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How to Text Girls (and Set Up Dates)

texting girlsTell me if this has ever happened to you…

You’re out during the day or at a nightclub and you happen to meet a beautiful girl who catches your interest.

So you approach her…

And the two of you hit it off, exchange some banter and laughs, spend a couple of minutes connecting with each other, and the two of you eventually exchange phone numbers and plan to meet up again sometime in the very near future.

You leave the conversation with this woman feeling high and mighty and confident that you will get her out on a date sometime this week or the next, except…

A few days later once you try to text her, she doesn’t respond, or if she does respond to your text message, it’s NOT the response that you was “hoping” to receive.

So you try texting her a few days later to try and get her out on a date with you and when you do…

She KEEPS making excuses about why she is unable to meet up with you, how she is SO busy and her schedule is SO full, and you eventually give up trying to text girls and get them out on dates with you.

“Texting girls doesn’t work” you proclaim to yourself. “Girls are too flakey” you say afterwards.

Only, the problem lies not with the women you meet, but with your inability to properly text girls and get them out on dates with you.

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated and not knowing how to text girls and get them out on dates with you, then this article will remove ALL of your frustrations involving texting girls, remove all of the mystery and clout concerning what you need to do to successfully text girls, and arm you with all of the tactics and techniques that you NEED in order to successfully text girls and set up dates.

Why Most Men FAIL When Trying To Text Girls

The #1 mistake that most guys make when it comes to texting girls with the hopes of setting up a date is…

They never actually ask a woman out on a date through text.

I’ve discussed this in more detail in the article “What to Text a Girl To Get Dates” where I stated that most men do not HAVE a goal or an objective when they text a girl.

Most men seem to approach texting girls with the underlying mindset of “Let me text this girl and get her to SOMEHOW agree to go out on a date with me”. No wonder most men fail at texting girls.

What most men do when texting girls is they:

  • Spend a lot of time teasing and flirting with women over text
  • Spend a lot of time trying to be funny and make women laugh over text
  • They try to build an emotional connection through text messaging
  • They try sending a girl ONE text message, she doesn’t respond right away or the way that they had “hoped” and they immediately get needy and begin texting her 50 MORE times that very same day

These are the tactics that most men use in their lame attempts and efforts to get women to respond to their text messages and to get women to agree to go out on a date with them.

The only thing that ALL of these strategies ensure is that you will FAIL when trying to schedule a date through text messaging because of the ONE following reason (and the most important reason):

Your #1 goal when texting girls should be to set up a date. That’s it.

Text messaging should NOT be used for:

  • Building ANY rapport or comfort
  • Having long-winded conversations and sharing stories
  • Teasing girls and trying to get girls to “like” you

The ONLY purpose of texting is to set up a date with that hot girl whom you exchanged phone numbers with.

And the reasoning for this is because of the following reasons:

  • It’s about 100x easier to build rapport and get a girl comfortable with you in person 
  • It’s about 100x easier to make girls laugh and tease girls in person
  • And it’s about 100x easier to get a girl to like you in person

For these reasons NONE of the text messages that you send to girls will be based on trying to establish (or build) any comfort, begin any back and forth banter, or done to tease a girl.

But why is this?

The Realization I Made That Has Allowed Me To Fill My Calendar With Dates 

“Isn’t it necessary to build comfort with girls over text messaging?”

“Don’t women like a man who can make them laugh over text messaging?”

These are the questions that I asked myself (and questions that most guys end up asking themselves).

After years of experimentation, trying a bunch of different texting methods, I can confidently say that I have found the answer and the reason why girls do NOT respond to the tactics that most guys take when it comes to text messaging women…

And that realization is this: When you try to make a girl laugh over text, or build comfort or rapport with a girl over text, what you are subconsciously communicating to a woman is “I have to get you to laugh and get you feeling comfortable in order to agree to go out on a date with me”.

You’re not literally saying that, but this is themeaning that your text messages is conveying to women.

