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She isn’t “The One”

Sexy slim woman in red dressWhat made you think she was “the one”? 

People who are really good at putting puzzles together seem to have a formula, or outline, for doing it. 

They begin with the outer edges and work their way in. They take the first, easier or “obvious” pieces and build momentum from there. 

Along the way, the puzzle gets harder, but since they’ve already laid a good foundation they’re able to figure it out.

So that’s what I’ll do here. I’m going to start at the beginning and see if I can put together the pieces of this puzzle….

Hmmm… let’s see…  I bet when you approached her she was really nice. She showed a lot of signs of interest and it was OBVIOUS that she was attracted to you. 

This probably made your attraction for her grow even more. The conversation probably came very naturally without anything feeling forced or uncomfortable.

Maybe you even Alpha’ed up and managed to get some AMAZING first date sex. You gave her a “Super O” unlike anything she had ever felt before and she rocked your world as well. 

Enter all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings….  Suddenly your fucking head is spinning when you think about her. When she leaves you can smell her on you and it drives you CRAZY, makes you miss her even though she just left.

A little time passes and things are going great. One day while you all are spending some time together she takes the game to a whole OTHER level… she breaks out the “L” word.

She may have even said, “I’m falling in love with you.” You think to yourself, “I’ve done it.  Out of all the men in this world, all the men she could have, she has fallen in love with ME.”

Well, you’re pretty fucking crazy about this girl yourself so, what the hell, you go on and tell her “I love you too.” Maybe you even really mean it. You realize it’s really fast for the two of you to have these kinds of feelings but, hey, who says you have to put a timetable on love, right?

So, a little more time passes and you start feel like the two of you have really got “something”.  It just seems right. It seems… special.  You start to think, and feel, that maybe it is true love. 

Each night, before bed, she sends you a text to tell you goodnight and that she loves you. Of course, you reply with “I love you too baby”. 

Every time you talk to her on the phone, before you hang up, you tell each other that you love one another. 

All seems right with the world. Or, at least, everything is good in YOUR world, fuck everyone else.

The relationship has been loving and affectionate. Time and time again, you’ve had AMAZING sex and felt so close to this woman. 

You’ve shared deep, personal things with each other about your lives before the two of you met. You’re starting to see what makes each other tick. You’ve both shared your hopes, dreams and goals for the future.

You’ve gotten to know one another. 

She’s met your family, your child, your “inner circle” of people you love the most. You felt like she had earned that and deserved it. You didn’t hesitate to bring her in close, truly on the inside of your world.

Because you feel so much for her, you want to make sure she knows. You tell her, every day, how much she means to you. You tell her she’s beautiful and that you feel like a very lucky man to have her. 

You do things for her that you haven’t and wouldn’t do for other women. You buy her things. 

You try to give her everything she needs because you want to take good care of her. You try hard to be everything she wants and NEEDS in a man.

Then, something happens. A shift in the relationship takes place. You can’t quite put your finger on it but something feels different. Something just doesn’t feel right. 

Maybe she flakes on plans that you had made, although she had never done that before. She gives you an excuse and you both know it’s lame, and, she doesn’t seem to mind a bit that you know it. 

You start hearing from her less than you normally do. It takes her HOURS to respond to your calls and texts. Some nights you don’t receive the goodnight, I love you, text that you’ve grown used to. 

You wonder if you’ve done something wrong. You’re baffled. How did this happen? 

This girl used to text me 50 times a DAY! She used to seem SO excited to hear from me. She used to call me just to tell me she loves me.

Despite all of this, she hasn’t ended the relationship, so you come to the conclusion that she must still feel SOMETHING for you.

Hell, it would be easier if she would just come out and end it. At least then you would KNOW and all of the wondering, second guessing and stressing would stop. 

You would just end this bull shit yourself except there’s ONE major problem…  

Along the way you HAVE truly fallen in love with this woman. You don’t want to be WITHOUT her. You have invested your time and effort into this relationship. 

Even worse, you have invested your heart and your love into her. You’ve given it to her. No questions asked, 100%, completely, you have given yourself to her. And now she’s fucking doing you like this.

She does just enough to keep you hanging on. She shows you just enough attention so you don’t say “fuck it”.

She gives you just enough sex so you don’t fuck another girl. She says just enough of the “right” things to keep you feeling like she does, in fact, still love you. 

When she’s with you, you lie to yourself and make yourself believe everything is great. But, when she leaves, you know it’s just a matter of time before the shady ass, bull shit starts again and she’s giving you the run around.

Still, you are baffled. You wonder to yourself how in the hell you’ve let a woman take total control of a relationship and, let’s face it, total control over YOU. 

How have you gone from being the dominate, decisive man that you’ve always been, to letting this ONE girl work you like a fucking puppet on a string? 

You’ve never had a problem getting any type of girl you wanted. You could get a new one today, if you wanted. But, you don’t want a new girl. You want her.

