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Success With Women is Counterintuitive

sol One thing that you will come to realize during your journey of improving your skills with women is that success with women is counterintuitive.

In order to succeed with women, you must do the exact opposite of what women and the mainstream media tells you to do.

If you listen to women and mainstream media you will hear advice such as:

  • You should be REALLY nice to women
  • You should pay for dates and be a gentleman
  • You should move slow and try to kiss a girl only after the 3rd date
  • You should wait 3 days before calling or texting a girl
  • You should try to make girls laugh, be funny, and entertain them
  • Women don’t like to have sex with men who they just met

The mainstream media and women will spout off all of this non-sense as fact and most men will buy into these very destructive lies.

Which is why most men FAIL miserably with women.

You see, success with women is very counterintuitive. What you expect to work and what actually DOES work are often 2 entirely different things.

Allow me to explain in more detail with getting success with women is most of the time counterintuitive.

How to Get Success With Women: Do NOT Listen to People Who Talk Theory

The biggest reason why most men turn off a lot of women when they approach and talk to them is because these men listen to advice that is based on theory and NOT real world experience.

Until something is tested vigorously, it is only theory and NOT fact.

So what ends up happening is most men will end up getting dating advice from women akin to “You should always pay for a first date with a girl” and then when they do, the girls attraction level for the guy vanishes and he ends up going home with blue balls, watching internet porn, and masturbating.

Or… a guy will meet a girl and he will begin teasing her and making jokes but … he will fail to build an emotional connection with her and she will not return his phone calls or text him back.

Always be extremely suspicious about who you take advice from… no matter if its about women and dating, business and making money, or dieting and lifting weights.  You should ONLY take advice from people who are ALREADY successful in the area that you are seeking success in.

How to Get Success With Women: Pay Attention to Womens Actions and NOT their Words

What women say they are attracted to and what they actually are attracted to is often 2 entirely different things. This is why it is so important to pay not any attention to what women say, but what women do.

Women may say that they want a man who can treat them nice, pay for their dates, and compliment them endlessly.

Women may say that they hate jerks, bad boys, and men who are players and sleep around.

But simply ask yourself this question: Which group of men are they actually dating and sleeping with?

I can tell you for a fact that they aren’t jumping into bed and sleeping with the nice guy pushovers, they aren’t chasing after the nerd who is complimenting them all day long, they aren’t having fast sex with the men who are wining and dining them.

Women are dating and sleeping with the bad boys, the players, the jerks, the men who want fast sex and go after it.

  • The men who don’t pay for first dates 
  • The men who DO date and sleep with multiple different women 
  • The men who do NOT compliment them or do nice things for them.

So why do women choose to sleep with the men who are bad boys, jerks, and players?

Because these men are a challenge for women. In other words, not every woman could have particular men which makes them a very valuable sexual commodity.

These men do not have any female friends who they hang out with, these men are not providers or need any money to get girls, these men DO cheat whenever they feel that it is necessary.

In other words, these particular men are attainable yet they are also at the same time unattainable. Girls want them, but they cannot change them, tame them, or turn them into a nice guy.

Never pay attention or listen to what women say, pay attention and listen to what women actually do.

How to Get Success With Women: Be Different and Unique

One reason why some guys eternally struggle with women while other guys succeed with women all the time is the way these 2 groups of men think.

The guys who fail with women try to get girls to like them and make girls laugh. The guys who succeed with women doesn’t try to get girls to like them. The guys who succeed with women don’t try to attempt to make girls laugh and become best pals with them.

Here is the reason why some guys succeed with women: They state their intentions early and they come across as unique and most importantly different.

The guys who succeed with women don’t try to match up to a girls expectations of what a relationship and a man should be like, they try to match a woman up to THEIR expectations about how women should act, about how all women love sex, about how all women are sluts and have an inner naughty side to them.

These guys don’t try to impress women, they go and find out if there is any woman out there who can impress THEM.

The nice guy takes the exact opposite approach towards women and dating. He tries to match up to a girls perfect man. He tries to wine and dine her and buy her expensive gifts and jewelry.

Heres the reason why the nice guy fails with women: He tries TOO HARD to be nice to girls and buy them things so much so that he ends up not coming across as sincere. In fact the nice guy ends up coming across as a phony, someone who has an interior motive and is trying to manipulate the other party.

This is one of the biggest reasons why a man should NEVER pay for a date. To a woman, it appears that you are trying too hard and attempting to pay your way into her pants. In other words, when you pay for a date you tell women that you aren’t worthy of their time UNLESS you spend money on them.

This is the wrong way to approach women and dating and this is ALSO why so many men fail with women and never really succeed and find true success. They do all of the WRONG things.

How come?

Because the media tells them to do it. Their friends tell them to do it. Women tell them that it ought to work.

Success With Women Will Always Be Counterintuitive

One thing about getting success with women as well as getting success in life: In order to succeed in all areas of your life you have to be different.

You really, truly have got to set yourself apart.

Stop paying attention to what women say and start paying very close attention to what women actually do.

Stop listening to and taking advice from your friends and family when it comes to women.

Stop following the crowd and doing things just because that’s the norm and it ought to work.

Stop paying for dates and being overly nice to women. Stop doing things for women and overextending your hand.

Stop taking dating advice from guys who don’t get laid.

When you stop doing ALL of these things, getting success with women will become downright easy.

In fact, once you stop doing all of these things it will end up becoming hard to NOT get laid fast and easily.

You will begin to intrigue more girls than you ever have before, you will become more of a challenge to the girls you meet and talk to,  and you will begin to get laid with much more regularity.

Success with women is counter intuitive and it ALWAYS will be.

– Malcolm Thomas

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