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Stop Girls From Flaking On Dates By Doing THIS

lp Dealing with girls flaking on dates is a problem that most men end up having to deal with.

And it can be a very frustrating problem indeed.

There is nothing worse than meeting a new girl you like… 

talking to her and building a powerful  emotional connection with her… 

getting her phone number,  followed by you successfully texting her, and then…

Having her flake on your date or not even warn you and choose just to not show up at all.

This is the point where most men end up getting angry and hating women and even sometimes give up learning how to pick up women altogether.

But… the problem sounds much more worse than it really is. And in fact, there is an easy and very simple way for you to stop girls from flaking on your dates entirely.

As a matter of fact, if you can simply follow this one simple easy-to-do strategy, you will NEVER again have to worry about a girl flaking on you for whatever reason.

Why Do Girls Flake On Dates in the First Place?

Girls flake on dates for MANY different reasons and trying to guess and pinpoint the exact reason for a girl flaking on a date is usually in my personal opinion, a complete waste of your time.

Girls flake, it is simply in their nature to flake, and trying to figure out exactly WHY they do it will leave you scratching your head for days.

But… there is an easy way for you to stop girls from flaking on the dates that they have with YOU.

How to Stop Girls From Flaking On Your Dates

Here is how to stop girls from flaking on the dates that they have with you:

On the day that you have the date scheduled with a new girl, text a girl 30 minutes the before the date to inform her that you are going to be running 30 minutes late.

And that’s it. You do THIS to save yourself both time and energy from worrying about whether or not a girl will flake on the date that she has planned with you.

This strategy works for 2 very simple reasons:

1)      By texting a girl 30 minutes before the scheduled date, you give her a chance to tell you whether or not she actually plans on flaking on the date that she has scheduled with you to begin with.

2)      And this is the main reason: By you texting a girl 30 minutes before the date to tell her that you are going to be running 30 minutes late, she will be less likely to actually flake on you in the first place.

Here s why: A lot of the times, the reason why women flake on dates is because they are afraid (and have a fear) of YOU flaking on them.

Yes, contrary to popular opinion, women themselves get flaked on a lot by other men and girls end up dealing with this by flaking on you before you have a chance to flake on them.

Many girls will do this in order to protect their emotions and prevent themselves from becoming too emotionally attached to any one particular man.

Here are some OTHER common reasons why girls will sometimes flake on the dates that they have with you:

They fear that you don’t like them as much as they like you.

You have not established a deep enough emotional connection with them.

They want to avoid being seen as “too easy to get with”.

They never really was all that interested in meeting up with you to begin with.

They have fears about you kidnapping and murdering them (yes, this one is true)

She has a boyfriend that she hasn’t told you about and does not feel that confident cheating on him

Many other various reasons…

Never Get Flaked On Again

Using this strategy of texting girls 30 minutes before your scheduled date with them in order to inform them that you are going to be running 30 minutes late will prevent you from ever getting flaked on by a girl again.

How come?

Because if a girl plans on flaking on you she will let you know ahead of time using this strategy.

If she responds to your text message by telling you that she isn’t really interested in seeing and meeting up with you, you lose nothing because you never left your house to see her yet in the first place.

If she responds to your text message and tells you that she will save a seat for you, you go on your planned first date with her as if nothing even happened and you focus on making out with her and escalating to sex quickly.

It s a win – win.

Using THIS strategy, you will NEVER have to worry about girls flaking on you again, you will never have to deal with being stood up on dates again, and you can operate confidently knowing that you now have the distinct and unique ability to stop girls from ever flaking on you again.

– Malcolm Thomas

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