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Should You Use Direct Game Or Indirect Game When Approaching Women?

direct or indirect game when approaching women?Should you use “Direct game” or “Indirect game” when approaching women?

This is the one question almost every guy trying to better himself with women ends up asking himself. This was a question that even I used to deal and struggle with from time to time many years ago.

Nowadays whenever I hear this question my response is always the same, “A Man Should Always Be Direct Whenever He Approaches A Woman”. Always.

Are you still confused as to why I would suggest for a guy to always be direct when approaching women?

Then keep reading on…

Why I Dislike “Indirect Game”

I have a personal confession to make. I’m not really a fan of “indirect game” or “beating around the bush” or making “small talk” when approaching women. In fact, I absolutely hate it.

In my opinion the number #1 reason why men fail with women is due to their inability to approach women in a confident manner and state their interests and intentions in an upfront, straightforward manner. That is in my opinion why the majority of men continue to fail with women.

Their afraid of putting themselves out there, getting rejected, so most men choose to do NOTHING.

But the thing is, when you do nothing you also get nothing. So when you are unable to approach and talk to women you never end up attracting and sleeping with them. And you stay lonely, friendless, and continue to be miserable.

But there was a certain movement of guys called “Pickup Artists” who came up with a very well intentioned tactic to get around this fact.

They wanted to have the ability to approach and talk to girls but without the need for putting themselves “out there” and facing the consequences of rejection. In other words, they wanted to have their cake and eat it too.  And lo and behold “Indirect Game” came into existence.

Why “Indirect Game” Doesn’t Get You Girls

Quick question, when you’re out at a supermarket and you happen to notice a very attractive women who is dressed very well with big boobs, a tight sexy skirt, and beautiful legs, what is your objective when you approach her?

In other words, what is the goal that you want to accomplish after you approach and talk to her?

I’ll tell you, for most men, their goal is to sleep with that woman. That is their ONE, specific, true objective. To sleep with that woman and usually in the fastest amount of time possible.

But then what happens if you approach that woman and then you begin to talk about the weather, or her dogs, or where she works?

I’ll tell you, in 99% of cases your goal (of sleeping with her) takes a backseat to your need to be indirect.

By approaching a woman and NOT stating your true interests and intentions in a confident manner, most of the time you will NOT accomplish your goal. In other words, Using “Indirect Game” will usually prevent you from sleeping with women.

Here’s what a conversation usually ends up looking like when a guy tries to use “Indirect Game” to get girls:

Guy: Hey, do you know what aisle the milk is on?

Girl: It’s on Aisle 9.

Guy: Oh, thanks. I’m Rich.

Girl:Okay, Hey well I’m Megan.

Guy: Cool, so what are you up to today?

Girl: Oh, just doing some grocery shopping.

Guy: Cool, so where do you work?

Girl: I’m just a nurse.

Guy: Cool. (An Awkward Silence Begins).

Girl: Well Rich, It was nice meeting you but I really have to go find my friends.

Guy: Okay, it was nice meeting you too. (He leaves the conversation feeling rejected and depressed).

Did you notice how the guy approached the woman without a crystal clear, precise, goal in mind?

Okay well I’m wrong, the guy had a goal, of that I’m sure. It just wasn’t a clear, concise, specific one.

Most guys who try to use “Indirect Game” to get girls have a goal with the underlying mindset of “Get this girl to like me”. The problem lies in the fact that this is a goal that can never be accomplished. It is a very generic, vague, wishy-washy goal that does NOT produce results.

Here’s a better goal for you to have whenever you go out with the intentions of meeting women, “Get 2 phone numbers or invite 2 women back to my place”. These are goals that will get you results and will allow you to date and sleep with the women you want.

And the thing is, most guys who try and use “Indirect Game” to get girls do not have a goal or atleast a very specifc one.

This is what using “Indirect Game” gets you, a lot of wasted time, no dates or phone numbers, and more importantly no lovers or girlfriends .

But Why Is “Indirect Game” So Bad?

“Indirect Game” isn’t just bad, it’s destructive.

It leaves men feeling bitter and angry after being rejected by a woman and it fails to truly attract the women you want (the girls interested in fast sex without a lot of resistance or being taken on 4 or 5 dates).

And the girls who indirect game do attract are mostly timewasters, golddiggers, and women who are manipulative.

How so you might ask?

Simple, a guy who approaches a woman and is afraid to reveal his true desires and interests generally has to try and make “small talk” and “polite conversation”. This is how women end up roping a guy into spending a bunch of money on them and taking them out to expensive dates, etc.

A guy will think (incorrectly) that he is getting somewhere with a woman by spending money on her and paying for dates and such. But what really is going on here, is that woman is manipulating the guy into getting free meals and gifts without giving up the pussy.

Fact: Manipulation is always a 2 way street. Both parties are trying to manipulate each other.

The guy falsely believes that by not stating his true desires and being upfront about wanting to sleep with a woman, that he can lie his way into sex. That doesn’t happen.

