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The Alpha Wardrobe: Men’s Fashion Basics to Help You Look Sexy

jpoThe Alpha male is a well-rounded man. He’s able to talk to women with ease. He’s able to accomplish the goals he sets for himself. He’s able to build a body that others only wish for. And, he does it all while looking damn good.

The following article is intended to help clear up some of the confusion that many men have on how to dress well. 

If followed, these two very simple fashion basics can help a man look GREAT whether he’s out for a night with the boys, headed to the gym to build some muscle or simply going to the grocery to get a gallon of milk. 

Alphas realize that everywhere they go there is the potential to see, and meet, beautiful women. With this in mind, every time they step foot out the door Alphas make sure they are presenting the BEST of themselves to the world.

Alpha Fashion Basic #1:  Your clothes must fit!

Whether it is your most expensive suit or your favorite pair of jeans, your sharpest dress shirt or a comfortable t-shirt, the way your clothes fit you is the difference between looking like a man who has it all figured out and looking like you live in your mom’s basement. (Not that there’s anything wrong with living in your mom’s basement,  if that’s where you currently are in life, but what you wear should not let the world know about it.)

You’ve all seen the guy that I’m referring to. He can usually be found wearing a stained, not so white, t shirt that is 2 sizes too small with a pair of jeans that hang so far off his ass it would make a plumber blush. Needless to say, this guy does not look like an Alpha and you certainly don’t want to be dressed like him.

So, how can you tell whether your clothes fit you right or not? 

Well, in extreme cases, if you’re busting a sag that would make a gangsta proud, you know you’re not dressed like an Alpha Male. Here are few suggestions on what to look for in your clothes:

Jeans (Waist): For some men finding a pair of jeans that fit right can be like finding Bigfoot in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness. It really comes down to body type and your personal style. Some guys like a relaxed, comfortable look and other guys couldn’t give a damn less about comfort as long as they’re rocking their skinny jeans. 

Regardless of the look you choose the waist should always fit. Any pair of jeans you choose to wear should sit around your waist perfectly with just enough room to put them on OR, if you’ve Alpha’d up and managed to get that lil’ cutie home, pull them off easily. 

Another indicator that they fit well in the waist is if you only need to use a few notches on your belt. If you prefer a looser look it is ok to go with one size up but any more than that will cause you to have to tighten your belt so much it will ruin the whole look of the jeans. 

My personal opinion is that jeans look best worn as a straight leg or slim fit but not the extremely skinny ones that look like they’re painted on your ass. Save those for women with smoking hot bodies!

Jeans (Length): Of course the other key to choosing the right pair of jeans is to find the correct length for you. Most jeans come in short, regular and long. You need to get this right! 

The hem of your jeans should sit on the top of your shoes with a slight break at the bottom. One way to measure for the correct jeans is to try them on without wearing any shoes.

Try to find a pair where the jeans reach just above your heel. When you put your shoes back on there should be a slight break of the fabric that is long enough to entirely cover your socks (ain’t no flood coming today) without excess material clumping and bunching up at the bottom.

T-Shirts: I chose to cover T-shirts after jeans because the two go hand in hand. Choosing the right jeans and pairing them with a great t-shirt is a classic look that goes back to the days of James Dean and Elvis up to current Alpha’s like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Brad Pitt. 

However, to pull this look together like a true bad ass, you have to get the t-shirt right. First things first, the sleeve on your t-shirt should end about mid bicep. 

I fully realize that you guys following the workout and diet advice listed on this site will want to show off those guns. I know it to be true because I myself have been guilty of wearing sleeves that are too short in an attempt to show the world the arms I had busted my butt for. 

But, trust me, you only end up looking silly when you were t-shirts that are too short, or tight, and no doubt you will hear some lame ass wise crack about your extra small medium shirt that you bought at the Baby Gap. Their jokes might not be funny but the people who say them have a point. 

Make sure the t-shirt fits you correctly. Part of that is making sure the sleeves are the proper length. You also want to make sure you can raise your arms above your head without more than a half an inch of your stomach showing. 

You ever seen the guys who look like they’re wearing a women’s aerobics shirt from the 1980’s?

Not a good look at all. 

As far as the style of t-shirt goes it’s really about personal preference and your personality.

Every now and then a kick ass rock concert t-shirt, as long as it’s not too bizarre, paired with the right jeans and some cool boots is a good look. Just be sure you wear this type of thing out to shoot pool and drink a few beers and not on a first date with a beautiful girl. 

I also love a good, quality v neck t-shirt made of nice, soft cotton. I rock several colors including gray, navy blue, black and white. 

