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The 5 Biggest Mistakes Guys Make Texting Girls

texting womenTexting girls is an area of seduction that many guys continuously struggle with… which is NOT good.

If you are not able to successfully text a girl, you will not be able to get a date. If you are unable to get a date then you will be unable to have any sex. Not having any sex means NO love life for you.

Therefore… knowing how to text girls is essential if you want to succeed with women.

Whether your goal is to get a girlfriend or to simply just get laid, you have to know how to communicate with women on the phone if you want to increase the likelihood of women going out with you.

Well… many times the fastest way to learn how to do a certain thing is to first learn the most common mistakes to avoid. And when it comes to texting girls and trying to get dates, guys do some pretty stupid, boneheaded things that leaves girls scratching their heads thinking “Why is this guy texting me this?”

Well… I don’t want you to end up coming across like the “average”, sexually frustrated, AFC man. I want you to experience LOT’S of dating abundance, your pick of the litter of beautiful women at your beck and call, the correct mindset of an attractive, successful, accomplished man.

This article will show you how to think like an attractive man does and reveal the 5 biggest mistakes guys make texting girls (hoping to get dates) so that you can learn from them and more importantly avoid doing them in the future.

Text Messaging Mistake #1: Guys Over Think and Over Analyze

Listen to me… being a good analytical thinker is fine and dandy but…

Over thinking and getting too much “inside of your own head” can have some very detrimental effects in your dating and sex life.

When most guys text girls, they over think. And when I say over think I mean guys will literally spend 3 or 4 HOURS trying to come up with the most clever perfect thing to text a girl.

These guys will scour the internet hoping to discover the most perfect text message to send a girl and then once they supposedly find one and send a girl that text message, they fail to receive a response back and then they are left scratching their heads wondering the reason “Why?”

Listen to me very carefully (and this does not ONLY apply to texting girls): Women want to be around men who are PRESENT.

Guys who are able to simply be NATURAL and have some basic connection building conversations. Women are not looking for a man who has memorized thousands of routine stacks, pick up lines, and DHV stories. Women want to hang out with a guy who can truly “Be Himself”, relax, and make a girl feel very special.

And let me tell you something: It is 100% virtually IMPOSSIBLE for you to make a girl feel special if you are too busy trying to come up with the perfect thing to text or say to a girl.

Women can smell neediness and desperation a mile away and they will very quickly RUN from men who they believe exhibits these unattractive traits.

This truly is the most BIGGEST mistake that guys make when it comes to texting girls: Over analyzing, over thinking, and 100% FAILING to be natural.

Don’t fall victim to this mistake otherwise you can kiss your plans good-bye to getting a date with that hot sexy waitress.

Text Messaging Mistake #2: Texting Girls Messages That Are TOO LONG

Listen to me, women are not interested in reading novels or poems on their cell phones.

Women DO NOT want to get off work, receive a text message from some random guy that is 23 sentences long full of typos and very bad punctuation, that reeks of desperation and neediness.

Obey this maxim: ALWAYS (and yes I literally mean always) write a shorter text message than the previous one that she has written to you.

This is what it means to get girls investing into you more than you are into them. You want to create the perception that she is investing more into continuing the interaction than you are. You want to create the image in her head that “Okay, I think he likes me but I am not really sure.”

In other words, you want to keep girls GUESSING. You want to keep girls wondering whether or not they have fully won you over yet. And heres why…

The minute that a girl believes that she has you firmly within her grasp, the minute that a girl believes that she has fully won you over, the minute that a girl thinks she has the ability to command ALL of your attention, you have LOST.

The challenge drops, her attraction for you plummets to an all time low, and she WILL forget about you, she will flake on you, she will NOT respond to your future text messages, and she will try to find another man who is more “harder to get” than you currently are.

Always write shorter text messages to her in response to the text messages that she writes to you. Doing this will keep girls chasing you, hanging on your EVERY word, and doing everything within their power (and yes I do mean everything) to win over your attention.

Text Messaging Mistake #3: Displaying Lot’s of Neediness and Desperation

I really shouldn’t have to list this as a reason for why guys fail with women when it comes to text messaging but I feel like it is necessary because so many guys just don’t “get it.”

Here me clearly: Women HATE hanging around men who appear to be desperate or needy.

