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Stop Chasing Women, Start Chasing Money

why now No, I am not advising you to actually chase money because that is NOT how you actually make money. I only chose that specific title because it sounded cool and interesting.

But on a more serious note… chasing women is BAD and is one of the biggest things that prevents you from attracting the women you truly want.

Most men are guilty of chasing women, some men do it without even realizing it. I am convinced that EVERY man has at least ONCE in his life chased a girl.

But why do so many men continue to chase women even though chasing women NEVER works?

Answer: because chasing women is mostly an emotional reaction that “just happens”. You don t plan to chase a girl, you just do.

In this article, I am going to reveal the reasons for why you should stop chasing women and instead start chasing money and improving your overall lifestyle.

You Do NOT Need Money to Get Girls or Get Laid

I felt the need to address this point first because many guys will try to point out the fact that you do not need money in order to get girls. And I wholeheartedly agree. 

As a matter of fact, I have already systematically addressed this topic in the article “Do You Need Money to Get Girls?” and in that article I basically said that you don t need to have money in order to get girls but… having money does make getting girls much easier.

The simple truth of the matter is that a man who has his lifestlyle and “shit” together will on average get laid more than a man who doesn t. That s not saying that having game and approaching women is unneccesary – that s just common sense.

In the same way, a woman would prefer to sleep with a handsome attractive looking man MORE than a man who dressed slobbily, had very poor hygiene and fashion sense and smelled bad. Again that s not claiming that men who are ugly and dress sloppily don t get laid, that s just some basic common sense that any 2nd grader knows and understands.

So with that out of the way, let me tell you the reasons for why a man should stop chasing women and instead place all of his focus and energy on actually chasing and making money. 

Chase Money and Women Will Chase YOU

In the article “Why You Should Never Get a Job or Go to College” I mentioned that most people go about seeking success and making money in the wrong way.

Well… when it comes to learning how to pick up women most men go about it completely the wrong way.

Let me tell you a little secret: You should NEVER try to fit yourself into a womans life and schedule. Women should be trying to fit themselves into YOUR life and schedule, NOT the other way around.

If you stop chasing women and start chasing money… then women will chase YOU.


Because women want what they can t have and a guy who doesn t give a girl any attention intrigues her and makes her become curious about him.

She begins wondering and saying to herself “Most guys chase after me and try to brag to me and win me over, why isn t THIS guy doing the same thing?”

When you STOP chasing women and you START chasing money, you very quickly develop an abundance mentality because you do not place women on a pedastal nor do you seek to get any validation from them.

Instead your validation is making money, starting your own business, and becoming more successful… because your mentality is… 

“Women are a dime a dozen”.

“Women are just like buses, once you miss one, another one is right around the corner to take its place”.

“Girls are a commodity and can very easily be replaced”.

When you start developing THIS kind of mentality, your interactions and success with women take on a WHOLE new level.

Women will be able to just sense that they are not all that important in your life because you are a man on a mission. A man who is fearless and takes risks.

You are very selfish and you do not have any time for drama, games, and all of that other non-sense that most beta males have to deal with. But you are different from the “average man”.

Your motto to girls is: Either she will chase or she will be replaced.

If they do not chase then they are very quickly replaced because youre a man with “options”, a man with LOTS  of choice, and a man with plenty of resources.

But Isnt Chasing Money BAD?

No… chasing women is BAD but chasing money is GOOD.

Now, you don t literally focus on chasing money, you actually focus on earning money. You don t make money, you earn money.

When you place all of your focus and energy on building and improving your lifestyle, starting your own business, building muscle, and lifting weights.

When you do these things, you throw women on the backburner in your life and precisely BECAUSE of this… girls become intrigued and want to learn more about you.

Stop Chasing Women, Start Chasing Money

Stop chasing women and trying to seek validation from them.

Stop trying to make girls like you.

Stop being nice and sensitive.

Start being selfish and prideful.

Start chasing money and improving your lifestyle

Stop chasing women… start chasing money… and let women chase YOU.

Either girls will chase… or they will be replaced.

– Malcolm Thomas

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