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The Attractive Man vs The Weak Wimp

xsThere are two kinds of men in this world.

One man is a REAL man, the other is a LOSER who is very unattractive.

One man is very rare ( Real Man ). One man is very common ( Loser ).

One man is incredibly strong, one is incredibly pathetic.

Let’s get straight to the point. We dont have time to waste, men need to pull the tampon out of there vaginas and grow a pair of balls. I’m sick of all these feminized men who are on there knees chasing women.

First up is Mr. Dopey aka ( Unattractive Man ). This is 99% of the males alive. Let’s break him down. (Let’s have a moment of silence for these men).


No Swagger 

Overreacts to women’s beauty.

Gets knocked out at the sight of a beautiful woman.

A smile from her sends him into orbit. (What a JOKE)

Soooo happy to be with a hot woman.

Says shit like “can i see u again?”, “I had a great time did you?”, “OK dear, whatever you say, I’m just happy to be here”. ( Where is the barf bag? )

No strength.

Her beauty transforms him as if a magic trick.

He’s in a daze.

No self control.

Putty in her hands. 

He’s a man in the desert searching for water when in her presence.


Buys her drinks, compliments, touches her, texts her like a wussy, spends tons of effort cracking jokes, flirting. (PATHETIC).

Puts up with put-downs, rude behavior, lets her cancel dates and STILL REALLY HOPING TO TALK TO HER. 

Tries to GET women to like him. 

Very safe. No risks. Because the word “NO” by her would crush him. (Boo Hoo. Cry me a river).

Wants every woman to speak well of him. –


What’s the constant theme with this guy? Ready…. Drumroll……….


This is what makes women completely unattracted to him. She has NO RESPECT for him.

You know why?

Because he does not even know her and HE ACCEPTS HER. He does not even know her. He is sooo interested in her that he is PARALYZED just at the sight of her. Do u realize how that comes across to her?

“WOW, I had to simply put on sexy clothes, workout, and this man is ready to commit to me. I OWN him. I didn’t have to prove to him NOTHING. When will a REAL man who makes me earn him and demands i commit to him stand up to me?”

The Attractive Man… 

This man is a LEADER. He commands her. Gives orders. 

Nobody’s opinion phases him. 

Only concerned with meeting a woman who has high interest in him.

Not desperately seeking approval of every woman in town. 

Direct. Takes charge. 

Risky, fun. Mysterious. 

Does not TRY to get her to like him. He DEMANDS RESPECT. He doesn’t uphold his message to avoid offending her. He DECLARES TRUTH. 

He never explains himself and runs after her if she wants to walk away. He keeps going and never looks back until she comes back to him. 

She submits to his strength. She is not his equal.

He is the ALPHA baby!!

His motto is this “I look how you want to look. Act how you want to act. Most importantly I am free in all the ways you are not”. He is unique, different. No effort. He has SWAGGER.

When a woman is in his presence she says “He is strong. I cannot be rude to him. I cannot be hesitant or he will walk away immediately and never look back.”


The attractive man is a REAL man because he is a leader who DEMANDS she has to “earn” him otherwise she is not worthy of him.

Every sexy woman alive just has to look hot and men are drooling, can’t approach her and chase her.

The REAL man does not give a shit how hot she is if she has not yet “proven” herself to him with her attitude and “committed” to him by ASKING TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND.

He does not give her credit until it is DESERVED.

He doesn’t get nervous to approach her.

He does not spend tons of effort texting her.

He does not buy her shit.

He does not TRY to say the right things around her so she accepts him.

He doesn’t even have sex with her UNTIL SHE DESERVES IT.


When you are SO strong where you say “NO” to her until she is worthy of you she will be absolutely blown away by your strength, and will realize she’s in the presence of a REAL man who does not give a shit how sexy she is.

She will submit to you 100%, and spend her effort desperately pleasing you FOREVER.

When she’s earned SEX with you, it will be mind blowing because she’s been dreaming of the day she could give u the ride of your life.

Just have the STRENGTH to say “NO” to her beauty until she has committed to you, and is in complete love with you.

For the short term, make her realize that she is dealing with the most RARE man alive and in the long term you will be rewarded as her KING!


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