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Lust or Love?

lustingHave you ever met a girl and wondered, “She’s the one!

This used to happen to me all the time I saw an insanely attractive chick.

But the times I have actually got into a relationship with them, I realized we actually had NOTHING in common.

It’s fun dating an attractive chick for a while, but in my case the relationships just die out.

I realized I was just in it for lust and that there was no level of actual attraction.

Here are some ways to know if you are interested in a girl because of lust or love. 

You fell for her at first sight.

This is a huge indicator that it could be just lust.

If you are walking down the street and see a hot chick and get all in love with her, it’s probably lust.

If you are focused on how she looks and her appearance, then this could tell you that lust is just fogging up your mind to think that you are in love with her.

It happens a lot with guys and they usually end up thinking about her all the time and wanting to be with her.

If you just want to bang hot chicks then its lust, to each their own.

This article here is just to explain the difference between lust and love that a lot of guys think are the same. 

She tries to make a better you.

If you are with a chick and she tries to motivate you and to push you towards achieving your goals, and you’re really into her, it is most likely love instead of lust.

If you get attracted to a chick after getting to know her, then it could be that there is something more than lust.

If you are in it for lust then go for it! 

All you think about is having sex with her.

This is most likely lust of course.

You can’t say you’re in love if the only thing you want to do is have sex with her and leave.

However, some guys want that and that’s their own preference. 

You enjoy having conversations with her.

If you actually enjoy talking to her and get excited every time she messages, then you could possibly be in love.

If you talk to her for hours and don’t get bored and tired, then she could actually mean something to you more than just lust.

Trust me, there’s times where you just want a hot chick in your life and that’s cool, but if you want a chick to be loyal towards you, you have to create a connection that no other man has done with her.

– Perry Keith

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