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How to Use Social Proof to Meet and Attract Women

social Social Proof is a powerful tool if you’re looking to succeed with women, when they see you talking to other girls.

The only drawback is that you can’t fake it. Women can tell when other women or men see you as a pest rather than a cool guy. 

Remember your goal is to be a powerful, dominant, and suave man. Your goal isn’t running around to become best friends with everyone in the bar, club, or whatever the venue is. You’re not supposed to be an entertainer and also you don’t want to be a quiet guy either.   

Social proof is essentially letting women see that other women like you and men find you cool. When women see that people want to be around you, then they’ll be more open to meeting you.

How to Use Social Proof to Meet and Attract Women: What NOT to Do 

Let’s cover 3 simple not to do rules when building your social circle:

1. Don’t over stay your welcome

There’s nothing worse than a guy who just doesn’t know when it’s his time to leave. 

When you linger way too long after the conversation fades, you’ll notice a weird awkward tension in the air. That’s normally when you see guys head to the bar or girls head to the bathroom. 

Even worse, a guy may try to follow the group around like a lost puppy dog. There’s nothing wrong with hanging out with a new group of people, but leave with the feeling of “when is this guy going to leave?!”

2. Don’t talk too much

It’s one thing if you’re telling a story but remember to keep it short. 

Remember you want to give girls the impression that you’re a king and NOT a court jester. Kings sit and wait to be amused, jesters do all the talking and make the fools of themselves. 

You can have fun, relax, and give girls the impression that you’re a solid guy. Don’t talk over people either, if you have something to share, say it loud enough so people can actually hear you. 

You can lean in as if to tell a secret to the group, then tell it to them.

3. Respect boundaries

You should never bash a girl’s friends. This almost never ends well, and you’ll end up completely burning a bridge. 

That means don’t call a girl’s friend out for trying to cock block you or trying to out “alpha” one of her guys friends.  

Remember your goal is just to chill with these people, so that other women see you having a good time with other girls. When a girl sees you laughing and smiling with another girl she thinks to herself “This guy seems cool, what’s he about?”.

How to Use Social Proof to Meet and Attract Women: What You SHOULD Do

Three things to do:

1. Approach women, who seem receptive to you.  

When people see you and your friends having a good time they’ll want to join in. 

If a girl isn’t open to your advances shrug it off and keep moving. When you find a girl who does seem open to your advances, isolate yourselves for a more private and intimate conversation. 

At the peak of the conversation invite her home, for an after party. 

2.  Know your goal for the night

it’s easy to get caught up in making friends rather than getting laid.  

A lot of guys go out with the purpose of getting laid, but they end being a girl’s friend.  

The problem is when you give a girl TOO MUCH fun and you don’t shape that fun with a sexy vibe thrown in you’re JUST a fun guy to be around. Make sure to keep a balance of having fun and keeping your sexy vibe.

3. Touch women in a fun and exciting way  

You want to be sure to touch women during high points of conversation. This way other women can see that other women love and enjoy being touched by you. 

How to Use Social Proof to Meet and Attract Women

Other useful tips:

Keep, cool, calm, and relaxed.

Don’t fret if you’re nervous about talking to a particular girl because you already know that there are SO many people who already want to talk to you. 

When you have doubt coming up, just beat it down with “Hey she’ll want to get to me because all these other people enjoy my company.” 

One thing you want to ensure is that you don’t talk to receptive women for too long. You can excuse yourself from unhelpful women with a “Nice to meet you.” Then just head off to regroup with your friend or talk to another girl.  

You always want to keep moving until you find a girl who wants to go home with you.

The biggest thing is to remember to enjoy yourself when you’re out interacting with women. 

It’s actually really easy to warm girls up, if you’re already giving off positive energy. 

Same goes for being sexy, when you give off a sexy vibe women will respond to that. From there you want to isolate and sexually escalate with receptive women.

– Just Dave

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