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Single on Valentine’s Day? Read this!

valValentine’s Day is coming up and I’m sure that some of you are feeling that whole romantic vibe going whenever you go out in public.

If it makes you feel lonely and sad that you don’t have a date for Valentines, don’t worry about it!

I know that it could be kind of depressing staying home on Valentine’s day, but that should not be the case and here’s why…

Valentine’s in my opinion is just a day where gift shops and any places that sell Valentine’s Day related items make a LOAD of money!

I am not hating on the day, but what I’m saying is that people feel obligated to buy a gift for their loved one for Valentines, and stores make LOTS of money from this by selling these gifts.

None-the-less, it is a fun way to show some love for that special person in your life, but there is always another day in which you can do the exact same thing.

I’m sure that many people feel the pressure to find a girl BEFORE Valentine’s day so they can have someone to be with, but why can’t you do the same thing AFTER Valentine’s day as well?

What I’m trying to say is that if you don’t have a date, just keep on improving yourself until you find a chick who you would WANT to take out on a date even if it’s after Valentine’s day.

There’s no rule saying that you can ONLY show affection to that special someone on February 14th. I also know that some people might be too hard on themselves because they don’t have someone to spend time with and that they are a failure at getting girls, and you should not think of it like that.

You should feel excited knowing that even if you’re single now, you can improve yourself and take the right action to find a chick that you can spend time with regardless if it’s on Valentine’s day or not.

You should feel empowered and motivated knowing that even if you don’t have someone to spend V-day with, you are going to improve yourself for the better and will find a chick that you will enjoy spending time with.

You can always buy that special someone a gift or do something romantic even if it’s not on Valentine’s day, remember that.

– Perry Keith

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