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So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur

nlOne of the top 3 questions that I receive on this site is not related to women or dating, it’s not related to fitness and working out, it’s not even related to SEX.

By far, one of the top questions that most guys want to know is how to be an entrepreneur. 

My guess is that many guys see me running this site, they see that I am kinda successful, they see me selling my own eBooks and making a little bit of money here and there, and they want to learn how they can do the exact same thing.

Okay, so let me talk about what being a successful entrepreneur is really all about, what it takes, the amount of sacrifice that it requires, and whether or not YOU are cut out to be one.

Do You REALLY Want to Be an Entrepreneur?

This section is not written to scare you or keep you fearful from quitting your 9 – 5 job and starting your own business, but it IS written to give you a very realistic expectation of what you can expect and what every (successful) entrepreneur goes through.

When most people hear the word entrepreneur, they think up this image in their head of some guy who has his own successful business, never has to wake up to an alarm clock, never has to really work hard or for any long hours, and gets to travel and go shopping whenever he wants to.

And this is partly true… but it is also partly FALSE.

The guy in the above image can do those things because he has already built his own successful business and company. So he can afford to take some days off, sleep in, slack off, travel, and never worry about his business dying. This man accounts for less than 2% of all entrepreneurs.

The rest of the entrepreneurs out there (the other 98%) cannot afford to be lazy, complacent, not work, and not have to worry about it.

So here is what being an entrepreneur really entails and is all about.

Working 24 hours per day 7 days per week

If you desire to be an entrepreneur because you are sick and tired of working, then you better think again (or just keep your current 9 – 5 job).

To be an entrepreneur (a successful entrepreneur), you will HAVE to work 24 hours throughout the day and 7 days per week, at least in your first year of being in business.

Listen to me, being an entrepreneur is HARD. Again, I am not trying to scare you, I am just trying to give you a very clear and accurate depiction.

When you work a boring 9 – 5 job you get a steady paycheck and you do not have to worry about making a sale every single day.

When you work a boring 9 – 5 job, you do not (usually) have to worry about ONE poor customer complaint ruining your ENTIRE business.

When you work a lame 9 – 5 job you do not have to deal with the problem of writing an entire book, placing it in the market to sell, realize that it doesn’t sell, and then scratching that idea and realizing that you wasted at least 8 to 9 months writing a book that no one even cared about.

You see when you work at the typical 9 – 5 job, most of the time you just focus on doing your own specific job and then going home. That is it. You do not have to worry about EVERYTHING ELSE.

You do not have to worry about your marketing. You do not have to deal with the question of “How you are going to get more customers?”. You do not have to deal with the concept of innovation and re-branding.

Again, none of this is written to scare you off from being an entrepreneur. Remember, I’m the man who HATES college and believe that you should NEVER get a job.

However… I don’t want you going into business and entrepreneurship thinking it is easier than it actually is.

I don’t want you to become an entrepreneur and then expect lot’s of money to just magically fall into your lap.

I don’t want you to become an entrepreneur and then at your first REAL obstacle, struggle, or challenge, you immediately QUIT.

So… do not become an entrepreneur if:

You are afraid to work hard AND long

You are a person who struggles to TAKE ACTION

You are a man who suffers from analysis paralysis and have to read every business book on the planet before you even get started

You do not like the concept of working FIRST and then getting paid LATER

You believe that you can get rich by only working 4 hours per day

You give up anytime that you run into a problem or an obstacle

You are someone who is impatient and wants to see quick-results

If you are any of the above, then entrepreneurship is NOT for you. You will get started and then you will simply quit and then say that making money online is a scam.

But if you are NOT like any of the people above then continue reading on because entrepreneurship may be just FOR YOU.

How to Be an Entrepreneur: Identify a Problem and Solve it

To become a successful entrepreneur, you must be able to quickly identify problems and solve them.

People struggle with all kinds of problems in this world.

Some men struggle with the problem of trying to pick up women.

Some men struggle with the immense problem of trying to lose weight or build muscle.

Some men struggle with the bad habit of watching internet porn and do not know how to quit.

Some men need to learn how to become a better basketball or football player.

Some men need to learn how to fight and defend themselves.

All you have to do is simply look around you and you will very quickly realize that every single person deals and struggles with SOME problem. And most of these people would be willing to PAY YOU to help them solve their problem (if you can help them fix it).

This is why money really DOES make the world go around. A person will pay one guy to help them fix and solve a certain problem and then that same guy who helped the first guy will pay some OTHER guy to help him solve HIS particular problem.

So if you want to learn how to be an entrepreneur, you must learn how to identify the most common problems that most people are having and suffering from.

How to Be an Entrepreneur: You MUST Sell Something

There is a very old famous popular saying: “You are not really an entrepreneur until you are making money for yourself”.

And this is true.

Until you are making money, then whatever you are working on is just a HOBBY and NOT an actual BUSINESS.

And in order to make money, you MUST have something to sell.

This could be an eBook. This could be a particular service. But whatever it is, people must be willing to pay you cold hard money for it.

And once you manage to accomplish that, then you will have officially become a true entrepreneur.

So… Do You STILL Want to Be an Entrepreneur?

If so, then I commend you. You are one of the very few rare men out there who is not afraid to work his ass off in order to achieve results.

You are not afraid to endure struggle, hardship, and pain in order to reach your dreams.

You are not afraid to quit your day job and work hard in order to make yourself rich.

Great job, congratulations. If you have read through this article and you STILL want to become an entrepreneur, then you DO have what it takes to become a successful one.

So follow your dreams, set goals for yourself, develop a strategy and a plan for attack, and welcome to the winners circle my friend.

We are pleased and very happy to have you.

– Malcolm Thomas

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