T-shirts are a timeless piece of clothing that, when worn correctly, make a man looked relaxed, comfortable and confident. An added bonus is that they show off the Alpha body you’ve worked so hard for, even if you don’t buy them at the Baby Gap.

Dress Shirts: With so many occasions that call for a good looking dress shirt it is highly important for you to find and buy those that fit your body well. 

No matter how big and thick you’ve managed to build your chest if there are stretch marks around the buttons you will look like a jack ass without any style. The reverse side of this is guys who wear their dress shirts so oversized it looks as if they are 8 years old playing dress up in their dad’s closet. 

You do not want any billowing of fabric around your sides and waist. A straight line should form from your armpit’s downwards. 

Another thing I see screwed up time after time is the length of the sleeves. Your cuffs should end up at the dip in your wrist where your thumbs begin. 

From putting together a kick ass club fit to dressing professionally for the office, the dress shirt is an important piece of every man’s wardrobe.

Don’t rush through the process of purchasing them. Take the time to try them on and make sure your shirt reflects the true Alpha underneath it.

Polo Shirts: As with all other items in your wardrobe it is essential that you find the right fit in polo shirts. Polo’s are another item of clothing that many guys wear too small and the majority of these men are gym rats. 

In an attempt to display the hard earned muscle they’ve built, they buy polo shirts that are much too snug and, honestly, end up looking like douche bags. As an Alpha Male, you don’t want to be that guy.

Same as the t-shirt, the sleeves should end around mid-bicep. The length of the shirt should end around the fly of your pants or jeans, which avoids showing stomach when reaching for things. Find another way to show off your abs. This length also allows you to tuck the shirt in, if you wish. 

Also, give consideration to how the neck opening sits on your body. Make sure the buttons open properly and look right. Some guys wear polo’s so tight in the neck it looks like the shirt is strangling them, even when it’s unbuttoned.

I recommend that you pick a few polo shirts in the right fit in solid white, grey, red, navy and black. If you choose polo shirts with a design remember the simpler you keep the design the more options you have in terms of what events you can wear the shirt. 

The right size, colors and design will allow the polo to be your go-to shirt for events ranging from a night out with the boys all the way to a family barbeque.

They can be paired with a nice pair of jeans for a night on the town, shorts for a lazy afternoon, and even dress slacks for a business casual look at the office.

Suits: It is this writer’s humble opinion that every man should own a good suit. A man, sharply dressed in a good, quality, tailored suit, oozes confidence and lets every woman in his vicinity know that he is a real, Alpha man. 

Test it…

Put on a great looking suit that is well tailored to fit your body and just try not to feel great. I’ll bet you can’t do it!

You cannot help but to feel confident, strong and proud. You will notice it. So will others, including beautiful women. 

The key to this is to purchase a quality suit (by quality I do NOT mean it has to cost $1,000) and to have it tailored to fit you exactly.

When it comes to the jacket make sure it hugs your shoulders, is slim in the body and it covers your bottom. 

The pants should be slim, NOT skinny, and have a break that suits your personal taste. Most well-dressed men tend to go for a slight break that shows a bit of sock when walking or sitting. 

Notch lapels are suited more for business wear and a peak lapel displays an elegant and powerful look.

For those of you who do not currently own a suit but have been swayed by my statement that every man should own one, I highly recommend for your first purchase to be a grey or solid navy suit. 

From there, if you wish, you could expand your formal wardrobe to include French blue, burgundy, olive or khaki. 

In my opinion a black suit is also a must but it is only to be worn in the evening, not for business purposes or during daylight hours. A black suit, worn at night, looks modern and very stylish.

Again, the area to give the highest consideration is the fit of the suit. As long as it fits you well you can dress it up or dress it down to match your taste and style. 

More formal wear could include dress shirts, grenadine ties and Derby shoes. If you’re out for a night of clubbing you could pair your suit with neutral color t-shirts or chambray shirts and trainers.

Shoes: As far as the fit of shoes go I think you’ve probably had that nailed down since mom stopped taking you to buy them. I’m more than sure you all remember putting your little foot in that metal contraption. 

Even though it goes without saying, buy shoes that fit you well. If you buy them too big they are sure to rub your heel and cause all kinds of discomfort. 

I know what women think about men with big feet BUT it’s very hard to walk confidently, like an Alpha Male, when your shoes are sliding around on your feet. 

If you buy them too small, again, your feet are going to go through hell all day, or night, long.

