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Stop Making Excuses, Start Getting Laid

getting laidMaking excuses is the #1 thing that prevents you from attracting women. Making excuses will prevent you from ever getting laid.

“But if I approach her, she will probably reject me”

“But if I go and talk to her, she will probably tell me that she has a boyfriend”

“But, what if I approach her and I run out of things to say and talk about?”


But Nothing!

Stop making excuses for yourself and start getting laid and attracting the women you truly want.

How do you learn how to stop yourself making excuses and begin to get laid?

This article will show you how to do just that…

Excuses: They Stop You From Ever Becoming Successful

Want to discover the biggest reason why most people in life are unsuccessful?

The excuses that they make to themselves inside of their heads. 

Yes, the biggest reason why most men FAIL with women isn’t because they do not know what to say to a girl, it isn’t because these men aren’t good looking, and it most certainly isn’t because these men don’t possess lots of money…

The reason why most men FAIL with women (and in life) is because of all the lame excuses that these men make to themselves. In other words, YOU are your very own biggest enemy. YOU prevent yourself from ever becoming successful and accomplishing your goals.

And really, it isn’t entirely your fault.

Let’s be completely honest here: It’s easy to simply make excuses to ourselves and shrug our shoulders. It’s incredibly easy to just give up at the first sign of adversary. And i’ts extremely easy to just stay complacent in life and never push past our own comfort zones.

Doing ALL of these things is EASY. Which is why 99% of the entire human population do it.

Which tells us ONE thing?

If you truly want to be successful in life, then you must NOT be like most people. You must not think like most of the human population. You have to be different. In other words, the mere thought of you failing and not succeeding in life has to overpower your will to want to just settle and play it safe.

How do you stop yourself from ever making excuses in the face of adversary?

When you look at dfficult situations in life, NEVER view them as a problem. Instead what you want to do is view them as a challenge.

Learning how to view the obstacles you face in life as challenges and not problems will cause you to take pride in finding ways to overcome them. This is how you get lucky and become a winner in life.

To a winner, there is NO SUCH THING as a problem, ONLY a challenge.

Overcoming Obstacles and Getting Rid of Excuses

So you’re ready to stop making excuses for yourself and start getting laid.

So how do you actually, you know, get laid?

You approach getting laid methodically and on a step-by-step process and basis.

That process ends up looking like this:

  • You first learn how to approach women in an effortless and smooth way that captures their attention. (And you ONLY work on first mastering this step.)
  • After that, you master coming up with some smooth game openers to use on women and you learn how to flirt with women in a very charming way. (You get out there and you begin talking to LOT’S of women so that you rid yourself of ANY approach anxiety that you previously may have had before.)
  • Then, you learn how to get a girl’s phone number and text girls and get them out on dates with you. (You approach this step exactly like a scientist would. You learn the things that you are doing right that is causing women to respond positively to you and you learn the things that you are doing WRONG that is turning women off and causing them to flake on you.)
  • You go out on first date after first date and you learn how to get girls into bed with you quickly and consistently. (When you are out on a date with a woman and things go bad, learn where you made mistakes and focus on fixing them.)

THIS is how you learn to stop making excuses for yourself and learn how to start getting laid.

And the solution is this: You stop worrying about your RESULTS and you start focusing on your PROGRESS.

This is how you prevent yourself from ever giving up at your lack of results. Because you aren’t focusing on your results, you are focusing on your progress and the improvements that you are making. Eventually, the results that you begin to achieve will be a mere side effect of the progress that you have made.

Your progress journey will generally look somewhat like this:

  • At first you may have struggled with your approach anxiety and getting yourself to go walk up to a complete stranger and talk to her.
  • Then you may have struggled with keeping an interesting conversation going and learning what to say.
  • Eventually meeting and approaching women became EASY as well as holding an interesting conversation. But then you find out that women are not responding to your text messages.
  • Through trial and error you learn what to text girls that gets them to respond to your text messages and gets them out on DATES with you.

You are able to do all of this because you approach women and dating methodically as a skill set and throughtout your journey you place your emphasis on PROGRESS and not results.

Are you now beginning to realize just how EASY getting laid really is?

Stop Making Excuses, Start Getting Laid

This article’s aim was to show just how easy getting laid really is. It isn’t hard. The problem is that most men make it hard because of the lame excuses that they say to themselves.

When you learn how to rid your mind of excuses, there is NOTHING that you cannot achieve. NOTHING.

As you have learned, getting laid is more about mastering your “inner game” than it is about learning “outer game.”

“Where there is a will, there is a way.”

Stop letting excuses stand in your way to accomplishing your goals and succeeding in life, and start getting laid and attracting the women you truly want.

– Malcolm Thomas

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