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The GOLDEN Rule Of Seduction (and Also the Flip the Table Approach Method)

musenThe most dangerous, exciting, exotic, sensual, and sexual game in the world… SEDUCTION!

Like all games, we have the players, then the coach, and most of all, RULES!

Do you know them?

Or are you the kind of the guy who just stumbles onto the field, without even any uniform, “hoping” to win?

Well, I am Dylan Simeon and I’ll be your coach!

1. Always Wear Your Uniform, BEFORE A Game

For any seducer, that means clothes that spell out the word ‘awesome’ in ALL languages of the world!

Before leaving your house, make sure you are looking your absolutely BEST.

You know what they say, ‘Look good, feel good, play best.’ (Ok I might have made it up, just get the point!)

Personally, I like spraying a little amount of women’s perfume (specifically my Ex girlfriend’s, she had some good taste in perfume) it turns me on every time I catch a whiff of it, and also it makes women I approach think I just had sex with a really attractive woman (Shh, that’s our secret 😉 ).

You need to be well prepared and dress to impress before stepping out of the door, if you want to be noticed as the above average male that you truly are.

2. Trust Your Coach

I am not blowing my trumpet! Ok maybe a little, I can’t help it.

What I mean by this is, sometimes you might hear some crazy shit on this website that’s hard to believe!

Now, if you’re ever in this kind of situation then our Forum is there if you want further clarification.

It’s definitely better than mistrusting the information and fucking yourself up in the field.

3. Learn and Master A Few Approaches

There are three approaches I advise all novice seducers, to know; the direct, indirect. and my own personal favorite I will tell you all about in just a minute.

I am going to talk about each approach in detail.

a) Direct Approach

It’s the approach one would opt for if they desire FAST results.

It’s the best if you want to save on time instead of beating around the bush.

It works extremely well, since from the word go, you present the following qualities to the woman:

You are a man who knows what he wants, is a true go-getter, and who is extremely CONFIDENT about his sexuality.

You are a direct man and her rejecting you is HER fault as you are a man with an abundance of women i.e. you display an abundance mentality.

Of course, it’s not foolproof.

If you don’t get the results you expected, there are many other attractive females out there.

b) Indirect Method

The advantage of the indirect method, is that it’s a ‘safe’ method of approach.

Basically, the seducer approaches the woman and starts a conversation. After building levels of comfort and rapport he FINALLY reveals his true sexual intentions.

Again not foolproof, the girl may STILL reject the guy.

Some guys,through this method get tangled up in the dreaded friend zone.

Between the two approaches, I favor the direct method and have had more luck with it.

3) The Flip the Table Approach

Now this is MY own method.

Just in case you are wondering, it’s not foolproof either ;), though I can boast some high levels of consistency that is more than both the first and second approaches put together.

It’s fresh, and new in the market, which means there is NO competition which leaves the impression that you are a unique guy in the mind of every hot chick out there.

In fact, I had a hard time in deciding whether or not to write this article.

This is because, I am about to reveal MY method of approach that I have NEVER told anyone before. This method that I use has given me some of the most extraordinary results yet!

What this method does, is that from the initial conversation you hintthat you “may” be sexually attracted to the girl.

The good thing about this method, is that the girl can’t say “No” because it’s not direct and at the same time she can’t ignore it since it’s not indirect either.

What you have done is you have shot directly to her subconscious mind that you are a potential mate.

Your approach should perfectly describe the situation you are BOTH in.

Here is how I scored a chick last December, using this very method.

(Scenario takes place in a club).

Dylan: Excuse me, I need some help.

Girl: Sure.

Dylan: Well there is this girl, (Describe her in a not so subtly way) she has these gorgeous brown eyes, and has been throwing me these sexy looks.

Girl: Wow (blushing). Then you should definitely approach her.

Dylan: I just did, but am not sure if she’s really into me, or just bursting my balls. Maybe I should ask her if she wants a kiss?

Girl: Maybe you should?

Dylan: ….

What you do there is your OWN business!

Go in for the kiss, then quickly pull back.

Apologize, then tell her you’re not a man who just randomly kisses girls, without getting to know them first and deciding whether or not they deserve your kiss.

Why in hell would my method work?

Well reason number one, you didn’t just go up to her and introduce yourself off the bat and attempt at building rapport like every other Billy and Joe would.

In fact! For those of you who were paying close attention, I haven’t even BUILT rapport!

Not yet any way.

Instead, you have just kissed the girl and depending on how good that kiss was, gave her a sneak preview of what to expect in BED, unlike with other methods.

You have displayed extraordinary confidence, since the average males wouldn’t have what it takes in order to pull off this method.

You destroyed her bitch shield. When you first approached, you told her you wanted HELP.

