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The Biggest Difference Between Being a Winner and a Loser

winnerHello, my fellow Women Attracted readers. We are already halfway through the year, and right now I have some very important questions to ask you.

Have you accomplished the goals that you have set for yourself?

Are you closer to achieving greater success in the woman side of your life?

What about the financial side of your life? Did you make some improvements and achieve some of your higher income goals?

Did you finally start that business that you have been dreaming your whole life about starting?

In case you haven’t noticed yet, this post is NOT about picking up women or getting laid.

This post is all about YOU… and your future happiness and success.

The Biggest Difference Between Being a Winner and a Loser

Being a winner OR a loser is what I want to talk about today. Because the truth be told, many of you guys reading this blog are headed straight to SUCCESS while some of you are headed straight to failure.

And this post is written as a last ditch sort of effort. Something that can hopefully STOP some of you guys from going in the wrong direction and START getting you guys to take more action and improve your life.

Listen… I used to SUCK with women, I used to SUCK at business, and I used to SUCK at LIFE.

Many years ago (it’s almost hard for me to even think about it), my life was very miserable. I was broke, working a minimum wage dead end job, and I had NO IDEA what I wanted to do with my life.

I was following all of the conventional and typical advice: Go to college, get a good job, and hope to retire by the time that you are 60.

I followed all of the rules, I did as I was told, and never ONCE did I ever get ahead in life because of this. At that point, success was FAR away from my grasp and the worst part was, I thought that there was NOTHING that I could do about it.

At that point my goal was to hope to get promoted at work, hope that my cute co-worker friend would like me, hope to meet a friend that could introduce me to his rich dad. Hope, hope, hope…

My entire life revolved and relied on the word HOPE. And never did I ever achieve any sort of success by relying on hope.

My life was a disaster, everything around me was falling apart, and something needed to desperately and quickly change…

The Amazing Secret I Learned That Changed My Life FOREVER

One night during my time of depression, I found myself in a Barnes and Noble Bookstore. To this day, I still do not know how I ended up at this Bookstore but nonetheless there I was in the Self-Help section.

And what I saw AMAZED me. You had about 6 or 7 different authors who filled up the ENTIRE section of books. Now these guys are making money is what I thought to myself.

And in that ONE moment of discovery, I realized the truth. NONE of these people played by the rules that society had set. Not a single one of them. They had all went against the conventional advice and their bank accounts showed it.

And today I am going to arm you with the secrets to doing the exact same thing.

What will these secrets help you do?

Make more money, attract more women, achieve more success in all aspects of your life, etc.

No matter what you want or desire in life, by following this ONE basic principle, you will achieve ALL of it.

Do The Complete OPPOSITE of What Your Friends, Family, and Society Suggest

That is THE #1 secret I learned that allowed me to achieve success in life. Doing the exact opposite of what most people do.

I did not go to college and get into MASSIVE debt that I would NEVER be able to pay off. Instead I read a lot of books, kept on learning from smart self-made millionaires, and I started my own business.

I did not rely on pick-up lines or routine stacks in order to get girls. I paid close attention to my body language, the vibe that I was giving off, and I focused on pushing every interaction towards SEX.

I did not rely on hoping to get promoted or meet somebody rich. I knew that in order to make a lot of money, I had to SELL SOMETHING.

I made it my mission to always do the complete opposite of what everyone else did. Whenever people went left, I went right. Whenever society went down, I went up.

Listen to me, if you want to STAY average, then all you have to do is copy and do what average people are currently doing. If average results is what you are seeking, then do exactly what everyone else is doing.

Dress like them, act like them, and get into a HUGE amount of debt like them. And shortly thereafter, you bank account will start to look like theirs too.

But if you are seeking something greater, if you are seeking something more, then you’ve got to STOP following conventional wisdom. You’ve got to STOP trying to fit inside of the box and start working around it.

Be different, be unique, be courageous. And NEVER follow all of the rules.

Break all of the rules. create your own, and let that guide you straight to success.

That is how you become a winner and NOT a loser. And that is the biggest difference that separates all of the winners from the losers.

The losers try to play by the rules, while the winners simply break them… OR they create their OWN rules.

– Malcolm Thomas

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