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The Forbidden Fruit (Why Women Sometimes Chase Taken Men)

Kaley-Cuoco-hot-women-37211684-500-281First of all, the forbidden fruit in this article’s term is a suggestion that you want what you CAN’T have.

I have seen this happen numerous times throughout my high school and University years.

I have seen my single friends who had no attention from women to suddenly having women throwing themselves at them as soon as they got into a relationship.

I have seen this all too many times.

Why? Why do people seem more attractive as soon as you find out that you can no longer have them anymore?

I used to talk a lot with a good friend of mine but there wasn’t really any chemistry between us. I was not attracted to her but she was cool to talk to. As soon as she got a boyfriend, I felt a little jealous and I felt that I could get her back.

The good thing is that I let her enjoy her new relationship and I did not interfere with their relationship. I just felt that something I could have had was suddenly taken away from me, and that made me feel like I needed to get it back.

Moving on, I have seen some women try to break up relationships because they wanted the man who was taken.

This happened to a few friends of mine…

I went partying one day with a few friends, one of them had a girlfriend but she did not come to the party. It was a social gathering so we were introduced to many other men and women. Someone told these women that my friend had a girlfriend or it was just found out through a casual conversation.

Guess what happened?

One woman was insanely attracted to him, she tried to dance with him and she tried to make conversations with him. She was good looking too!

My friend, obviously enjoyed the company, but he did not do anything or make any moves because he’s been dating his girlfriend for a few years. I can’t lie, I did get a little jealous because I was single and didn’t get much attention.

Another story of mine is that I had a friend who was cool with this one woman, but she did not really like him back or as it seemed. My friend got into a relationship with someone else and suddenly the girl he used to talk to before tried to become a home wrecker. She tried to break up the relationship as she started sending him kinky text messages etc.

The moral of the story is that sometimes people will find you attractive because you are the forbidden fruit (you are in a relationship) to them. It may be a part of human instincts or it may be the fact that you can’t have something and that makes you want it even more.

Some women are ruthless and would go to any means to try to break up a relationship, and I have seen this many times. However, not all women are like this, and I am sure that many women would back off.

To end off this article, I know that many of you feel like you want to attract lots of women, but sometimes this happens by accident as soon as you get into a relationship. Be prepared for it!

Until next time,

Perry Keith

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