Your text messages reeks of desperation, neediness, and a lack of an abundance mentality. Which is NOT attractive.

There is a much better way… 

How to Text Girls (and Set Up Dates)

When you know your objective and what exactly it IS when it comes to texting women, texting girls becomes easy and simple.

When I first began experimenting with different text messaging templates and such, I ended up asking myself “Would Brad Pitt be trying to get girls to laugh over text?”, “Would Tom Cruise be trying to build comfort with the women he meets over text?”

No, they wouldn’t be.

You would not EXPECT George Clooney to spend hours and hours trying to think of the most clever text message to send a woman he is interested in.

James Bond would NOT spend hours and hours sharing stories and laughs with a woman over text.

So I thought about all of this and then I asked myself:

What do all of THESE (attractive) men do differently from all of the rest of the NORMAL (unattractive) men?

And upon asking myself this question, I immediately realized the answer: They don’t put in ANY effort whatsoever (and women can sense this and find this incredibly attractive).

Ask yourself, who does a woman find more attractive?

The guy who calls and texts her 20 times a day or the guy who sends her a simple text message reading “Let’s meet for a cup of coffee today, does 7:00 work for you?”

The answer is simple, isn’t it?

ONE guy is stuck chasing a girl (which forces a girl to run away) and the OTHER guy is smoothly leading and commanding a girl (which all women naturally respond positively to).

Once I figured this out, I began applying this very SAME mindset and all of these tactics to my text message interactions and the results were unbelievable.

How to Text Girls: Techniques and Tactics You Can Use Starting TODAY

Here is a few tips and tactics that you can begin using to improve your text message interactions and set up dates with the women you meet much more easier:

Never Ask Questions, Always Command and Lead

One of the biggest and most common mistakes that most men make when it comes to texting girls is asking too many questions and NOT being a man and leading the interaction.

That ends up looking like this:

A man who asks too many questions and doesn’t lead:

Guy: So, do you want to go out with me?

Girl: Um, I’m not really sure. Why, where would you want to go?

Guy: I don’t know, where do you like to go and hang out?

Girl: I don’t know, besides I can’t because I have a test that I really need to be studying for

Guy: Okay, I understand. We can find some other time to hang out then.

There will never BE another time. This man’s failure and inability to lead is what COST him a date with this girl. 

Most men make THIS mistake. They all ask women questions instead of commanding women and giving them statements.

How do you text a girl in a very smooth way that shows leadership, is hard to say “No” to, and has women excited to meet you on a date?

Like this:

Guy: “Hey Amanda, let’s grab a bite to eat today after work. Does 8:00 work for you?”

Girl: “Yeah, 8:00 works for me. Where will we be going?”

Guy: “There’s this new Seafood Restaurant that recently opened up in the neighborhood that I’ve been meaning to check out. We can meet at my place then drive there together in my car. See you at 8:00”

Girl: “Okay, see you then :)”

What makes this text message interaction so powerful?

He is leading with statements that are difficult to say “No” to (who’s going to turn down a quick bite to eat, espicially after getting off of work) and he also makes her feel included by asking her if the time 8:00 works for her.

THIS is how to text girls and set up dates.

How to Text a Girl (and Always Get a Date)

This was a rather long article but it contains all of the basic mindset and tactics that you need to have in place in order to successfully text girls.

Here’s a quick recap:

  • Keep your text messages short, concise, and to the point.
  • Never try to make girls laugh, build any rapport, or build a connection over text
  • Your objective and goal in texting girls is to set up a date. That’s It
  • When texting girls, think of how Brad Pitt or James Bond would text a girl (Hint: They would set up a meet ASAP pronto and would avoid bantering with a girl over text)
  • Take action and follow the tips and advice in this article

Never again should you have to worry or be frustrated about what text message to send a girl, why she isn’t responding to your text messages,etc.

This article has shown you the blueprint on how to successfully text girls and get a date every time.

– Malcolm Thomas

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