What ends up happening is the guy will treat the woman to 2 or 3 different dates, expect the woman to put out on the 3rd date, and when he tries making a move on the 3rd date because that’s what he read inside some book she will end up saying “I don’t view you in that way” or “I think this is happening too fast”, the guy leaves feeling angry and bitter, and gives up trying to improve his skills with women.

Why do men continue to lie, and beat around the bush, and not be direct whenever they approach a woman?

Because it feels and seems safer and more easier. But you know the old saying, “Whenever There Is No Risk, There Is Also No Reward”.

And by not being upfront and straightforward when you approach a woman, you not only stop yourself from revealing your true interests to a woman, you also PREVENT women who you’re approaching from revealing THEIR interests also.

And that’s the main reason why using “indirect game” will cause you to fail with women every single time.

If you’re not honest with the women who you are approaching, how can you expect them to be honest with you?

Stop Using “Indirect Game” And Turning Women Off And Start Using “Direct Game” And Turning Women On

When you approach a woman in a bar or the coffee shop and you begin talking about the weather, what do you believe that makes a woman think?

I’ll tell you. If you’re a cool, charming, suave guy, and you approach a woman and begin to talk about her dog, that woman is going to think that all you are interested in talking about is dogs. 

But there’s another much bigger problem. She will also assume that you are not interested in HER sexually or romantically. She will think to herself “Man this guy is cute, but he doesn’t seem like he’s all that interested in me, he seems more interested in talking about the weather and my dog”. Now you won’t hear that aloud, but that is what a girl will be thinking to herself. And when she begins thinking these thoughts to herself, her attraction for you will begin to slowly fade away.

And the root and underlying cause of all of this was your inability to be direct and state your interests in a confident manner. When you’re indirect with a woman, you make her assume that you’re not interested at all in sleeping with her or dating her.

This is why I say that using “indirect game” is not only bad, it is destructive. It prevents you from attracting and seducing the women you most want and the women who you do attract using indirect game are usually the manipulative golddigger types.

I probably don’t need to repeat this, but I am not a fan of guys who teach or use indirect game. Matter of fact, I despise them because by being indirect with women, you prevent yourself from ever becoming truly successful with women.

Here are the most common questions that I tend to receive the most whenever I discuss this topic:

“Okay, I get it, being indirect with girls is bad, but you don’t actually expect me to just go up to every girl I like and tell her I am interested in dating and sleeping with her?”

I’m not suggesting for you to walk up to every girl you like and state your interests just to become more confident, I’m telling you to walk up to every cute girl you would like to meet and being direct with her if you ever want to have any hopes of sleeping with her.

“But what if she rejects me, or doesn’t like me being so bold and straightforward?”

Then she rejects you and you spot another attractive woman and then you approach her. Simple.

Here’s the truth: A woman knows within about 3 seconds whether or not she is attracted to you. It is a split second, gut level reaction. She is either attracted to you or she is unattracted to you. Therefore when you be direct with women and state your interests, you know within about 2 minutes tops whether or not that woman is attracted and interested in sleeping with you.

Truth: I love rejection, because whenever I approach a woman and I am direct and state my desires to sleep with her and she rejects me or doesn’t feel the same way about me, I can forget about her and focus my attention on talking to other women.

Why would I want to spend weeks and months treating a woman to expensive date after date only to find out on the 3rd date that she has no interest in sleeping with me?

When you use “Direct Game”, you know whether or not a woman will give you the pussy. My philosophy is simple, I do not allow a woman to be vague, wishy-washy, and unclear. She is either interested in sleeping with me or she is uninterested in sleeping with me.

And when a woman is attracted to you, by you being direct and getting straight to the point, it causes her to become even more attracted to you.

“Okay, but women already know that you want to fuck them before you even approach them, so what is the point of using “Direct Game” on women?”

This is another myth that many men are guilty of having. The simple truth is that a woman doesn’t know exactly what you want when you appraoch her. In fact, most of the time, she doesn’t have any idea.

And whenever a guy tries to approach a woman in an indirect manner and not reveal his true interests, she assumes that he is not interested in sleeping with her.

Using “Direct Game” To Get Girls…

Whenever you approach a woman and your goal is to sleep with her, always be direct. Both for your sake (so you save time and money and know immediately whether or not this woman is interested in sleeping with you) and for her sake (so she knows specifically that you are actually interested in fucking her and not talking about her dogs like all of those other guys).

When you be direct with women, you display confidence, charm, and you create and build attraction fast. When you be indirect with women, you display fear, nervousness, and you destroy any attraction that a woman might have had for you.

Start using “Direct Game” to get girls (and create attraction) and stop using “Indirect Game” with girls (and killing attraction). 

They say that the only way to conquer a fear is to confront that fear and face it head on.

Well, I’m here to tell you that the only way you will ever get over your fear of rejection, overcome your approach anxiety, and begin sleeping with more hotter women is by you using “Direct Game” to get girls. It just works much better, every single time.

-Malcolm Thomas

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