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Sexting Girls and Cybering: How to Sext Girls and Get Laid

cybering Ever since the beginning of written language and communication, humans have been getting each other off though the written word.

From the Imperial Romans, ancient Egyptians, the emperors of Japan, to the Indians of the America, we humans have found a very unique way to express sexual desire.

Be it though poetry, love letters, songs, and hymns.

In the digital communication age, that trend has continued. Although we tend to spends hours in front of a computer, the desire for human contact and intimacy has continued and is a driving force in our lives.

With Malcolm’s recent post on “meeting women online” , I felt that a companion article on the benefits of sexting girls (sexual texts) and cybering would be a great tool for men wishing to increase their game. It can also be a very fun and exciting experience for women as well!

Your main focus in improving your dating life should be approaching and talking to women.  Going on that first date, and escalating sexually.

But sometimes the logistics of actually meeting up can become troublesome. Playful texts and messages via social sites can be a great way to break the ice and start flirtatious conversations.

The first couple of texts should be relatively short and to the point. You don’t want to be the type of man that is there trying to send countless texts to women, this can be rather unattractive. Check out “How to Text Girls” first to get a good handle on this.

Once you have broken some rapport with the woman and things are progressing well, your texts can become a little longer and thought provoking. These first flirty messages can be innocent comments like “I think you look hot”, or “You were on my mind today”. As the conversation progresses, things can elevate further.

While there are some reserves on the whole cybering processes, it has become a popular form of foreplay. It doesn’t carry quite the stigma that it once had with adults.

Here are some reasons why you should learn how to sext girls and why I think sexting girls and cybering can add some value to your game.

The Benefits of Sexting Girls and Cybering

Text and Cyber games work well for long distance relationships or girls that aren’t in your immediate area for a quick meet up, but you are interested in meeting up later on.

It’s a great method of foreplay. For men it’s an awesome way to get a girl excited to see you.

You can take your time sending her flirty messages, telling her the things you want to do with her. You can be quite bold in your texts telling her how hot she makes you.

You might meet some resistance at first, however keep your cool. Women will respond to this action with RESPECT, showing her that you’re a man of sexual desire.

It can be very fun and exciting for a woman because she can be at work, the office, school, etc and hear the buzz of her phone with your replies. I’ve had women tell me that it even makes them wet.

She can then take her time getting back to you. What is great is that she can be out with her friends, in a meeting, etc, and getting sexually turned on.

You wouldn’t believe how many women love this forbidden aspect.  It creates a sexual thrill that she can look professional, but is releasing her ‘inner slut’ at the same time.

It allows a woman to explore her imagination. Women are turned on by more emotional stimulation then visually like men. If you don’t believe this, look at the bestselling romance novels.

Getting a woman involved mentally with cybering and sexting gets her thinking about you as sexual partner. Adding verbal foreplay gets her thinking of all the nasty things that she will do to you.

Done correctly, a woman will actually start telling YOU all the things that she likes. This saves a ton of time later when you meet up because you’d immediately know what she’s into. You’re the one on her mind as she’s getting off.

You are in essence making love to a woman’s mind. Her imagination is running wild with what the two of you will be doing soon.

She’s sharing her innermost desires and fantasies and you’re on the receiving end of it. Not only will you be turning her on physically but mentally as well.

She’ll know that you’re a man that gets women, understands what turns them on, excites them, and gets them into bed easily. A woman will actually bring herself to orgasm texting with you.

However here are some DO NOT’s when it comes to sexting girls and cybering 

What NOT to Do When Sexting Girls and Cybering

-Make sure you’ve have at least been out with the woman in person first, even perhaps slept with her already. There has to be a connection there first.

-Do NOT beg for pictures. Many people have lost their jobs and careers due to sending inappropriate pictures of themselves to their partner. If you are turning a woman on well enough with your words, and she’s comfortable with you, she will send you pictures. You do not want to look clingy and needy asking for nudes. Also be respectful of her if she does. Don’t show them around. She trusts you enough to share her mind and body with you. Don’t be a jerk and abuse that.

-If she tells you she can’t text with you, don’t push her. Don’t send her countless texts begging for attention. If she digs you, she’ll often start the cybering and sexting with you!

-Don’t just Sext and Cyber. Actually MEET UP and do all the things you two have been describing to each other. It will become weird and awkward if the only way the two of you get off is through your phones.

Do remember to erase your text history if you’re working in a sensitive area or industry. You don’t want your dirty thoughts being read places they don’t need to.

Sexting Girls and Cybering: It’s An Easy and Fun Way to Get Laid

When done correctly, cybering and sexting can be a great and fun way for two people to get to know each other.

It creates sexual attraction, sparks the imagination, and can make a boring work day fun.

It can elevate your game to a new level and drive the women in your life crazy lusting with desire.

And, it’s an insanely EASY way to get laid with the women you desire most.

Begin sexting girls and cybering and take your sex life to a whole new level.

– Neocene

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