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Spinning Plates and Dating Multiple Women

spinning platesWhether you are a man or woman, it is in our nature to want what we cannot have. As a man trying to catch the eye of a woman or multiple women, you need to understand this.

You always hear, “why doesn’t she like me, I am such a nice guy.” Those very words may have come from your mouth. I am here to tell you that women do like nice men, but those guys just tend to make ONE critical mistake.

You make her your world.

The “nice guy,” buys her gifts, texts her constantly and when he has free time, looks for her to fill it. Any social life he had with anyone else begins to minimize and he surrounds himself with her and thoughts of her.

Well, nice guys, there is a solution to your woes and you need to not only hear this but act on it. You need to “spin plates.”

Spinning plates is another way of saying to keep multiple girls in rotation. Keep the interest and date multiple girls to avoid sucking the life out of one particular girl and you as well.

For gentlemen who do not want to get into a serious relationship but cannot help those feelings after one make out session, spinning plates is the fool proof way to stay on your path.

When you are dating multiple women you do not invest too much into ONE girl. You simply do not have the energy.

Could you imagine buying gifts and dinners for all of those women?

It opens your eyes to the opportunity of finding what you truly want in a partner in the future, while also having fun in the present.

Women like a slight chase. They do not necessarily want you to play games with them but they do not want everything handed to them.

What kind of prize would you be if you hooked up with a woman once and instantly melted to her every wish or desire?

Think of an object or skill in your life that you worked really hard to get or master.

When you truly think about it, isn’t the reason that it holds such a tender place in your life because you dedicated so much of your time to obtaining it?

For example, if you really shred on the guitar, that probably took a lot of practice. Even with any amount of natural talent, the most prestigious guitarist puts in a substantial amount of time and patience before mastering their craft. With so much time spent towards ONE task, the guitarist begins to recognize with the art of playing guitar on more than just a physical level.

The guitar has demanded the individual’s attention on a large array of levels. Mastering the guitar did not come overnight to them, it gave them something to work towards and presents them a lot of pride as a symbol of something they were dedicated to and continue to conquer.

Presenting this chase to a woman keeps them interested and shows them that you value your time, she has to qualify for it.

Spinning plates naturally gives you a mysterious vibe that was not present before and keeps your women on their toes.

You refrain from texting or checking up on them all of the time because you simply do not have the time. There is no mind game or cold shoulder here.

You are doing what YOU want, with who you want while minimizing the possibility of serious emotional baggage.

When you feel like you have found a girl you like spending time with or is a great hookup, find another. Then another and another.

One key rule: Be up front.

Tell these women you are seeing other women at the current moment as well. She may drop it all and lose interest right there. She may find it slightly sexy and view you as a challenge.

When it is all said and done, having multiple women that you can have fun with at any given time is going to improve your life and open a new world of dating for you.

Spin those plates boys.

– Playboi

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