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How to Tell if a Girl is NOT Interested: 4 Signs to Look For

wowOn this site I constantly stress the rule that you should NEVER chase a girl.

I repeatedly tell men that women are most certainly replaceable, and that it is a much better idea to place your focus on improving yourself, your finances, your body, as opposed to wasting and spending all of your free time just to chase some tail.

But some guys continue not to “get it”.

They still chase women who are clearly not interested in them sexually or romantically…

They continue to call and text girls who want NOTHING to do with them…

They continue to stalk girls, be needy and desperate around women, and simply pester and nag girls…

Maybe these guys just don’t know how to tell if a girl is not interested or maybe they really do know and just don’t care. Either way…

In this article, I am going to arm you with some tips, strategies, and signs to look for to be able to successfully tell and determine if a girl is NOT interested in you.

Lately I have been seeing way too many guys chasing girls who are just not interested in them sexually or romantically and this does nothing but creates a very bad experience for BOTH parties.

It’s bad for the girl because she continues to get bombarded with more stranger and stranger text messages from random guys who she has absolutely NO interest in meeting up with.

It’s bad for the guy because he wasted all of this precious time chasing a girl who is clearly not interested yet… he just doesn’t get it, understand why, or know when to quit.

After reading this article and understanding the clear signs to look for, chasing women will be a thing of your past and something you will be able to successfully avoid doing in the future.

How to Tell if a Girl is NOT Interested: The 4 Signs to Look For

Listed below are the 4 signs that you should always be looking out for whenever you are talking to a woman.

If you see 2 or more of these signs from a girl in a single interaction… then you can be sure that the girl you are talking to is just not that interested and it would serve you well to simply cut the interaction short and find another girl who is more interested in meeting a sexy man like yourself.

She Consistently Gives You One-Word Answers and Responses

This is an easy way to tell whether or not a girl is interested in dating and sleeping with you. If during a conversation with a woman, she continues to give you one-word responses and answers then she is simply NOT interested.

When a girl actually likes a guy, she does everything in her power to hold that particular man’s interest including sharing interesting stories and unique traits about herself in order to try and impress that man.

If a girl does not do any of this… then I am sorry but she is just not that interested in dating or sleeping with you. She may interested in you as just a friend but NOT as a potential boyfriend or lover.

She Always Seems to Be Very Busy and Unable to Meet Up With You

Some girls are nice. and when I say nice, I mean that some girls are SO nice that they will want to do everything in their power to avoid making you feel bad and depressed.

So… they will unintentionally lead you on. Now, note that this is not done deliberately but rather girls will sometimes do this in an effort to help you save face.

So this is what it ends up looking like:

You decide to do some day game and approach women in the daytime

You notice an attractive woman jogging and doing some exercise and you attempt stop her for a moment and capture her attention…

You introduce yourself to her, try to make her laugh, and get to know her, BUT…

You can just tell that this particular girl is not really all that interested in you sexually or romantically.

She is consistently giving you one-word answers. She is consistently looking down at her phone. And she never really contributes much to the conversation that you guys are having, HOWEVER…

This is a nice girl. So she continues to stand there talking to you even though she is really not all that interested. And as soon as you ask her for her phone number, she gives it to you…

Later on that day you try to text her and arrange a date together, but she tells you that she is TOO BUSY. She tells you that her schedule is too full, she has to go to work, she has to study for her college class, and she does not currently have ANY time to date men…

As the weeks goes by you continue to occasionally every now and then text her with the hopes of meeting up, but she is always too busy. She NEVER has ANY free time to meet and hang out with you.

Now allow me to tell you the problem: This girl is nice. SO nice that she will NEVER reject you. Ever.

If you ask her for her phone number she will give it to you. If you ask her what her favorite color is, she will tell you. But she will NEVER EVER date or sleep with you. Because she just is not that interested in you in that way.

This is why on this site I consistently tell men to move fast and get women into bed as quickly as possible. You don’t want to waste any of your precious time doting on women who are not interested in you sexually or romantically.

In essence: Avoid wasting your valuable precious time on girls who are “nice” but just do not see you as a romantic or sexual option.

Whenever You Try to Isolate and Get Her Alone, She Resists

Girls are social creatures and they have very good social intuition. And they can sense when a certain man wants and likes them.

When a girl is not interested in you sexually or romantically, they will ONLY invite you out to public places and outings around and with OTHER people.

They will invite you out to birthday parties, they will invite you out to bars and nightclubs…BUT…

They will not invite you out to their homes. They will not invite you out to some place very PRIVATE and secluded. If a girl does not like you, she will ONLY hang out with you once she is around OTHER people.

To put it bluntly: In order to successfully seduce women, you have to isolate them from their friends and get them alone.

Women who are just not that interested in you sexually or romantically will do everything in their power to avoid letting this happen.

If you sense that a girl is actively trying to avoid becoming seduced and she will not let you isolate her to someplace private… MOVE ON because she is just not that interested.

She Refuses to Let You Touch Her

Touching plays a very important role in seduction. The more you touch a girl, the more comfortable that she gets around you, but you can ONLY touch her IF she initially likes you.

If a girl does not like you then she will not allow you to touch her at all. She will resist your touching attempts. She will begin to move away and distance herself more further and further away from you.

Also, if you get the sense that a girl is not comfortable letting you touch her, then DO NOT TOUCH HER.

Trust me, you don’t want a girl to falsely accuse you of sexual assault or rape especially once there are SO MANY other girls who eagerly waiting to meet a man just like yourself.

So in conclusion, if a girl will not let you touch her, then she is just not that interested.

How to Tell if a Girl is NOT Interested

So those are the major signs that you should be on the lookout for whenever you are interacting with a woman and you think that she may not like you.

If you notice within a single interaction that a girl displays 2 or more of these signs, immediately end the conversation and look to meet other more attractive women.

DO NOT waste your time chasing women who refuse to chase you back. Do not waste your time wining and dining women “hoping” to get lucky.

Focus on meeting, attracting, and seducing the women you most want who are ALSO interested and dating and sleeping with YOU, and watch your success rate with women soar to a whole new level.

– Malcolm Thomas

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