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How to Tease a Girl (and Develop a Good Sense of Humor)

teaseIf you are looking to attract women, one of the very best ways to get them to respond to you is through playful teasing. This is going to show you are open to communication and have a strong sense of humor. 

Of course, there are ways to demonstrate this and ways that you can even go overboard and actually reduce your chances of attracting the women you want into your life. 

There is a very fine line between teasing a girl and making her feel self conscious about herself. Learning this fine line is going to help you develop a good sense of humor and tease girls much more effectively.

Avoid Teasing About Her Body or Looks

Before you start, you need to know a few ground rules. The main rules are do not, by any means, tease a girl about her body or her looks.

Even if you think you are teasing in a good way, it can come off in a different nature and might end up hurting the girl’s feelings (as well as her ego).

The last thing you want to do is make her become self conscious about her body or the way she looks, even if you are trying to be uplifting and funny. 

Now that you know what things to avoid when trying to tease girls, you can begin teasing girls in order to get them to notice you. You don’t want to start with something over the top, especially if you have never really talked to her before. You’re more likely to come off as a creep than anything else, and again, this is something that you definitely want to avoid. 

If the two of you have a class together, you can make a small joke about the class, how it took so long, a funny observation about the professor, or how you thought the clock was ticking backwards.

Try to avoid anything negative at this time, especially when just getting to know her. Many woman do not like it if you are negative and, even if it is a funny joke, is going to reflect poorly on you and make you look bad. 

After a few comments, you can start to make a joke aimed at the girl, but again, tread lightly with this.

For starters, you can make a joke about shoes she is wearing, and how you’re pretty sure you saw some famous actress wearing the same shoes, but the girl looks better in them.

The girl is going to know you are joking, but is going to feel good and a bit flattered.

Don’t go overboard with this, because some women are turned off when it seems like you are trying too hard.

A simple joke and a little flattery goes a long way and shows a good sense of humor and makes them feel good whenever they are around you. There is nothing better than that and it should pay off in the end. 

From there, you are free to joke about almost anything, once you two are communicating regularly, but again, until you are spending much more time together, don’t go overboard with jokes about her and keep it light.

Tease a Girl About Her Behavior

Another good thing to tease girls on, is their behavior whenever they are around you.

Playfully mention to her that you are NOT just a piece of meat whom she can sleep with easily, and that she will have to buy YOU a drink to work for your attention and prove her worth.

Essentially, what you want to do is reverse the typical dating roles so that instead of the GUY being the one chasing and pursuing the girl, the GIRL is the one chasing and pursuing the guy.

Teasing girls in this way is very attractive because most men don’t do this.

Most men act needy and extremely polite around women, try to get girl’s to “like” them, and pay for dates.

You’re doing the complete opposite of this and women are not used to seeing this.

How to Tease a Girl (and Develop a Good Sense of Humor)

Learning how to properly tease girls is important for your pick-ups and seductions.

Teasing girls puts them at ease when they interact with you, it gets women laughing and lowering their guards, and it makes you come across as a very confident and suave guy who “gets” and understands women.

Begin teasing girls in a way that captivates them and you will see your interactions with women improve by leaps and bounds.

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