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3 Online Dating Tips For Men That Will Help You Get Laid

online dating tips for men

Trying to get dates and laid using online dating is a problem that many men struggle with, when in reality getting dates and sex using online dating is actually one of the most easiest things to do. 

This article will give you 3 powerful online dating tips for men that will help you get laid easily and consistently.

The 3 Simple Online Dating Tips For Men To Help You Get Laid…

I have already written about how to succeed using online dating in general in the post entitled “How To Talk To Girls Online And Set Up Dates”.

If you haven’t already read that article, I would advise you to do so first before reading the rest of this article because that post summarizes the basic mindset that you need to have to succeed using online dating.

That out of the way, here are my 3 simple online dating tips you need to know in order to get laid like a “Rock Star” using online dating:

  1. Photos Are Everything (Photos are the most important aspect of your profile)
  2. Invest A Little To Get A Lot (The first message that you send should be short, simple, and copy paste)
  3. Ask For A Meetup On The Third Message And No Later

The Importance Of Photos And Maximizing Your Looks…

When it comes to online dating and using it to get dates and laid, women are very superficial online. They judge the guys that they will respond to based on how those men look. Now in real life looks do not matter nearly as much.

In real life you have the power of touch, your charm that you can display, women can see your charisma and your social status, etc.

But online all that women see is words on the screen and your picture. This is why looks do play a much bigger role online than they do in real life. Which is how come it is super important to maximize your looks and photos in order to attract the highest ratio of women.

How exactly do you maximize your looks and photos for online dating you ask?

  • Get yourself some professional photos taken and make sure that you are dressed sharp and very stylish in those photos.
  • Make sure that your hair is fixed up nice and neat. It doesn’t have to look perfect but it should not be looking tacky.
  • For your photos, only include pictures of yourself in them and not pictures of you with other women.
  • If you have a decent looking body, it’s okay to show a little skin because this will raise and increase your sex appeal.
  • In your photo, be sure to NOT be looking at the camera when your picture is taken. Research has been done and it’s been proven that women respond most and a lot more to men who aren’t looking at the camera when their picture is taken.
  • You are NOT allowed to have more than 3 pictures of yourself on your dating profile. It’s better to have lesser pictures but their all attractive one’s than to have 7 pictures and 4 are attractive ones but 3 make you look really bad or reveal a flaw in your appearance. Women dating online are very picky and having just ONE photo that makes you appear to look bad can be a death sentence for attraction.

If you can follow just a few of those simple guidelines when it comes to your online dating profile pictures and photos, your success rate for dating and getting laid using online dating sites will instantly double.

But having quality photos is only ONE factor in your abilities to get dates and laid using online dating sites…

You must also be able write the perfect first message that guarantees a reply…

Investing A Little And Getting A Lot In Return…

Trying to read through the hundreds of different profiles on an online dating site is very time consuming and draining mentally.

Which causes a lot of men to try and forget about online dating entirely.


There is a solution that I have discovered that makes online dating both less time consuming and more effective in attracting the women whom you really want online.

And that method is…

Using Copy And Paste Messages To Open Women Online.

Now many people don’t like this sort of suggestion because it sounds cold, uncaring, and unemotional but I disagree.

I believe that one of the biggest factors that destroys men’s chances of attracting women online is getting over-emotional.

What I mean is, men become too invested in pursuing a woman that they haven’t even spoken to yet.

This is where one-itis and chasing a girl kicks in and guys become frustrated and waste all of their time trying to get a date with ONE woman instead of trying to get a date with TEN different women.

And I believe that the primary cause of this problem is men reading a girl’s online dating profile, spending hours trying to come up with the PERFECT first message to send her, and HAVING to have her.

The solution to this madness is to DON’T ever read a woman’s online dating profile, and to instead begin sending copy and paste messages.

Doing this allows you to message a higher quantity of women in a much shorter amount of time, it prevents you from getting emotional about any one particular woman, and it simply flat out works much better.

The first message that I send to women is something very outcome independent, non-needy, and it’s a first message that will automatically screen out the women who aren’t interested in me sexually and romantically.

The first message that I send to women on online dating sites is this:

“Hey, you seem like a cool girl. Message me back if you’re interested.”

This message is cool, short, non-needy, doesn’t compliment a woman’s appearance, and automatically screens out the women who aren’t interested in dating and fucking me.

Why does a message like this work so well?

  1. Because it’s short and research has shown that women online respond more to messages that are shorter than they do to messages that are longer.
  2. Look at how I ended the first message. “Message me back if you’re interested”. That means that she is only allowed to message me back if she is interested in me sexually or romantically.

I’m not trying to be nice and make “polite” conversation, I’m not asking her boring questions about her stupid dog or how hot the weather is outside, and I am NOT complimenting her appearance and kissing her ass by telling her how “pretty” she is.

This is a completey different from the way that most men message a woman that they are interested in. 

Most men online send women messages like:

“You are so beautiful, do you have a nickname?” or “Wow, you like to do rock climbing? so do I, I competed in the national rock climbing competition and won several trophies”

Is it any wonder why these men struggle to attract the women they really want using online dating?

Lining Up Dates And Getting Laid From Online Dating…

Here comes the fun part, this is where I share with you my method and strategy for securing dates and getting laid using the power of online dating.

My tip for getting dates online is a very simple one:

Ask for a meetup or a phone number on the third message and no later…

I have done various testing and analysis over the years. I’ve tried bantering and building comfort with women online for hours and NONE of it worked.

I’ve spent hours, weeks, and sometimes MONTHS talking about a girl’s childhood and her favorite pets, you name it, and NONE of it worked.

What I have learned over my years of trying to attract and pick up women using online dating is 2 things.

  1. If a girl is really interested in you sexually or romantically, she’s going to agree to meet up with you no matter how soon that you pitch the date and the meet up.
  2. There are many women online who are time-wasters and are only looking to get emotional validation and flirt with men just for giggles.

For these 2 reasons I never wait past my third message to a woman to ask for a meetup. Never. 

If she’s interested, she will agree to meetup with me and if she’s not interested in me sexually or romantically, then she will turn down my advances and I will move on and begin talking to other women.

I’d advise you to follow the same course of action. Attraction is NOT logical, it is purely emotional. Don’t waste time on women who aren’t interested in you sexually or romantically.

Focus your time, efforts, and energy on women who ARE interested in exchanging phone numbers with you, meeting up with you, and sleeping with you.

Because the facts remain, that the men who women are interested in, they want those men to take action, progress the interaction forward, and set up dates and meet up with them.

The women who aren’t interested in those men, simply want to waste those men’s time, and have those men flatter them, and give them fake compliments.

I don’t know about you but I’m interested in sleeping with the women that I meet online, I’m not interested in talking about the weather with those women.

Online Dating Tips For Men: Where To Go From Here…

This article has given you the basic blueprint that you need in order to fill your calendar up with dates using online dating and get laid using online dating. But ultimately it is up to you to follow all of the advice that I have given you.

If you don’t mind spending hours and hours trying to come up with clever openers to send to women and NOT getting a response, then do NOT follow the advice that I given to you.

But if your goal is to set up dates with as many attractive women as you can and begin sleeping with them in as little time as possible, then I suggest that you adhere to the advice and rules that I have given to you.

Getting Laid online is NOT hard if you know what to do and how to do it, and with this article you have just now read, you now KNOW how to do it.

– Malcolm Thomas

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