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STOP Reading Books… START Reading People

twitterToday I am going to share with you one of the BEST pieces of advice that my old mentor once shared with me…

…and the advice is quite simple but stupidly effective.

Here is one of the best pieces of advice that my old mentor shared with me and what I am about to share with you…

STOP reading books and START reading people.

I can already hear all of the complaints now:

“What?? What kind of advice is that?”

“­Why would you actually advise men to STOP reading books Malcolm? Have you gone insane?”

Nope, in fact, the complete opposite. Not reading books has actually made me SMARTER.

Listen, the old mentor who gave me this piece of advice was a very successful man.

In business, with women, and in LIFE. By all standards, he was VERY successful.

Well, one day he and I were riding in his car having a general conversation when I asked him the following question…

“I bet you probably read a lot of books?”

And he responded by telling me that he does NOT read books, instead he enjoys reading people.

And I could tell. He was a great conversationalist who was able to converse with ANYONE, he was very smooth in his conversations with women, and he was an EXCELLENT communicator.

And he attained all of these skills because he became a MASTER at reading people.

He became a MASTER at reading girls, their body language, and being able to tell if a certain girl “LIKED” him or not.

He became a MASTER at reading men and being able to tell who was REAL and who was FAKE.

He became a very charismatic man by simply reading and observing other people and figuring out what they liked as well as what they didn’t.

But above all else, he became a MASTER at reading SUCCESS.


Yes, he became a man who was able to SEE success and reverse engineer it.

Listen, I am NOT telling you that reading books is BAD. Of course not. I freaking SELL books on this website for crying out loud and I do recommend that you read them.

But what I am telling you is THIS: Start paying better attention to the people in your environment and surroundings. 

STOP studying books and START studying successful people.

Because that is the REAL secret to achieving true success in life and becoming a winner.

Start studying other men and visually SEE what they do to become and stay successful.

In short, to achieve success you must first become obsessed with success.

Get off your i-phone, get off your X-Box, get off the computer, and start LIVING LIFE.

Get out into the outside world and start learning on the job.

Taking action is 1000 times more effective than only reading books. Yes knowledge is important, but… the application of that knowledge is MUCH more important.

So as much as it disappoints me to tell you this, click OFF this website, leave your house, and start discovering the outside world.

STOP reading books and START reading people.

– Malcolm Thomas

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