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How to Turn Phone Numbers into DATES

easterIt’s the ONE area of game that every guy ends up struggling with. Being able to consistently turn phone numbers into DATES.

It does not matter how great you are at talking to girls in PERSON…

it does not matter how great you are at talking to girls ONLINE

it does not matter how many times you are able to make a girl laugh

… If you can’t turn phone numbers into dates, then you can’t have any SEX, which means that your chances of getting a girlfriend or establishing an open relationship with a girl you like becomes ZERO.

Consistently turning phone numbers into DATES means developing a very solid strategy. It means using a tried and true text messaging strategy to set up dates using the least amount of effort.

Consistently turning phone numbers into DATES requires having a PROCESS.

How to Turn Phone Numbers into DATES

The biggest mistake most guys make when they text girls is not having a clear and concise strategy. Most guys either text girls not knowing what to say OR… most guys decide not to text girls at all after again not knowing what to say.

But here is the ONLY question that you should ask yourself before you send ANY girl a text message?

Why are you texting this girl in the FIRST place?

To take it a step further, why did you decide to get her phone number in the first place?

If you are being honest, then you and I both know that you got her phone number with the intentions of going out on a date with her. If you are being completely honest, that is why you chose to get her phone number and text her.

So knowing all of this, every text message that you send to this girl should bring you CLOSER to your goal of setting up a date.

Step #1: Send Her An Intro Text Message (and Establish Comfort)

The first text message that you send to a girl should be very short and simple.

All that your initial text message is doing is re-establishing comfort with this girl and making her REMEMBER exactly who you are and exactly WHY she gave you her phone number in the first place.

All your first text message is doing is encouraging her that she made the right decision in deciding to give you her phone number because you are a cool, sexy, normal, likable guy.

The first text message that I send to girls these days is something short and simple like:

Malcolm: It was nice meeting you Kelly. I have still have the image of that weird shirt you had on stuck in my head 🙂  -Malcolm

Kelly: It was very nice meeting you too Malcolm 🙂 I appreciate the compliment about my shirt 🙂

The first text message that I send to girls is usually something very lighthearted, fun, and most importantly… EASY to respond to.

After a bit more bantering and back and forth text messaging, I will usually push for the date or… as I like to word it “hang out”.

And here is one incredibly easy way to NEVER get rejected or turned down once you invite girls out on dates…

Suggest a plan, and give her TWO different time options.

That ends up looking like this:

Malcolm: Let’s grab a cup of coffee this week. There’s this new cafe that just opened up that makes the most awesome flavored coffee. What works better for you, Monday or Wednesday night?

Most girls will usually respond by telling you which day works the best for them and just like that you have managed to very easily turn a phone number into a DATE.

This strategy is very effective for MANY different reasons.

The first reason why this method of setting up a date works SO well is due to the fact that you are giving the girl TWO different time options. There is a sneaky psychological reason why you want to do this. 

This sneakily STOPS the girl from running this thought in her head “Do I really want to go out with him” to deciding THESE thoughts in her head “Wednesday is a much better day for me to go on a date with him”.

By a woman stopping to consider which day works best for her schedule, she is already AGREEING to go out on a date with you ;).

The reason why this strategy of setting up a date ALSO works so well is due to the fact that you are already ASSUMING in advance that this girl WANTS to go out with you.

This conveys the message to the woman that you have an abundance mentality and that you have lot’s of CONFIDENCE.

It also lets the woman know that you are USED to dating very attractive women and going out on lots of dates.

This instantly allows the girl to feel at ease, more comfortable agreeing to go out with you, and more likely to have sex with you too.

How to Turn (Almost) Any Phone Number into a Date

The method of setting up dates is VERY simple.

Get a girl’s phone number and remember to leave the interaction on a HIGH note.

Send her an initial text message to establish some comfort and get a conversation between the two of you going.

After a bit of back and forth text messaging banter, tell her to “hang out” with you and find out which day of the week works best for her.

Go on the first date with her and take her to bed.

And there you have it, a complete yet very simple  A-Z strategy on how to turn phone numbers into DATES consistently and (almost) every single time.

Until next time,

– Malcolm Thomas

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