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Talking to Hot Women Vs. Ignoring Them

hot girls workshopA reader of this site recently wrote in asking whether it is better to talk to hot women or simply ignore them and “hope” that they will eventually start a conversation with you first.

This article is written to answer his question and explain why you SHOULD sometimes talk to hot women but also why you should sometimes ignore them too.

Should I Talk to Hot Girls… Or Should I Just Ignore Them?

The answer to this question is actually quite simple. In fact, the answer might be SO simple that it may actually frustrate you.

Here is my answer to this commonly and often asked question:

When you are new to game and picking up girls, it is better to approach women and begin a conversation with them even IF they show you NO interest or approach invitations.

Why is this?

Because when you are first starting out and new to picking up women, you will not be able to accurately recognize the signals that most women give you anyway. 

And because when you are NEW and first beginning to learn how to talk to girls you will not be able to tell whether or not a certain girl is actually interested in you or not…

You are actually doing yourself a great dis-service by NOT approaching a girl, putting in the numbers, seeing if she actually likes you or not, and improving your overall fundamentals.

When you are new to ANYTHING but especially with women and dating, you must TAKE MASSIVE ACTION even IF you fail because failing will ultimately bring you one step closer to success.

What’s that old saying:

“If you’re never failing then all that means is that you are never really trying hard enough”

Here is the simple cold harsh truth: Men who get laid get rejected… and sometimes A LOT!

If you are too afraid to fail

…then that means you are too afraid to TAKE ACTION…

…which means you will NEVER succeed at anything

…which means that you are actually AFRAID of achieving success.

So yes, once you are new, or a beginner, or even intermediate, NEVER just ignore a girl, instead actually approach her, start a conversation with her, and see where it leads.

Who knows, it could lead to…. you know where 😉

When Should You Just Ignore a Girl?

First off, you should NEVER ever just ignore a pretty girl who you like and want to meet. Doing that is just foolish.

Want to know why?

Because 99.9% of girls will NEVER make the first move and if your #1 game plan to have sex and get laid is to simply ignore girls, then guess what?

You will NOT be getting laid for a VERY long time.

You will be staying single for a VERY long time.

And if you are a virgin, you will STAY a virgin for a very long time… or perhaps FOREVER.

Relying on women to make the first move and show sexual interest in you FIRST is a losing proposition and always will be. Doing that will do nothing EXCEPT keep you frustrated, angry, and yeah… extremely horny.

When I say that you should ignore girls it does NOT mean that you actually TOTALLY ignore them and refuse to say anything to them at all.

It simply means to give a girl the perception that she has not yet caught your full attention and at the SAME TIME it means that you should be (hopefully) talking to ANOTHER girl at that same exact moment in time.

In other words, in HER mind, you have not yet noticed her. And if you have your fundamentals set right…

You are dressed sharp like an alpha male

You are properly groomed and look like you’re IN-SHAPE…

You are coming across as charismatic and outgoing to other people…

She is going to WANT to meet you. Plain and simple.

And THIS is how an attractive man who has a lot going on in his life goes about approaching and attracting women.

He makes his approaches seem like they just HAPPENED. He makes his approaches seem NATURAL as if it was just meant to be. 

An attractive man approaches a hot woman in a low-pressure sort of way and makes her FEEL at ease which is the complete opposite at how a clumsy, unattractive, and inattentive man talks to women.

So Should I Talk to Hot Women or Just Ignore Them?

If you are a man who wants to meet, date, and seduce hot women, you will HAVE to eventually talk to them. There is simply NO getting around that fact. 

With that being said, there is ALWAYS a smooth way to do things and there is ALWAYS a non-smooth way to do things.

Which approach you choose and conduct is 100% up to you.

My goal was only to show you that ignoring girls can sometimes work IF you:

1) Come across as attractive, sexy, smooth, and a man who she would WANT to meet and

2) You approach hot women in a low-pressure, non-obtrusive way that attracts them.

Ignoring girls will NEVER by itself cause you to get laid.

And likewise, just simply talking to girls will never by itself get you laid.

But once you combine BOTH, you display solid attractive fundamentals, and you follow a simple process that WORKS…

… Then anything that you choose to do at that point will simply work.

To your success,

– Malcolm Thomas

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