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Secret to Attracting Women: Expect to SUCK

 suckingMany guys never bother to approach women because they do not know what to expect or what to say.

They over think the potential reactions of what a woman will say, they try to think up some plausible scenarios about what a girl might say if they say this or if they say that.

In short, way too many men are too much inside of their own head which evidently ends up stopping these men dead in their tracks from ever talking to a woman or approaching a woman or even calling a woman.

So I am going to let you in on a little “secret” that I have successfully used to get me approaching lots of beautiful girls in a hurry…


Yes, that is the secret to overcoming your fears and attracting women.

Expect to SUCK when you first begin approaching women, talking to them, and going out on dates with them.

Set a goal to approach a minimum of 3 girls per day to start and just expect the girls to tell you to “GET LOST”.

Set a goal to text several girls and invite them out on dates and expect 50% of them to either IGNORE your texts or flake on you.

Don’t set your expectations HIGH, Set your expectations LOW!

So yes, when you first begin approaching women and talking to them, expect to get rejected, expect women to test you, and expect to experience LOT’S of struggle trying to get laid.


After you put in the initial effort of overcoming your approach anxiety, talking to women, and PUTTING IN THE WORK, you will begin to experience significant results.

You will eventually begin to ENJOY approaching more and more beautiful women every single day. And on top of this, your conversion ratio for getting phone numbers and turning those phone numbers into DATES will continue to improve.

When you first start out approaching women, you should expect to hear 20 “no’s” before you hear ONE “yes”. Try to mentally prepare yourself for this.

BUT eventually, you will only have to hear ONE or perhaps TWO no’s before you hear a “yes”. Your odds and statistics will improve because you will better develop your ability to identify girls who want to talk to you, DATE you, and SLEEP with you.

This is the KEY to improving your dating and love life and becoming a great seducer. You put in the work NOW to reap all of the future benefits and rewards LATER.

Over time you’ll naturally continue to get better and better with women and once you finally reach that point, you will then realize that YOU have made it.

You have overcame all of your fears, you have managed to CONQUER and achieve all of your goals, and you did all of this not due to you expecting to achieve nothing but SUCCESS, but due to you being honest with yourself, your abilities with women, and expecting to SUCK.

Expect to suck when you first begin approaching and talking to women, because that is the ONLY way for you to achieve true and long-term satisfying success.

– Malcolm Thomas

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