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Never Buy a Girl a Drink BEFORE Having Sex

drinkingIt’s no secret that I’m a man who refuses to pay for dates.

It’s no secret that I am of the belief that trying to wine and dine your way into a girls pants is both ineffective and expensive.

It’s no secret that I am of the mindset that men and women should both be treated as equals in regards to their finances and financial resources.

However… there is ONE more thing you need to know about me.

I refuse to buy a girl a drink before I have sex with her. As a matter of fact, I flat out refuse to buy her anything.

You read that correctly. I will not buy a girl a single thing UNTIL she and I both have sex together.


Well… that is what this article is for. Allow me to explain exactly why you should NEVER buy a girl a drink BEFORE you have sex with her.

Pay for Play?

When a man meets a girl and buys her a drink, this is how the interaction usually unfolds in the girls mind:

“This seems like a nice and handsome man. He just now bought me a drink so obviously he must like me and be trying to win over my approval. Alright mister, lets see what you got and how you stack up and measure to all of the previous men I have dated.”


“This guy obviously must not be very popular with the ladies which is why he is trying to buy me a drink just to have a conversation with me. Okay, I will talk to him for just a bit and then I will excuse myself from the interaction and go meet man who is SEXY.”

Now, a girl will NEVER flat out tell you this in person. Instead, what she will do is string you along because well… what other option have you actually given her?

If a girl wants to all of sudden buy ME a drink without telling me specifically WHY, should *I* refuse?

No, of course not. I would let a girl buy me a drink even IF I do not like her and would never sleep with her.

Well… women think and operate the exact same way. When a man buys a girl a drink, he is subtly telling her that: “I like you and am attracted to you and do not know whether or not you are attracted to me so I will buy you a drink and see what happens”.

Not only that, but the man who buys a girl a drink sets the entire precedence of the interaction (and relationship) on the wrong footing. Here is this guy who has just now met this girl and ALREADY he is buying her stuff and rewarding her for something that she did not earn.

So we have established that buying girls drinks does not help you attract women nor does it help you get them into bed. As a matter of fact, it actually hurts you… tremendously. And it does not ONLY hurt you, it ALSO hurts your wallet.

So what should a man do?

Buy a girl a drink? Don’t buy her a drink? Tell her to buy YOU a girl?

Here is the simple answer and solution to this very common dilemma…

Stop Buying Girls Drinks, Start Getting Laid

When a girl asks you to buy her a drink and you do OR.. whenever you simply decide to buy a girl a drink, it instantly places you into the provider role AND it forces the girl to want to slow things down.

Why should she very quickly sleep with a man who is buying her things. If she does that, she risks him fleeing and viewing her as “too easy” or a slut.

The solution to the “buy a girl a drink” problem is to NEVER buy girls drinks.

If a girl asks you to buy her a drink, you very nicely respond to her by saying:

“We just met and you’re already trying to make me buy you things. Lets see if we have some chemistry first. I want to learn a bit more about you.”

In effect, you lightly turn DOWN her request, you very quickly CHANGE the subject so that she doesn’t feel too bad, and you continue to PROGRESS the seduction and interaction.

Doing this helps you avoid the problem of paying for drinks and it causes women to think more highly of you. Here is a man who is in the presence of an attractive woman, she asks him for a favor, and he turns her down. 

This is what is happening in a girls head in response to this:

“This MUST very highly sought after man. This man MUST have lots of options and OTHER women. THIS is a man who I want.”

Want to know what usually ends up happening afterwards 9 times out of 10?

The girl will usually end up buying YOU a drink. And all because you presented yourself as a REAL man who has no fear of rejection or a girl walking away.

That is how you solve the “buy a girl a drink” dilemma. You turn down her request very nicely, you continue talking to her and connecting with her, until…

She buys YOU a drink. And then… you and her both have sex.

– Malcolm Thomas

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