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The #1 Thing That’s Preventing You From Attracting Women

Preventing You From Attracting WomenWant to learn the #1 thing that is preventing you from meeting and attracting women?

Want to learn the REAL reason why you are still unable to get a girlfriend?

Want to discover the biggest cause that’s stopping you from having first date sex with the women you want?

The EXCUSES That You Make Inside Of Your Head

The Lame Excuses You Make Is What’s Stopping You From Attracting Women

Most men fail to really learn how to attract women because most men allow the excuses inside of their heads get the better of them. Most men will allow their own minds to talk themselves out of approaching a woman.

THIS is the biggest reason why most men continue to FAIL with women.

  • Being a man means NOT letting your emotions get the best of you and talk you out of doing something that is going to better your life.
  • Being a man means that instead of you walking away from fear, you are drawn towards and able to confront your fears
  • Being a man means that whenever you spot an attractive girl who you would like to meet, instead of making excuses to yourself about why you shouldn’t approach her, you put your best foot forward and begin walking towards that attractive woman regardless about how you might be feeling.
  • Being a man is NOT about talking the talk but Walking the walk
  • Being a man means that you’re not an action faker, rather you’re an action taker

Why is most men unable to attract women and sleep with them?

They let their emotions (and excuses) get the best of them.

So how do you avoid letting your emotions and excuses get the best of you?

Learn How to Look At and Assess Situations and Opportunities Objectively

When you first start out on your journey to better yourself with women it is very easy to let your emotions get the best of you and talk yourself out of doing things that will improve your skills with women for the long term.

  • When you approach a woman and get rejected you ask yourself whether it’s best that you just tuck your tail between your legs and head home OR whether you should approach ONE more girl.
  • When you spot a cute girl that you like, you ask yourself whether you should approach her and see where things go OR whether you are better off NOT approaching that cute girl and always leaving that lingering doubt of “What If?”
  • When you gather up the courage to talk to a girl and you run out of things to say or talk about, you ask yourself whether you should simply eject from the conversation OR whether you should simply persist and get yourself used and accumstomed to dealing with tension and awkward situations.

ONE side of your brain is telling you to do one thing while the OTHER side of your brain is telling you to do something completely different.

Your logical thoughts is battling your emotional thoughts inside of your head. And when this happens this causes indecision where you end up doing NOTHING at all and letting that beautiful girl walk out of your life.

What’s the solution to this madness?

Look at every girl situation objectively and ask yourself which decision and choice will do MORE to benefit your life and success with women?

I can tell you from personal experience that whenever you see an attractive girl out on the street and you DON’T approach her because of approach anxiety or fear, you will spend the rest of your day kicking yourself for not having the balls and courage to approach that girl.

When you’re first starting out on your journey to improve with women and you approach a girl and she rejects you, is it better for you to simply give up and go home OR is it better for you to simply persist and talk to 20 MORE hot women and improve your conversational skills?

THIS is how you NEED to begin looking at ALL of your interactions with women. You need to begin asking yourself which decision and choice that you make is going to benefit your life greater for the long haul.

Ask yourself, which man is going to improve his skills more rapidly with women?

The man who approaches a woman and after she rejects him, he just gives up and goes home and begins playing video games? 

OR the man who approaches a woman and after she rejects him, he simply laughs it off and says to himself “Time to meet the next girl. Oh, there’s a cute girl over there, let me go meet her.”?

The answer is obvious. The man who keeps on approaching women despite how he may be feeling at any particular time is going to improve with women at a much more rapid pace and ALSO increase his chances of having sex with more women.

I’ll Try to Meet Women Today

Whenever I hear a man say “I will try to meet women today” I already know that man is NEVER going to improve his skills with women.

People who use words similar to “I will try” have losers mentality and this is the biggest cause of their failure. It’s simple really…

You’re Either Going To Meet Women or You’re NOT.

Which man talking sounds more determined and motivated to take action:

“I will try to meet women today”

“I WILL Start a Conversation with 3 Attractive Women Today”

Which man has a much better chance at getting laid or getting a girl’s phone number?

Throw Out ALL of Your Excuses and Begin to Meet and Attract Women

As I stated at the very beginning of this article: 

The #1 thing that prevents most men from attracting women are the excuses that they make inside of their heads.

Throw Them ALL Out and Begin Approaching, Attracting, and Seducing Women.

Don’t let your emotions or the fear of rejection get the best of you, simply take one step forward and begin talking to that hot girl.

YOU’RE your biggest enemy.

Most men don’t fail with women because of the mistakes that they make or bad action. Most men fail with women because of inaction.

So begin talking to, flirting with, and seducing the beautiful women walking in your path and leave your sorry excuses (and emotions) at home where it belongs.

– Malcolm Thomas

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