The thoughts of what you’ve done wrong, how things have gotten the way they are and what you can do to get things BACK the way they were almost drive you insane. You let it consume you.

It starts effecting your attitude and behavior with family, friends, co-workers and everyone else who really doesn’t have shit to do with the situation you’ve allowed yourself to get in. 

You’re not happy at all with your so called “relationship” with this girl but you don’t want to end it because you love her.

But, turns out, you didn’t have to. You felt it coming. No, you fucking KNEW it was coming.

Little by little, day by day, she pulled AWAY from you. 

Her shady behaviors, indifference and flat out disrespect towards you have continued to grow into one great big “Fuck You”. 

She’s sharpened that dagger, a little at a time, until she knew it would stab you right in the heart. What’s worse is she insults your intelligence and fails to give you the respect, or honesty, that you deserve as a man and as a human being. 

She gives you some lame bull shit excuse. Probably something along the lines of “the time just not being right” or “her life just being too busy” or “we should back off for a while and see how things turn out”. 

She’s not even woman enough to tell you, FLAT OUT, that she just doesn’t want to be with you anymore. She thinks she’s somehow being compassionate by putting the blame on herself for the relationship not working. 

Either she doesn’t know, or she doesn’t fucking CARE, but it’s nothing but a slap in the face to you. 

You didn’t ask for any of this. You just wanted to get to know a beautiful girl, spend some time with her and have some fun. 

SHE took things to a higher level. SHE’S to blame, right?

Well… yes and no.

My friend, if any of this sounds familiar or if any of this resonates with you, do NOT feel alone.

It’s happened to MANY men before you and it will happen to many more. The guy in the scenario above definitely made some mistakes and it is my hope that I can either:

  1. Help you realize where you may have went WRONG if you’ve been through this, so you won’t keep making these same mistakes and suffering the same kind of heartache
  2. Keep you from doing it in the FIRST place

As much as I hate to admit it, I know from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE how easy it is to get caught up and carried away in a relationship.

This man gave the woman his all, too easily. He GAVE her everything and didn’t make her earn shit. 

Because she told him “I love you” he accepted it as truth. Women can “say” a lot of things. In fact, they do. 

They say a lot of shit and don’t mean it. Or, they think they mean it and 10 fucking minutes later they decide they don’t. They can be very fickle, flaky creatures.

In the beginning he came across as a very confident man, with a lot of options and the ability to WALK AWAY at any time. 

I know this simply because she was ATTRACTED to him. Women usually don’t become attracted to desperate and needy men. And, unfortunately, that’s what he eventually came across as. 

And, hey, you can’t really fault the guy too much. He LOVED this girl. She told him and, in some ways, SHOWED HIM that she loved him too. 

He wanted her to know how he felt about her. He thought he should because it would make her feel more loved and appreciated. He wanted to spend time with her so he made efforts to make it happen. 

There was nothing wrong with that until he started putting in TOO MUCH effort. As soon as he started putting in MORE than her, shit started going bad. 

He wanted to take care of her so he bought her a lot of things and did nice things for her all of the time. That’s great but as soon as she failed to give him the same respect or show him appreciation, he should have stopped immediately. 

She started taking him for granted and he let it happen!

The more he noticed her pulling AWAY from him the harder he tried to make things BETTER. That, in turn, slowly but surely killed her attraction and made her LOSE respect for him. 

It was the death sentence for the relationship. He made some very common, but also very avoidable, mistakes.

HOWEVER, I think in the long run she actually did him a favor. Here’s what I mean. I definitely believe people can fall out of love. It happens sometimes. 

However, I don’t AT ALL buy into the bull shit that someone can just stop loving another person within a day, a week or even several weeks. Not unless one person has done something REALLY bad to the other. 

I believe that someone who is truly in love with a person cannot just STOP loving them, without any REAL reason. 

This girl claimed she loved this man but, without any REAL reason (just a few mistakes he made that turn women off) she came to the point where she no longer wanted to be with him. 

Are you kidding me? 

That was never REAL love to begin with, at least not on her part. If she were truly in love, it wouldn’t have just GONE AWAY like it did.

No, she was infatuated with him in the beginning. Or, in lust, not love. Those things CAN be killed, almost instantly, by some of the most common mistakes guys make.

I’m not telling you to never find love nor am I telling you to never give 100% of yourself to a woman. What I’m saying is, make her EARN IT. Don’t just GIVE IT away. 

Make damn sure, before you invest much of yourself into her, that she is worth it. 

And, if you want to keep a woman around, whether you love her or just enjoy the sex, make damn sure you don’t invest more than she does. 

Don’t try too hard. Don’t shower her with unearned gifts, benefits or rewards.  Don’t make her feel like she is ALL you have. 

And, if she doesn’t show that she TRULY appreciates you and everything you do for her, walk away so fast it will make her damn head spin. If you don’t, it will only get worse.

You are worth more than that. You may find “the one” that you want to give your love, your life, and your world to. 

Before you do, be certain that she’s “the one” who deserves it.

– Michael Wheeler

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