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How to Talk to Women (and Keep an Interesting Conversation Going)

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By far, the most common question that I tend to receive from men is them wanting to learn how to talk to women and keep an interesting conversation going.

Despite me constantly saying that it doesn’t really matter what you say to girls when you approach them, or me continuing to say that the body langauge and vibe that you convey is much more important than what you actually say to girls, I continue to constantly get this same old tired question.

Well… That all ends here, because today I am going to show and teach you how to talk to women and keep an interesting conversation going.

This article is going to be THE blueprint on how to have successful and engaging conversations with the women you meet. NOTHING will bw held back.

After reading this article, you will never again wonder or worry about what to say or talk about with the cute girls who you meet and run into.

How to Talk to Women: The ONE Thing You MUST Know and Understand

Here’s the ONE secret that you probably didn’t about know when it comes to learning how to talk to women.

Your goal is to get the girl to do most of the talking.

As a guideline, whenever you are interacting with a woman, SHE should be doing 75% of the talking and YOU should be doing 75% of the listening.

Yes it’s true, the KEY to building an emotional connection with women is to get THEM to do most of the talking and sharing interesting things about themselves to YOU.

This is why I constantly tell men that learning pick up lines and routines is a complete waste of time and is actually counterproductive.

How come?

Because learning pick up lines and routines gives men the false impression that THEY have to be the one’s to do most of the talking which is completely wrong. It gives men the false impression that THEY need to be the one’s to entertain girls and make them laugh and listen to all of their problems.

I will say it again: Learning pick up lines and routines is a complete waste of time. It makes you become too robotic, it causes you to get “too much inside of your head”, and it PREVENTS you from actually listening to what a girl is actually telling you because you’re trying to think too hardly about what you’re gonna say next.

There is a much more easier way…

How to Talk to Women: Focus On Asking Interesting and Thought Provoking Questions

Tell me if you have ever heard this story…

A man notices an attractive woman in a bar and begins to approach her…

They get into a conversation and HE does most of the talking…

They are both chatting with each other and the guy is trying to impress this woman by sharing interesting facts about himself and bragging about where he has traveled and the cars that he owns…

After a little while, the guy runs out of things to say and talk about and the woman says to him “Well, it was nice meeting you but I have to go find my friends now”.

The man wonders to himself why this woman was so quick to stop talking to him and leave the interaction.

Why did this woman choose to make up an excuse in order to get rid of this man and stop talking to him?

Because he failed to relate and connect with her on a deep emotional level. In other words, this man doesn’t really know how to talk to women.

Not only did this man fail to build rapport and an emotional connection with this woman, he ALSO bored this woman to death when he was talking to her.

Fact: When you first meet a girl and begin talking to her she could care less about what you do for work, or what type of car that you drive, or even how much money that you make. She is NOT interested in learning unique and interesting things about you.

So if a girl isn’t interested in you when you first meet her, what exactly IS she interested in?

She is interested in finding out if YOU are interested in HER.

How exactly do you prove and show to her that you actually ARE interested in her as a person?

By asking her interesting and thought provoking questions.

But not ANY questions. You’ve got to ask her questions that causes her to feel some sort of emotion. In other words, your questions can NOT be based on ANY sort of logic. Your questions has to bring out a certain emotion in her and cause her to feel it.

So what sort of questions should you ask women?

You should ask women deep and very personal questions that are very meaningful to them, such as:

  • Find out what she is highly passionate about and what drives and motivates her
  • Find out what she is afraid of and has fear of
  • Find out what her childhood experience was like
  • Find out what her goals for life are and how she plans to accomplish them and make them a reality

In order for you to learn how to talk to women, you need to get to the root of exactly who she is as a person. Not the surface level stuff or the facade that she might try to put on when she is out somewhere in public, but the deep emotional aspect of her character and who she REALLY is.

This is how you talk to women and make them deeply and irrefutably attracted to you. They become truly interested in YOU because you are truly interested in THEM.

And you can’t fake this, it is absolutely and 100% impossible. You have to learn how to truly BECOME interested in learning new, fascinating, and insightful things about the women you meet.

How to Talk to Women (and Keep An Interesting Conversation Going)

This article was probably the exact opposite of what you was expecting it to be. You was probably expecting me to give you a bunch of corny pick up routines, memorized lines, etc.

But, that is NOT how you talk to women.

To talk to women correctly, you must focus on doing most of the listening, you must focus on learning how to relate and connect with the things that she tells you, and you must focus on learning new and insightful things about women.

By you becoming truly interested in WOMEN, they will become truly interested and attracted to YOU.

– Malcolm Thomas

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