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How to Use Sexy and Powerful Eye Contact to Get Girls (Aroused)

how to use sexy and powerful eye contact to get girls aroused You do not necessarily need to be rich and handsome to get the attention of girls.

Never underestimate the power of your eyes.

When used well, your eyes can seductively lure girls and entrap them in your love web.

There are a number of ways with which you can use your eyes to attract and get girls.

Basic Tips on How to Use Powerful and Sexy Eye Contact to Get Girls

Using powerful, sexy eye contact will allow you to attract and seduce women much more easier.

Women like it when a man concentrates on them.

By staring deeply into a woman’s eyes, you are subtly communicating your attraction and concentration on her. This is a killer step, if you repeatedly do this to the wome n you meet , chances are that she will begin to enjoy this attention and will in turn reciprocate your actions.

These long deep stares do not ONLY tell girls that you find them attractive. They ALSO speak volumes about your personality and how confident that you are. Only confident men are able to look beautiful women directly in the eyes and NOT look down.

Most girls are attracted to men attributed with self confidence. They in turn interpret eye contact as an act of self confidence.

As much as a powerful eye contact has overwhelming advantages when it comes to getting girls, be careful not to overdo it. Always ensure that whenever you stare deep into a girls eyes that you have a hint of a smile on your face as well.

Your stare should also be gentle and loving but NOT intimidating. An intimidating stare will cause most women to run away in the opposite direction.

The advantage of a powerful and sexy eye contact lies in the fact that it can be used whether or not you actually know the girl. A lingering stare accompanied by a sexy wink towards a cute girl will catch her by surprise and she will want to know more about “this daring guy”.

When you are  having a conversation with a girl who you already know, when you are looking into her eyes, be sure to smile. You can occasionally break the intensity of your gaze by lowering your gaze to the area between her eyes just for a few seconds then gently stare back into her eyes.

Shy men are also encouraged to stare at women in between their eyes. You can take this opportunity to dilate your pupils. Dilated pupils express a burning desire. Girls like it when they know they are the object of your desire and they positively respond to such looks.

Aside from using sexy eye contact to get girls, use the up down look. When you give a woman an up and down look, you are not only telling her that you appreciate what you see but ALSO that you would like to know and learn more about what you see.

The eye speaks volume about your inner emotions. Whenever you stare at a woman, ensure that all your emotions are conveyed to her through your eyes. This way, you can ensure that your eye contact will get you the girls you want.

But there’s one more secret on how to use sexy and powerful eye contact to get girls that most people never talk about…

How to Create Instant Attraction in a Girl Using Sexy and Powerful Eye Contact

What if I told you that there was a secret to instantly improving your opening percentage rate with the women you meet?

Meaning using this ONE secret eye contact tip will allow you to attract women before you even open your mouth and speak to them.

Here’s the secret: Whenever you approach a woman, establish powerful eye contact BEFORE speaking to her. That is, whenever you approach a girl, try to get her to look at you FIRST before you begin talking to her.

Doing this does so many powerful things for you:

  • It allows you to establish sexual tension by creating an air of suspense and getting her complete attention
  • When a girl looks at you FIRST before you begin speaking to her, she is much more likely to be actively listening to what you are saying and she has less chances of being distracted
  • Making eye contact with a girl before you begin talking to her comes across as more smooth, natural, and charming.

If you want to be able to develop the ability to use sexy eye contact to attract and seduce girls, then focus heavily on establishing eye contact with women before you begin talking to them. It’s so crucial.

When you are able to use your eyes to communicate with women (and flirt with them too) you come across as very powerful. Women will know and sense that you are rare because you are able to do something to them (make them feel aroused and horny) with just your eyes that most men can’t.

Begin working on using the power of your eyes to get girls attracted to you and watch your success rate with women double overnight.

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