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How to Text a Girl You Like (and Get a Date)

how to text a girl you like and get a dateMany men struggle learning how to text a girl who they like and are attracted to romantically.

But truthfully, figuring out what to text a girl shouldn’t be hard and thankfully it certainly isn’t hard. That is, once you know and understand the essential and very basic rules on how to text girls.

In this article I am going to reveal some powerful tips on how to text a girl you like (and get a date) with her fast and more importantly without any difficulty or struggle.

How to Text a Girl You Like (and Get a Date)

The biggest reason why most men struggle when it comes to text messaging girls is because most men do not have a very clear and solid objective for exactly why they are texting a girl in the first place.

You should always have very clear and solid reasons for all of your actions and this is especially true and important for dating and seduction.

What is your specific reason for wanting to text this girl who you like?

If your goal is like most men’s (which is to get laid) then your obvious goal for texting this woman is to set up a first date with her quickly and with as little effort as possible.

Well, in order for you to accomplish that particular goal, you need to do everything in your power that will make a girl want to say “Yes” to going out on a date with you instead of “No”.

In order to do that, you will need to make things easy for the girl. In other words, make it very easy for her to say “Yes” and agree to your suggestions and plans.

This is where most men go completely wrong, sending women text messages that are either boring, encourages her to have to think too hard, or forces to make a decision (which a woman should never have to do, it is the man’s job to lead).

Whenever you are text messaging a girl, it is your decision and your duty as a man to lead the interaction and the dialog. 

This involves giving commanding statements and leading by suggestion. But more importantly it involves adhering to 3 very important rules that you must follow if you hope to successfully text a girl and set up a date with her.

Here are the 3 simple rules that you must follow in order to successfully text a girl you like and get a date…

3 Important Rules on How to Text a Girl You Like (and Get a Date)

There are 3 important rules that you must follow if you want to arm yourself with the highest percentage chance of successfully texting girls and getting dates.

The 3 important rules that you must follow if you want to succeed at texting women are:

  • Always Send a Girl a Text Message Immediately After Getting Her Phone Number
  • You Never Want to Come Across As Too Needy or Desperate When You Are Text Messaging Women
  • Remember Your Goal: To Set Up a Date With This Girl As Quickly As Possible and With the Least Amount of Effort

I will explain each of these very important rules that you must follow below…

How to Text a Girl You Like: Send Her a Text Message Immediately

One of the things that I see a LOT of men do wrong when it comes to text messaging women, is waiting to send a girl a text message after they have managed to get her phone number.

This is a very bad thing to do for many different reasons such as:

  • The longer you wait to send her a text message, the more awkward that it becomes.
  • The longer you wait to send her a text message, the more greater of a chance that you give yourself of psyching yourself out.
  • And the biggest reasons of all, the more longer that you wait in order to send a text message to a girl who you like, the more greater chances that you have of losing her to faster competition (remember: attractive men move fast), life circumstances getting in the way of the seduction, or her forgetting about you and not even remembering who you are altogether.

I can’t stress this rule enough, you simply MUST make it your goal to text girls immediately after getting their phone numbers and setting up dates with them as quickly as possible.

A failure to do so will either lead to fading attraction or worse… ending up in the friend zone. You Have Been Warned.

How to Text a Girl You Like: Never Come Across As Too Needy or Desperate 

This is another mistake that I see a lot of guys make all of the time. Coming across as way too needy or desperate in their text message interactions with women.

What exactly do I mean when I say coming across as too needy or desperate?

When the average typical man sends a girl a text message and she doesn’t respond back immediately (or as quickly as the man had anticipated or hoped) he immediately begins bombarding her with text message after text message. One immediately after the other.

Here’s a little secret that you need to keep in mind: Women sometimes don’t immediately respond back to your text messages because they are trying to test you. They are testing to see and find out how needy and desperate that you are, they are testing to see if you are a man with options and other things going on in his life, and they are testing to see if you are like the typical average lame man.

The men who end up sending a girl 50 text messages after she fails to respond to their first text message, are essentially communicating to women that: “Yes, I am desperate, lame, and I can’t get any female attention or affection to save my life so please pay a little attention to me.”

That is what you are saying to women when you send them text message after text message over and over again in a span of 20 minutes because of their failure to respond back to ONE of your text messages.

Knock it off. Girls are NOT attracted to men who come across as too desperate, needy, or as wussies. In fact, men who display those traits and characteristics are just a turn-off.

How to Text a Girl: Remember Your Goal (Which is to Set Up a Date With this Girl as Quickly as Possible)

And so we finally arrive at the most important rule (and unfortunately the one rule that most men choose to ignore the most).

What is your goal and objective when you text a girl?

What is your REAL #1 goal?

It is to secure and get a date. That is the #1 reason for why you would even go about texting a girl in the first place.

So then why do most men do everything except set up dates when they text girls?

If you look at most men’s text message interactions with women it involves a lot of:

  • Playful back and forth banter, laughing, and joke telling
  • Connection building and sharing stories
  • Trying to makes girls laugh and use lot’s and lot’s of humor

And absolutely NO setting up dates.

Want to know the biggest reason for why most men completely fail at text messaging women?

Their failure and inabilty to keep their eyes on the prize (which is setting up dates with the attractive women that they meet).

They have some weird, undetermined, and unspecific goal of try to get this girl to laugh, exchange 50 messages sharing lots of jokes and banter, and somehow (someday?) find a way to set up a date with her.

Is it any wonder that these men do not know how to text a girl that they like?

How to Text a Girl You Like (and Get a Date Every Time)

By you following and adhering to these 3 very important rules that I have laid out for you here, you will find yourself texting girls with much less struggle, failure, and confusion.

You will give yourself a crystal clear goal of exactly why you are texting a girl, how to text her in an attractive way that will lead to a date, and what you must do in order to increase the probabilities of her saying “Yes” to you.

Follow these simple texting tips and rules that I have laid out for you here and you will succeed at texting girls, know how to text girls, and most importantly, you absolutely WILL get a date.

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