I specifically used the word appear for a reason. You don’t have to actually be desperate to get a girlfriend or get a date and STILL come across as a very needy and desperate man. When you have not yet worked on your fundamentals, your body language, developing a sexy walk along with a very pleasant voice, you will come across as unattractive (and yes! desperate).

How does this relate to your phone interactions that you have with women?

Girls want to date a guy who has the ability to be dominant and take the lead but they do NOT… Want to date a guy who is TOO overly desperate.

This is the guy who immediately asks a girl out in only his first or second message to a girl on the phone. This is the guy who asks a girl out literally in the form of a question instead of a statement. This is the guy who asks a girl questions similar to what type of food does she like to eat.

In other words, this is a guy who doesn’t know how to lead and progress an interaction. This is a guy who wants to force women to do all of the important decision making FOR HIM. And as you can probably already tell, this is a guy who does NOT get laid.

Neediness and desperation is the #1 thing that women find unattractive and repulsive. Avoid doing it all ALL costs.

Text Messaging Mistake #4: Sending Girls Multiple Text Messages In a Row BEGGING For a Response

This is a text messaging mistake that many guys continue to make and it is also one that I used to make.

Things would happen like this:

I would meet a cute girl, we would have some great stimulating conversation, and we would swap phone numbers planning to meet up again sometime later in the week.

I would leave the interaction feeling like Superman and I would be running through my head all of the logistics and planning for the date, etc.

I would send that same girl a text message trying to fish a response and I would inevitably get back NOTHING. Not a… “Nice to meet you too”, not a… “I’m currently busy right now but I will text you back later”… NOTHING!

My former self being desperate and needy, I would then send that SAME girl a series of 5 or more text messages trying to (somehow?) get her to response back to me. Hoping to hear back something… Anything… I had to protect my back then very fragile ego.

As it turned out, this mistake was what was costing me girls. It was costing me dates, it was costing me lays, it was costing me cute girlfriends.

Eventually I ended up figuring out the COMMON SENSE reason that caused all of this: Sometimes girls was simply just BUSY.

It was as simple as that. No further explanation needed. Girls was sometimes just busy dealing with work, dealing with their family, dealing with their kids, sleeping, jogging, working out, or anything else.

This goes back to text messaging mistake #3 which a lot of guys are guilty of which is being needy or desperate.

Needy guys are desperate to hear back a response from a girl. Needy guys are deafly afraid of losing girls to more handsome, richer, attractive men. And needy desperate guys constantly send girls multiple (and very long) messages in a row “hoping” to fish back a response.

Text Message Mistake #5: Taking TOO LONG To Ask a Girl Out

Yes, you read that subtitle correctly. Some guys are SO afraid of rejection, that they choose to avoid it altogether by NEVER asking a girl out to begin with.

They rationalize to themselves inside of their head that because they have never OFFICIALLY asked a particular girl out, they STILL have a shot with her and they STILL have an opportunity to become her boyfriend, or her husband, or whatever else that they hope to accomplish with this particular girl.

These men (falsely) believe that taking it slow is the key to getting into a girl’s panties. These men (falsely) believe that being considerate and being nice is the KEY to a bed full of women. These men also NEVER get laid or have sex with beautiful attractive women.

Do NOT wait too long before you ask a girl out on a date.

Realize that time is not working for you but rather against you. With each passing day, her remembering who you are fades from her mind day by day. Other guys in her life takes a more higher priority over you, her family problems and work life take precedent over you, and she LOSES more respect for you with each passing day that you fail to ask her out.

Now… this does not mean that you should be needy and desperate when you ask a girl out on a date but do definitely ask her out.

Avoid Making These Critical Text Messaging Mistakes With the Women In Your Life

Avoid making these critical mistakes when you are text messaging women and watch your phone number to date ratio SKYROCKET to much greater heights.

The amount of dates (and sex) you get will be UNBELIEVABLE and it will ALL be possible because you was able to avoid coming across like the “average” guy does.

Aspire to be different, aspire to be unique, aspire to be attractive, aspire to be great.

Understand the process for texting girls and setting up dates and watch the amount of flakes you experience, rejections you deal with, unresponsive women you encounter drop and vanish almost overnight.

Now take the advice I shared with you and put it to good use. Become the attractive man that you always knew that you could be.

– Malcolm Thomas

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