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Screw Mediocrity and Chase After Success

Sexy schoolgirl holding a book and lifting her skirt showing butDo you want to live a life full of mediocrity?

Simply living paycheck to paycheck while working at a crappy 9-5 job?

Never attracting the women you really want and always settling for whatever girl that you can get?

Do you want to grow an old man living with a bunch of regrets and “what if’s”?

“What if I took the chance and approached that girl who smiled at me. What if I took the chance and started my own business”.

You see, the vast majority of men today are not living the lives that they truly want. They are living the life that they were socially programmed to live. They are living the life that their family and friends want them to live.

Go to school and college and hope to get a good stable job.

Invest in your 401k, save 10% of your paycheck every month, and “hope” to get rich.

And most men hearing this constantly from the media, from their friends, and from all of their family members, eventually believe these lies. They give up on their dreams, they surrender pursuing their goals, and they throw in the towel.

And most of these men eventually end up coming across my blog and asking me how I managed to do this or achieve such and such. Most men ask me how did I manage to do the exact opposite of what society teaches them to do and STILL come out on top.

And really, it IS a very good question.

How did I manage to start multiple successful businesses even though I never went to college or stayed working at a real 9-5 job?

How did I manage to become successful with women despite me not being naturally “good looking” or super wealthy?

And my answer to these questions is very simple and it’s the same answer that I give to men who always ask me these questions.

The secret to all of my personal success is THIS: I said screw mediocrity and I chased after SUCCESS. 

That is how I became successful with women. That is how I became successful in business. And that is how I became successful in LIFE.

I simply adapted the mindset of… screw mediocrity and I CHASED after success.


Because I truly wanted to be successful. I craved SUCCESS more than anything else. For me, not being successful at anything that I set my mind to WAS the ultimate nightmare.

You see, growing up I was not like the typical child…

Instead of playing video games, I was always reading and more importantly, LEARNING. While all my friends wasted their weekends hanging out and playing video games, I was busy reading business books written by men who were self-made millionaires.

I read all of their stories. I payed very close attention to all of the facts. And more important than that, I learned something very very important…

Most men who ARE successful have a natural desire to WANT to be successful.

This is simply how it is. Some people just do not CARE about success as much as others. Achieving success takes a back seat to other things in their life. They value something more.

For some people it is surfing. For other people it is sleeping. For some it is actually EATING.

Some people are so lazy that they would prefer to sleep ALL DAY as opposed to spending that valuable time to build a successful business.

To them, the thought of WORKING instead of SLEEPING is not a fair trade-off. They would rather sacrifice long-term happiness tomorrow for short-term happiness today.

But in order to lead a life full of happiness, achieve both dating and financial abundance, and change your life, you have to say “screw living a mediocre life”.

Why Settle For Less Than Success?

Something very crazy is happening in our society today. Most parents are indoctrinating their children with the false concept that having a good stable job is all that one should ever hope to achieve.

What? How sickening is this?

Hope to get a good job, save 10% of your paycheck, and hopefully by the time you are 80 years old you can be “rich”.

As I written extensively about before, relying on hope is for LOSERS.

Only losers “hope” to improve their financial situation. Only losers “hope” to attract girls who are out of their leagues. People who rely on “hope” want to shift the blame from themselves onto someone else.

But this blog is not written for losers. This blog is written for WINNERS.

Guys who want to attract the HOTTEST women, make a LOT of money, and achieve all of their goals.

Now ask yourself the real serious question…

Why should a person just settle for mediocrity if they have a chance to become truly successful in life doing something that they want?

Why copy mediocrity when you can copy the “Blueprint to Success”?

Everyone and their dog is working crappy 9-5 jobs, getting paid crap, and feeling miserable. NOT everyone has the balls to say, “screw this job, I’m going to become my own boss, make myself rich, and live a more happier life”.

You see, doing that takes guts. It takes balls. It takes courage. It takes a lot of inner strength. Doing that means being fearless and taking a risk.

And most men would truthfully rather not do that. To go against false societal programming means to risk being out-casted or ostracized. It means to risk being laughed at by other people. It means to risk having your family and friends all disown you and look at you as weird.

But truthfully, this is not such a bad thing.

These other people just simply are not on your level. You are on a completely different wavelength from these other people. You possess everything that these other people (including some of your family and friends) WISH that they had.

You have ambition, drive, passion, determination, and the hunger to live a better life (and further, take the steps to actually improve your life).

And because you are a man of passion who cares about himself, because you are a man who visits a site like this wanting to improve himself daily, I am going to give you the ONE true secret to saying “screw you” to mediocrity and achieving success.

The ONE KEY to Achieving Success and Saying “Screw You” to Mediocrity

If you grasp what I am about to tell you, then your life WILL change fast. This is THE #1 secret to every successful person’s success.

Are you ready?

Here is the #1 secret to achieving success in life…

Identify a successful person that you would like to emulate your life after. And then… COPY and go DO what he is doing.

It is that simple. That is the secret to success and this success tip applies to anything that you hope to achieve in life.

This means that if you currently SUCK with women and CAN’T get laid, you befriend and hang out with a guy who is already good with women.

And then… you watch what he does whenever he talks to women. You watch and study his body language, you look at the way that he moves, pay attention to his voice tone, listen to what he says.

After that… you go out and COPY what he does.

You stay calm when talking to girls just like he does. You keep your text messages to girls short, direct, and to the point just like he does. You touch women, invite girls home, and escalate to sex just like he does.

The reasoning behind all of this is very simple: If you copy successful people, then you by definition will BECOME successful.

So you learn from guys who are already great seducers and have mastered the skill of picking up women.

You learn from self-made millionaires or guys who became a financial success through sheer hard work and determination.

And then you just continue to learn, implement, and TAKE ACTION. You become obsessed with success.

Very quickly, your bank account will continue to increase, the amount of beautiful girls who want to date you will increase, and your personal happiness as a man will increase.


Because you had the balls to say “screw you” to living a life full of mediocrity and you were more interested in chasing after success and living a life that YOU truly wanted.

Screw mediocrity and chase after success.

– Malcolm Thomas

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