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The ‘Flip The Table Method’ To Attracting Hot Women

Suit-Man-and-Female-in-Black-MaskLet’s talk about ‘flipping the table’ and getting some pussy, gentlemen!

Are you ready to break that dry spell?

Hell yeah?!

Good enough for me.

1. Flip those ‘NO’s to YES!


This is what I did to improve my game.


Can I have your number? ×

Slight Revision:

Hey you’re awesome! Give me your number or would you rather call me instead (wink) √

I asked myself, why would I want to ask a hot babe a yes or no question, when I was expecting a 100% of a YES of an answer!

So I instead I started asking yes or yes questions.

2. Flip that Approach

Hate that direct approach and indirect approach everyone is talking about.

Then do yourself a solid and FLIP that approach!!

There is nothing I hate more than that moment when I see a hot lady and I am thinking to myself am I going direct or…

So I asked myself what do I do if I hate peanut butter and jelly?

I’ll tell you what I do, I make a motherfucking sandwich and swallow that shit up!

I couldn’t decide between the two of them so instead, I present the flipper approach, enjoy 😉

Dylan: Hi, I am looking for directions.

Sarah: How can I help?

Dylan: Well I met this lovely girl, this fine morning and was wondering if she would like me to take her to my favorite restaurant around lunch time or if she was more of an evening person, in which case I am equally as flexible ( Don’t forget that smile it’s the icing).

Is that direct or indirect?

Well who cares, see how I used the ‘yes or yes‘ question.

Even if she’s booked for the day use the same tactic to get a later date.

Just don’t get too full of yourself that you leave without getting her number 😉

You know what I like most about first dates? That first kiss!

It’s that moment you don’t want to fuck up, for obvious reasons.

The anticipation, the eye contact…

It’s this part of the conversation where I smack a person at the back of the head, ‘kiss her already’!

There is no actual perfect kissing opportunity in this world, (except in romantic movies, duh) so we make the best of what we have.

I have a friend Jerry, (that’s not his real name, confidentiality is something we aspire to at Women Attracted). He asked me and I quote “When is the best time to kiss a girl?”

I told him, Jerry my man just look her in the eye and say in a deep sexy voice, “This is the part where I kiss you.”

That’s it!

Well were you expecting a scene from Twilight??

If my method doesn’t work don’t give up too soon, there’s always that sexy blonde at the train station 😉

What I have done is taken the dating situation you’re used to and made a few tweaks to suit *MY* needs.

You can also do the same to improve your game, make your own ‘flip the table method’ and post it on the Forum and we the Women Attracted Community we’ll help (or steal some ideas 😉 )

Remember, your success is OUR success!

– Dylan Simeon

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