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It is Not What You Do; It is How You Do It

whattyIf you were anything like me when I was younger, you inevitably heard someone tell you that “it is not what you say but how you say it.”

I absolutely hated that saying. But it is TRUE.

Delivering what you have to say in a positive manner, whether it be negative or not, creates a blip in the matrix.

Before someone can react to the negative statement they are forced to stop and assume that you meant no harm as it was presented with NO threatening or condescending tone.

This does not just play in with our verbal communication with other people. This rule applies to our physical connection as well.

Think about it. You are reading all of the bullshit “pick-up artist” lines for months on end in hopes of getting to test them out on the next victim to your unconfident ploys. 

You find a girl who takes to you the slightest and she agrees to give you a chance, you lineup a night out for drinks with her.

She pulls up to the date, introduces herself and that is the second your head starts spinning with all the shit you have been reading. Your mind takes off, slowly filtering through tips and lines and kino moments that you have read about endlessly leading up to the date.

You begin to touch her way too much because you feel like the intent is not there yet so you cannot stop yourself.

You become way to condescending and are teetering the line of a hate crime with how much “negging” you are doing.

You are obviously overcompensating for your lack of natural confidence and are uncomfortable as fuck being yourself. She see’s this. No, she feels this!

Women have some sort of a sixth sense that allows them to quickly and honestly judge your natural character within the first couple moments of meeting you.

If you are fiddling around with memorizing lines, and find it very unnatural to touch people in conversation (confident people are NOT) the woman you take out, will recognize this.

She will flat out find you creepy and assume you are hiding something that she most certainly will not want to stay around to find out.

If you get out there and believe that you are the best “You” that you can be and present yourself as such, you will see a shift in the moment.

She will be open to your advances and almost help you in some situations. Women do not care if you do not have the best lines, greatest hair or know some stupid mind game.

To their core, they want to know that you are fully invested in yourself and committed to becoming the BEST man you can be.

She DOES NOT care if you are not the best man you can be, yet. She wants to SEE that you are able to roll with the punches, put yourself out there 100% and be okay if things go good or bad.

That shows her and you for that matter, that down the line you will be the best you can be. Women do not need a man who is 110% together but they sure as fuck want a man who has the potential to do so.

Memorized lines or not, women want to see you CONFIDENT and COMFORTABLE in any situation. That means being YOURSELF and okay with the flaws and faults that you have. You probably have a lot less than she does.

You can trip over every word you say to her while introducing yourself but if you follow it up with a “wow, I’m like a baby calf who cannot even walk. Let me try again. I’m Zach and that was the worst introduction you ever heard.”

No bullshit. In that dumb line I recognized my fuckup, called it out (vulnerability) and threw in some humor.

But I did not plan those parts out. That was just the first thing that came to my head. She will laugh and assume you must be pretty damn confident to call yourself out like that.

That is because you ARE confident. The dating world, attraction in particular, runs off of how you do something.

You can do WHATEVER you want and if you do it with confidence, you emit an attractive charisma that will more often than not, attract women to you.

– Playboi

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