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My ‘Beta’ Friend vs My ‘Player’ Friend

erI know a friend of mine who was always on the move to meet chicks and sleep with them.

Guess what I noticed?

Girls actually became attracted to him even though they didn’t know he was messing around with other chicks at the same time.

I’m sure some of his girls found out but yeah, the point of this article is to see if girls actually like man whores or not.

I always used to get kind of puzzled and jealous because he was having beautiful chicks messaging him and calling him constantly even though he already moved on from them to meet new girls.

I then used to try ignoring girls because I thought it would make them attracted to you, so I used to ignore chicks and that didn’t really work out.

I later realized ignoring chicks does work but I was doing it WRONG the whole time. To make chicks attracted to you by ignoring them, you have to actually talk to them and build attraction with them.

When I used to ignore chicks back in the day, I did not even meet them or anything, I just ignored them and sometimes it worked but most of the time chicks didn’t give a crap.

I then started to see what my friend was doing because his phone always had multiple chicks he was talking to and they just seemed SO attracted to him.

Here are a few things I learned from my friend who was considered a ‘player’… 

First of all, my friend would always introduce himself to a girl and then he would start talking to them.

He would try to build an emotional connection with them by asking them deep questions and doing all the listening.

He would give them constant attention and hint that he liked them by complimenting them and just trying his best to always continue the conversation.

He would talk to them for a week straight or longer. After he felt like he did enough talking to them and that they may actually like him, he would stop talking to them completely!

This made most chicks go crazy for him!

Girls would wonder why he would just stop talking to them and that he probably found a new girl.

Girls would ask themselves why a dude who apparently liked them just stopped talking to them.

Girls are really competitive and they feel like they lost something they could have had, this refers to the forbidden fruit principle.

With all this confusion, she would text him back after a few weeks of no communication with him and start a conversation with him. He would take them out on a date after and rest is history.

To add on to my story, I had another friend who liked the same girl as my ‘player’ friend once did. Both of them were talking to her and messaging her.

However, my ‘beta’ friend smothered her with attention and never stopped. If anything, he would wait a few days to message her again and try talking to her.

She was really nice and would always talk to my friend but it seemed that there was no sexual chemistry between them from the boring ass conversations they were having.

On the other hand, my ‘player’ friend smothered her with attention in the beginning BUT he then stopped talking to her completely.

After a few weeks passed by, she messaged him and started talking to him and she wanted to meet up with him in person.

This was all happening while my ‘beta’ friend was still messaging her and always trying to talk to her.

Both of my friends were average looking males and the same chick they were talking to was gorgeous.

It’s kind of sad how most girls are really competitive and that they go crazy when they find out that a guy who liked them isn’t into them anymore.

Most girls get turned off when they see that a guy likes them but keeps on messaging them and smothers them with attention.

However, once this guy STOPS messaging her completely and removes her out of his life, some chicks would end up chasing them back.

Moral of story: meet a chick + build attraction with her + Remove her from your life + she tries to come back into your life + take her out on a date if she does = get laid.

– Perry Keith

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