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Stop Chasing Girls, Start Attracting Them

Chasing GirlsChasing girls is one of the biggest mistakes that most men make.

Chasing a girl will absolutely, positively destroy any chances you have of sleeping with a woman.

Today I want to explain to you why chasing girls is so bad and what you can do instead to get women attracted to you.

Why Is Chasing Girls So Bad?

Chasing a girl is a bad thing to do on many different levels such as:

  • It causes you to become needy and desperate which makes you unattractive.
  • It causes you to waste away your life pursuing a woman who isn’t even interested in you.
  • It prevents you from dating and attracting the women who ARE interested in you sexually and romantically.

Chasing girls is BAD. It never works. The more you chase a girl, the more she runs away and loses interest in you.

You begin to miss out on life and you begin to lack an abundance mentality. Who wants to waste most of their life chasing after a woman who is not interested in them sexually or romantically, when they could be dating and sleeping with cute girls who are interested in them.

It makes no sense does it? But then why do men continue to do it?

Chasing Girls Is An Emotional Reaction…

Most men do not consciously decide to begin chasing a girl. It’s something that occurs and begins happening unconsciously.

I’m sure this has happened to you before. You happened to meet a cute girl and you could just sense a spark and a connection between the two of you.

But then what ended up happening?

More than likely, the girl gave you repeated signals and you NEVER made a move. You failed to escalate and take the lead. You never asked her out or kissed her. Most of the time you didn’t do anything. Then the girl began to lose interest. And then… You Began To Chase After Her.

That’s what happens to most men all of the time. They meet a girl who likes them, they fail to make a move, she begins losing interest, and they begin chasing her.

It’s something that happens automatically. You don’t plan to chase her, you just DO.

And this is what causes you a great deal of pain, suffering, anger,and humility.

So you begin to call her constantly, figure out the perfect text to send her, and follow her on Facebook all day long.

You begin to become OBSESSED with her. For a moment you even begin to question whether or not you’re in love with her( Of course you’re more so in love with the idealized version of her in your head than her actual self).

And eventually chasing after this one woman begins to consume your entire life. What started out as some cute girl you met has become your perfect soul mate who you must have.

If this sounds like nonsense to you, that’s because it is. Yet many men do exactly this in real life.

They meet a woman, sense attraction but fail to make a move, the woman loses interest, and they begin to chase after her.

Chasing girls does NOT work and never will. Chasing a girl will destroy your life. Chasing girls is THE number 1 killer of men.  Not a killer of the body, but of the mind, spirit, future, and happy life.

But if chasing women doesn’t work, what can you do instead?

Stop Chasing Girls And Start Attracting Them…

So now that you understand the very real dangers of chasing girls and why it’s such a bad thing to do, I will arm you with a few tips and tactics to make you avoid ever having to chase a woman again. They are…

  • Approach Women And Recognize Their Signals: Of course the first step to successfully seducing women is to first approach them. But after that you must be able to recognize the attraction signals that she gives you. What are they?

She will begin to playing with her hair, she will begin touching you and playfully hitting you, she will begin asking you more questions and trying to find out more about you, etc.

  • Once You Recognize Her Interest, Move Fast: As soon as you realize that a girl is interested and attracted to you, you immediately begin progressing the interaction forward.

This could mean, If the two of you are both standing up in a crowded bar, you ask her to move with you or isolate her. If the two of you are in a coffee shop that could mean trading phone numbers and setting up a date. As soon as you notice that a girl likes you, you Take Action and get her invested in you.

  • Get Her Somewhere Alone And Sexually Escalate: After the conversation has been going on for a long enough period of time, you find a way to either bounce back to your place or her place. If she is attracted to you in any way at all she will 9 times out of 10 agree to that provided you offer her plausible deniability.

Once you are able to meet women smoothly, get past small talk, and progress the interaction forward you will begin to realize how easy attracting women really is.

No longer will you fail to make a move and be forced to chase after a girl. Now you will become a sexy man who women find alluring and can’t keep their hands off of.

Doing and mastering these things will take practice. Forcing yourself to take action and kiss a girl may even make you uncomfortable at first. But soon… you will begin to find yourself seducing and sleeping with women 15 minutes after first meeting them. Consistently.

Because these women will KNOW that you’re a man who knows what he wants, goes after what he wants, and more importantly Gets What He Wants.

If you’re still a guy stuck chasing girls realize that now is the time for you to cut your losses, focus on newer women(the ones who are already interested in you), and begin becoming the man who you were meant to be.

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