One of the most important things to consider with shoes is choosing the right pair for the event. It absolutely drives me up a wall when I see a grown man wear something like white athletic shoes to an event that requires more formal dress. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t add your own unique style and flair.

I’ve seen some guys throw on a pair of Chuck’s or Van’s while wearing a suit and actually look pretty bad ass. They stood out from the crowd, drew some attention to themselves and people (including sexy women) were interested. 

What I am saying is unless it’s a fun, relaxed atmosphere such as a club, bar, etc. choose the proper foot wear for the event.

For more formal wear you should look to purchase a pair of black cap toe shoes, a pair of brown Oxfords and if your style and budget allows, maybe some burgundy penny loafers. 

As with any shoe it is very important to keep them clean and well maintained. I’ve had more than one woman tell me the first thing they notice when a man walks up to them is their shoes. Given the obsession most women have with shoes I don’t doubt it.

For all you Sneaker Heads out there, I can surely relate. I’ve spent enough money at Finish Line, Foot Locker and Hibbetts to buy a frigging house in South Beach. 

With the huge assortment of bad ass sneakers available it’s really hard for me to tell you what to wear.

My advice, to look damn good, is to match the color scheme in whatever athletic shoes you’re wearing with your shirt. I’ve always done this. 

If I have some red in my shoes I make sure to sport a red t-shirt, v neck, polo or hoodie. I’m particularly fond of black and think it looks pretty bad ass when you get this right. 

If I have some black and silver/grey in my Jordan’s, Air Max or whatever, I’ll make sure I have that same color scheme going in my shirt and, most of the time, in my shorts or athletic pants when I’m at the gym.

Shoes are so diverse. There are so many variations, colors and types. My advice is to experiment a little and find the look you like most. 

Some guys prefer to wear low cut flat bottom shoes like those made by Van’s and some Adidas. Others like a mid or high top. It’s really about your personal preference and style. 

Again, just be sure you’re wearing the right foot wear for the occasion and do your best to match color schemes and styles.

Alpha Fashion Basic #2: Find YOUR style

I touched on this a little in the section on shoes. This really is so important for a man to figure out. 

You need to put some time and thought into what your style is and what it says about you. I’m not saying as Alpha Males we don’t dress to impress, because, we absolutely do. 

What I am saying is don’t worry so much about what other people might think, that you wear clothes that don’t display at all who you truly are as a man.

I knew a guy who, for years, dressed very preppy and conservative. The clothes he wore matched his personality to the “T” and he felt comfortable in them.

Somewhere he met a sexy girl who dressed more on the “gothic” side, like a rocker chick. Because he was attracted to this girl, wanted to meet her and wanted her to approve of him he suddenly started wearing black concert t-shirts, tight worn out jeans and even went as far as wearing a wallet chain. 

It was very obvious to me, and I’m sure to the girl as well, that he was doing all this to somehow impress her or fit in with her crowd. 

The problem was that this style did not fit his personality or who he was AT ALL. Really, he looked like a joke. The crazy thing is, and I hesitate to tell you this because it’s such a BAD idea, he actually did end up hooking up with the girl. 

Here’s the thing though…

 He told me after they had been dating for a few weeks she mentioned how when she first met him he was dressed so conservatively. I believe she used the term “Yuppie”. 

She stated that when she saw him the second time he was dressed WAY differently. She was curious about it and asked him why. He admitted to her that he started dressing that way so she would notice him. 

After she had herself a good laugh, she told him that it was the way he was dressed at first that made her notice him. She said that it was because he was different than all the other guys around her and unique that she took an interest in him. 

It turns out she was one hell of a nice girl and didn’t need or want a man to fit a certain mold in order for her to give her affection to him.

The moral of this story is that you don’t have to or need to change your style in order to impress women. 

I am not saying that you don’t need to work on your fundamentals and actually have a style. YOU DEFINITELY DO. You cannot just throw on any old rags and hope to gain the attention of beautiful women. 

What I am saying is find the style that fits YOU and be true to who YOU are. Even if you like to wear some bizarre, off the wall shit at times. Hey, it works for a hell of a lot of pop stars. 

Anyone remember Prince? 

That dude dressed like a chick 99% of the time and I’m willing to bet he’s had more sexy women than you, me and everyone reading this, combined! 

It doesn’t hurt that he’s super talented, ridiculously rich and a star, but still, you get my point. Do your thing. 

Wear what makes you feel good and comfortable.

If you currently do not have any clothes that, when you wear them, make you feel confident and attractive then do yourself a favor and get some ASAP! 

When you do, you’ll know what it feels like to be dressed like an Alpha Male.

– Michael Wheeler

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