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How to Walk With Confidence (and Effortlessly Attract Girls)

how to walk with confidenceLearning how to walk with confidence is important not only for improving your self-esteem but also for giving you the ability to effortlessly attract girls to you more easily.

Girls are very good at reading your body language signals and most men inadvertantly (and unintentionally) give off bad body language signals and this prevents these men from ever attracting beautiful girls into their life.

How does having bad body language hurt your interactions with women?

Because how you think about yourself shows through your body language and how you walk.

And men who are successful with women (and in business) walk a certain way (and acompletely different way) from the way that men who fail with women walk.

But there’s far more greater reasons for why you should want to learn how to walk with confidence:

Developing a very sexy, confident walk will allow you to get attention from women wherever you go, get girlsintrigued and curious about you, and cause heads to turn no matter where you go because people (and more importantly women) will instantly recognize that you are not just an “average man”.

Girls will be able to recognize that you are a man with purpose, a man who’s on a mission, and a man who leads and lives a life with passion and conviction.

Here’s some of my best tips to help you develop a sexy, confident walk to attract girls to you with ease.

How to Walk With Confidence (and Make Women Notice You)

The key to learning how to walk with confidence is first learning how to avoid making the biggest mistakes that most men when it comes to walking that turns women off.

The biggest mistakes that most men make when they walk is:

  • Walking too fast and not paying ANY attention to the things that are around them
  • Walking while looking down and having their head face the ground
  • Text messaging while walking which means that they are NOT observing (all of the pretty interested women around them)
  • Walking with very bad posture which causes women to think that they have very low self-esteem (which these women are usually right about)

Most men make some of these mistakes when they walk which decreases the amount of success that they have with women. Some men make ALL of these mistakes which lowers their success rate with women even lower.

Here’s some of my personal tips to help you begin to walk with more confidence so that you are able to attract girls to you instead of repelling women from you. 

The Simple Steps to Walking With Confidence (and Getting a Girl’s Attention)

Here’s how you can begin walking in a way that is attractive:

When walking always keep your head parallel to the ground and observe everything around you:

The thing most men do wrong when they walk is that most men walk while looking down which:

  1. Looks very submissive and weak (and also very unattractive)
  2. Prevents you noticing the beautiful girls around you giving you signals

If there’s ONE thing that you can do right now to instantly improve your walk (and also your confidence and how you feel whenever you walk) is to begin walking with your head straight and observing everything around you.

Begin to comment on the things that you walk by: 

If you notice a nice car, then say “Wow, that’s a really cool car”.

If you notice a cute girl who is walking towards you in your direction, make sure to make eye contact with her and be sure to smile at her and if you think she’s interested, approach her.

Doing these simple things sets you apart from most men because most men do not do these simple obvious things. Most men are too busy texting on their phone and trying to walk at the same time and most men are too damn busy feeling sorry for themselves and moping around.

And girls do not want to be around men who are like this.

Girls want to be around men who observe, pay attention, and walk with confidence.

Keep Your Shoulders Back and Keep Your Back Straight:

This is another thing that most guys do NOT pay any attention to (but women do).

Learn how to keep your shoulders back whenever you walk and also make sure to walk with your back straight.

Doing this not only helps to improve your posture but doing this ALSO allows you to come across as a man who is composed, not in a rush, and is used to achieving success and having things go his way.

Walk SLOW, Walk SLOW, Walk SLOW

I repeated this three times because I wanted to really pound this tip into your head and ALSO because this is the biggest difference between a man who walks sexy and a man who walks terrible or “average”.

This is THE most important tip to follow if you want to really learn how to walk with confidence and get girl’s attention no matter where you go.

What’s the ONE thing that most men don’t do whenever they walk?

They don’t walk slow.

Walking slow does so many good things for you and it only requires a little bit of effort:

  • Walking slow allows you to come across as a man who is smooth, suave, and sexy
  • Walking slow allows you to instantly come across as a more sensual and seductive guy
  • Walking slow allows you to come across as a man who is confident (only weak “average men” move fast)
  • Walking slow gives you more time to observe the room and see everything around you
  • Walking slow will cause women and men to think that you “Own The Room”

Here’s the simple truth: Only men with power walk slowly.

  • When Kings walk, they walk slowly.
  • When the President walks, he walks slowly.
  • When James Bond walks, he walks slowly.

If you want to have a confident and sexy walk, then you have to emulate the men who are confident and sexy. Or as some people like to call it “Reverse Engineering” other people’s success.

How to Walk With Confidence (and attract girls without even trying)

Learning how to develop a very sexy and confident walk can sometimes seem like something very minor… but as you are already well aware, it is the little things compounded together that gets you results and success with women.

Walk like you “Own The Room”.

Walk with conviction and power.

Walk like you lead and live a very powerful life and watch and SEE how other people react to you. Watch and see how GIRLS react to you.

This article has given you some powerful tips on showing you how you can walk with confidence. Try implementing just a few of these secret tactics and watch your results with women improve (maybe even overnight).

– Malcolm Thomas

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