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One Simple Tip on Getting Girls to Chase You and Get Laid

tippeI have this one friend of mine who is a huge player and gets laid constantly on the regular.

He’s an average looking dude but he has game no doubt!

He obviously gets rejected sometimes but getting laid definitely outweighs all the rejections.

You can get rejected nine times in a row but if you get laid on your 10th girl, it’s all worth those other nine rejections.

A lot of people think that ignoring a girl works, and when they do ignore girls they STILL don’t get laid.

I used to believe this a lot too because I used to think that if I ignored a girl, she would be chasing me right? No.

The thing here is that the girl has to be INTERESTED/ATTRACTED to you in the first place for her to chase you and want to have sex with you.

This is what my friend did constantly with chicks.

He meets a chick, gives her all his attention for a few days and compliments her and asks her out on a date or whatnot.

He has deep conversations with them and lets her do all of the talking.

When you first meet a chick, she could have NO interest in you at all or she could have SOME interest in you because of your appearance or whatnot.

However, when you start giving them lots of attention in the beginning stage of the pickup, she might become interested and attracted to you.

After you think you have gave her enough attention and showed interest to her, she might even start to get uninterested in you because you are starting to appear clingy.

This is when you cut her off from your life!

Do not text her anymore, do not message her, and avoid any contact with her. Don’t snap chat her or any other means of communication.

Now start meeting other chicks and start showing them interest, just as what I said to do with the first chick you met. 

Now two things can happen:

The first chick you met could care less if you ignore her and move on OR… she can be puzzled why you are not messaging her and thus she would want to try to get your attention again.

This is the perfect situation because since you are on your second girl, you could care less if she doesn’t text you or whatever.

This is what my friend does, he talks to a chick and shows her lots of interest in the beginning. Then he cuts her off from his life and most of the times the girl would start chasing him.

When he finds a chick chasing him and wanting his attention, he takes her out on a date and it usually ends up in sex. 

Here’s a simple layout of what my friend does:

1. Meets chick

2. Gets to know her more, gives her lots of attention and shows that he’s interested in the beginning

3. Cuts her off from his life/does not text her anymore and starts to look for a new girl

4. The first girl usually starts to chase him as he ignores her (the amount of time you ignore her varies. Sometimes chicks crawl back to him after two weeks of him ignoring them.)

5. He meets up with first chick and then takes her out on a date. He then starts ignoring the second chick he meets.

6. Rinse and Repeat

Remember, some girls could care less if you ignore them. However, it does work on most girls who are interested/attracted to you.

Until next time,

Perry Keith

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