some traits to identify negative people

– Hates on other peoples’ success

Complains about everything

– Gossips and talks behind their friends’ back

– Jealous of other peoples’ success

– Constantly brag about themselves and try to one-up everyone

Ask yourself this, “What are the benefits of hanging around these types of negative people?”

The type of friends that I had constantly hated on successful people ranging from music artists to entrepreneurs. This showed to me that they did not know what it took for those people to BECOME successful in their lives.

If you were successful right now, would you still hate on other people who are trying to become successful?

I would not because I would have known the struggle and HARD WORK to become successful and so I would be cheering for everyone else.

Here’s a small exercise to do:

1. When you are hanging out with other people who are negative, write down or think about how you felt after talking to them

2. When you are hanging out with positive people who discuss ideas, inspire each other etc. Write down or think about how you felt after talking to them.

3. Now compare both feelings from hanging out with negative and positive people

4. Now choose which path you want to follow. If you want to continue hanging around negative people, go for it, no one’s stopping you.

– Perry Keith

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