That was how you got her to talk to you in the first place, because after all, NO girl is going to refuse to help a guy in distress.

If she does, then she must be some psycho, get yourself away from her!

You didn’t directly say you were going to kiss her after only a few seconds of exchanging of words. Instead you, merely created the possibility in her mind, you made her THINK how it would be like to kiss you.

You complimented her though not DIRECTLY.

Now, I know you have many questions going through your head.

Why ask for permission instead of just going for the kill like a true alpha male?

Why pull back and stop physical escalation?

Most important, why APOLOGIZE for the kiss?

and what was all that crap you said AFTER the kiss?

The reason I asked for permission is because, I wanted the chick to think it was her OWN decision so she won’t feel guilty afterward when her social conditioning set in.

Why did I STOP the kiss?

By me stopping the kiss before her, I maintain my CONTROL over her.

I started the kiss, I ended the kiss, instead of letting the ball roll into her court.

This goes hand in hand with my ‘apology’.


You went over to a hot lady. After, just a few words you dive in for a kiss. 

What would be the outcome?

“Excuse me! I don’t just kiss ANY random guy without getting to know him first!! I don’t even know your name, jerk!”

Believe me, that’s her in a GOOD mood.

If she wasn’t, you would either be humiliated with a bitch slap, her spitting in your face and abusing you in public …

So you apologizing, separates you from that thin line.

You prove you are a man with self-control, a man who has standards and respects a woman and doesn’t view women as sexual objects.

A man who KNOWS what he wants in a woman, meaning she will have to work HARD if she has any “hope” of getting herself laid by you.

You, unlike most boring and average men present her with a CHALLENGE.

She believes that by her having sex with you will provide her with a self-esteem boost, also she will attain higher social status.

You have just flipped the table! You are in control of the ENTIRE seduction process.

From here, build rapport, coupled with a few sexual touches.

Two steps forward, one step backward until both of you can’t take it any more!

At this point, no permission required. Guide her out of the room to somewhere less noisy, preferably your place.

Note: While creating rapport, let her prove herself to you.

Keep in mind, you’re not the one trying to get laid by her instead the tables have been flipped‘.

Well, what if she reads your intentions and calls it?

Act shocked and extremely offended.

Throw back with, “Why would you take advantage of me in my predicament?”

One of two things will happen if carried out correctly.

You will catch her by surprise and you will have taken yourself back to square one, without her realizing it.

Whilst she is busy apologizing (gentleman in distress 😉 like when you started) she might be unconsciously touching you, breaking the touch barrier.

Look deep in her eyes and forgive her, tell her it’s only because she is compassionate, since it’s one of the qualities you value most in a woman.

When she questions you on the others?

Tell her you like women who know what they want and will shamelessly go for it no matter the consequences.

Translation: You like a woman who is direct about her sexuality and will have sex with you if that is what she feels like doing.

This is important because from this point forward she will pay special attention to the qualities you like in women and try to prove herself.

Regain back control of the situation by immediately, asking her questions about her personality while attempting to build rapport.

After you two have reached a comfortable stage in your conversation and you feel like you have built enough rapport, lightly joke on the earlier situation when you got all emotional.

Tease her about how she acted.

Then draw closer to her ear, whisper the compliments you had told her initially and add one that you have recently learnt from her personality.

Kiss her around the ears and neck and then go back to building rapport.

Keep playing this two step forward and one step back game with her.

After some time she will be extremely turned on.

At this point, lower your voice to a low sexy voice slightly above a whisper so she has to come closer to hear you.

Begin placing soft, short and teasing kisses on her lips.

Then, go in for a deeper kiss and when she begins to warm into it, pull away.

Look deep into her eyes, and guide her away to a quiet location, I hope you get there in time 😉

There you have it: The Flip the Table Approach Method.

In order to nail the approach you need to be extremely NATURAL and create a similar version of the method by using the guidelines given.

The one above is just an example, create your own and STICK TO IT.

This is better than directly approaching her, and throwing that direct compliment hoping she will say “Yes” and give you her number


Indirectly approaching, hoping and praying that at some point she will realize what a great guy you are, and go out with you,


even WORSE, reciting that lousy pickup line you crumbed from the internet!!

Guys, guys, you’re giving her TOO MUCH power!!

You’re handing her the keys to YOUR Ferrari.

Seduction is only fun when you’re in control of the ball. Don’t let the opponent touch the ball EXCEPT after conceding a goal then quickly gain possession!

Are you ready to know what the GOLDEN rule of seduction is?

If you want to become a MASTER seducer, then don’t leave things to chance.

Everything you do and say, is with the sole purpose of you getting laid!

CONTROL THE ENTIRE SEDUCTION PROCESS, and watch as you gradually
improve from good to better and get into the big league!

Remember you are the Alpha.

– Dylan Simeon

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